My friend, Mr. Christian Macé of  The blog of Christian Macé was kind enough to send me a copy of a email he received plus the original photograph that was attached to the original email. This is a very good sighting report and the photo. 

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Mr. Christian Macé


I send you a new photo taken on the island of Noirmoutier to upload please your blog.

Photo taken Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 19:33 … very often I take pictures “surprise” at the Devin rush ….

This Thursday, October 3 , I was taking pictures in squall in the viewfinder when I saw something move quickly! … I suspended a few moments taking pictures .. but saw nothing ? any birds gull kind , gull plane ….. or …. also there was no engine noise characteristic aircraft ( propeller or reaction) …..

Back home, viewing photos on the computer, I discovered , to my surprise the “thing” seen in my viewfinder!

Pictured in rear plane , there is the island Pillar located a dozen kilometers …

The “object” was changing rapidly from east to west at low altitude , war more than a hundred meters .. and very probably between Island Pier and me .. a chance that my photo has it been taken at the right time and well framed with Island Pier!

My camera , SONY DSC- H9 was set with a 10 x zoom auto program mode …. the object might be been clearer with a 5 x zoom ?

Could you please send this photo to scan Tierry Mr. Chauvet and possibly give me contact information for I have many photos to scan.In advance, merçi


Thanks Christan.

Please visit his website: The blog of Christian Macé. Google has a translation tool that automatically translate Christian’s website in to English.

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