UFO Photo Over Brou, France

By Christian Macé
UFO Digest European Correspondent


Publisher’s Note. My friend Christian Macé sent UFO Digest the original comments, descriptions and photos from one of his readers.

Marion took these photos of a flying object, trailing smoke in the sky of Brou (28,160),in the summer.

She found the photos on her camcorder and has no idea what the object is. 

She just put them on her laptop, and Property Photo is shown June 25, it must match the date and I have taken,  she will check later in the camcorder, as it has just run out of battery,

She is wondering what the object is and would appreciate any and all comments from our readers.

Object above seems to be exhausting a pink trail of smoke. 

The above 2-photos are untouched originals.

Unknown craft has been cropped and enlarged and the auto-contrast tool was used from Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

The object could be a stunt plane. Its orange/pink colouring seems very terrestrial to me and the trailing smoke, also orange/pink, as well as the striping on the wing. sees to confirm to me that the object is not a UFO. I have now completed searching Google.Com using the terms “air show June 25 brou France” and have been unable to find an air show in the immediate vicinity. Likewise I have been unable to find any stunt airplanes similar to the unknown craft. So for now I believe the object is still an unknown. What do you think?


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