UFO Occupants: Mirror Reflections?

The UFO enigma presents us with basic paradoxes and unanswered questions which are at the heart and soul of what it means to be human. To me, that is a slight clue that these alien beings are somehow connected to us humans.

Each species has a unique “hum” of consciousness, thus The Wolf has the wolf hum and The Rabbit has rabbit hum – rabbit consciousness. Wolves, while extremely intelligent, always act along the basic wolf-behavior paradigm.

I think of the wolf hum, for example, as an orb which contains the sum of all The Wolf thinks, feels, acts, and IS.

The human animal has a unique hum; let’s think of it as an orb, too, wherein lies the sum of human consciousness. I hasten to add, I am not a quantum physicist; this “orb” image simply lets me express what is a difficult concept to express!

The human hum seems to have within its frequency, several profound paradoxes which reoccur many times in human history. These challenges within our mass consciousness itself, present our species’ with its largest ethical, spiritual, emotional, and philosophical challenges.

The UFO enigma forces us to deal with all of these conflicting aspects of our human paradigm. For this reason, the search for the UFO answer is already a part of human evolution, and I believe, is pivotal to our future graduation as a species.

Do the aliens know this? Perhaps this is why they are here: To force humans to deal with the challenges of our own human thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Or perhaps the aliens don’t realize their role in human evolution, or do not care, but the fact remains, they are and will play a part in our momentum toward spiritual evolution as a species.

Let me give you a few examples of paradoxes from the reservoir of the human mind and spirit:

Many of us believe in a religion. Many of us believe that the main players in our particular religion, such as Jesus or Mohammed, are the supreme beings of the supreme race (Homo sapiens), and that God created no other species above this supreme race.

However, it is in the human hum to explore, to think freely, to reason logically. It is within the human hum to believe in your own conclusions and struggle to let others know about them.

So, our human inclination to blind religious belief is a paradox to our passion for free thinking and reasoning; the blood runs red in human history not only through religious conflicts but red with the blood of free thinkers as they challenge blind religious belief. This is a human behavioral paradox. No other species is in such conflict within itself.

Enter the UFO occupants: Suddenly “the greatest species on Earth” seems to be but a drop in the cosmic bucket, and probably not a significant drop at that. If our savior is or was human, what happens when aliens arrive? Do we try to make Christians of them? Do we give up on Christianity? Do we try to isolate ourselves from the galaxy, trudging on with our old beliefs? If we isolate ourselves, turning hostile to any alien contact, we have stagnated as a species, right when we had an enormous chance to grow.

So, the aliens are forcing us as a species to re-examine our earthbound religious beliefs as well as forcing us to give new energy and fortitude to our free-thinking, exploration-loving, human hum, because this aspect of human consciousness seems most likely to offer a way to comprehend and deal with the aliens.

The Vatican seems to realize that its belief system must be expanded to include the fact that God created galactic beings. To begin to adjust, even the Vatican had to use a bit of human logic and “thinking outside the box.” Unheard of for the Vatican!

Looking at the UFO phenomenon specifically, the paradoxes of human behavior are dazzling. How many religious/spiritual cults have been based on UFO occupants? True believers take the human inclination toward blind religious belief and put it all on a space ship.

On the other hand, some “expert scientists” (if there is such a thing as an expert in UFOs), not only dismiss any positive/spiritual contact which another human claims they experienced in their alien encounter, the scientific types can get downright mean in their dismissal. Who put them in charge of the UFO phenomenon?

Recently someone claimed that Billy Meier was the only true UFO contactee and prophet of future events, while calling every one with similar experiences, “charlatans;” paradoxically, many feel that Billy Meier was one of our more embarrassing human hoaxes. His photos have been (nearly?) proven fakes. And yet, I personally would not dismiss his claims entirely, I truly do not know for sure.

Our human inclination to declare one man the savior and the rest of the species as inferior sinners, is hard to evolve beyond.

Paradoxically, our human inclination to proclaim that we are the ultimate scientific expert while no one else knows anything, is also hard to evolve beyond.

The UFO enigma demands that we juggle our human behavior paradoxes as never before. And I feel that ultimately, we must not only juggle them for the galaxy to see, but also get a handle on them and evolve beyond the conflict they constantly create.

I’m not saying to somehow purge our species of its paradoxes, but rather to see them for what they are: We will not be intolerant –today! Embrace tolerance, enlightenment, peaceful co-existence, if not with the aliens, then at least with each other as we grapple with this enormous UFO challenge, with no help from our educational or governmental institutions. Faced with all that we are faced with as 2012 looms, we must stop being the victims of our own human paradoxes – victims of ourselves.

It is and will be so healthy and invigorating to turn upward and outward as one human race! The spirit in the sky is not a deity, it is our human spirit.

But wait, what does this have to do with UFO occupants being reflections of ourselves? If you consider the orb wherein lies the human hum (human mass consciousness), it has something to do with quantum physics, yes? And of course quantum physics means multi-verses and mirror-doubles of each of us, and all that mind-blowing far-out stuff which quantum physics has uncovered as probably true.

However, let’s just consider our own human orb of consciousness: Our human hum is inside our orb, just as The Wolf’s hum is inside The Wolf’s orb. But what is waving, stringing, and warping its way on the OUTSIDE of the human orb? What kind of intelligence is living on the surface of our consciousness orb?

I suppose it is “us,” because it is our orb, our consciousness. However, it is us in a totally alien manifestation. This form of us can fly outside Earth’s atmosphere easily, and always has, because it is not stuck within the orb. However, its home is – the surface of the human consciousness orb.

(If it makes more sense to you to put our human world on the surface, and the quantum human world inside the orb, go right ahead).

These “surface” quantum humans may face the same paradoxes we face, such as loving both war and peace, both religion and free thinking. Or they may be our “higher selves” and thus confronting us now so that we, too, can evolve, because UFO beings ARE helping us evolve, either by accident or on purpose.

For all I know, our mirror reflections are just now figuring out we exist, and we are helping them (our quantum selves) to evolve. This gets very confusing! However, it is not out of the realm of current science and UFOs are a really confusing subject too!

Actually, I am one of those people who when faced with the possibility that the aliens are us in some quantum form, becomes contrary and says, “Well, I still think it is simply a nice

Star Trek universe out there with alien life forms from other planets, some good, some bad, with a sprinkling of human time

travelers thrown in. I still embrace Space: The Final Frontier, rather than the final frontier being literally in my head.

I hate to give up on that exciting Galactic Federation out there and decide we are alone in the universe with our insane quantum selves running around the outside of our consciousness orb. We/they fly really well but we/they make little sense.

Two add-ons: Human time travelers, I think of as our great, great…grandchildren, and so they are not the quantum humans who might be our mirror reflections.

And, there may well be actual human time travelers as well as quantum beings from the human consciousness orb, flying around.

Of course, we must not forget those nice simple aliens from far distant planets circling far distant stars.

Yes, the human hum is about to receive a real jolt, and I feel it will be good for us!

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