UFO Today – The New Digital Magazine From British UFOlogist Philip Mantle


UFO TODAY will be edited by veteran British ufologist Philip Mantle. With regular columnists and contributors from around the world UFO TODAY aims to cover any and all aspects of the UFO enigma. Just when the skeptics had told you that UFOs were dead UFO TODAY will show them just how wrong they were. UFO TODAY will also cover the latest UFO news, views and reviews.

UFO TODAY is the newest UFO Magazine that takes a modern, informative, entertaining and interesting look at all aspects of the UFO enigma

From alien investigations to brand new UFO cases mixed with in-depth features on classic UFO sighting and interviews with UFO experts and witnesses.

Discussion and debate from all side of the UFO argument, even the skeptics get their say.

 The new fresh modern UFO Magazine that takes a look at the past, the present and the future aspects of the UFO enigma – UFO TODAY – The magazine that is literally “out of this world”

Featured Columnists: Some names you will know some you may not.

Kevin Randle, John Hanson, Chris Aubeck, Patricia Cori, Kevin Goodman, Rebecca Lomas, Nick Pope, Robbie Graham & Thiago Ticchetti.

If you have any interest in ufology then UFO TODAY could well be just exactly what you are looking for. More information will be available soon but in the meantime if you would like to know more, or perhaps you are interested in contributing, then please contact Philip Mantle via email at: [email protected]

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