UFO Triangle Disappears Causing Sonic Boom

Arizona mother-daughter encounter odd lights along remote highway

Roger Marsh
National UFO Examiner

The witnesses had just turned off Highway 191 in Arizona and moved onto Navajo Route 4, pictured, when the encounter began.
Credits: Google Maps.

An Arizona mother and daughter traveling along Navajo Route 4 near Highway 191 report watching a series of white lights followed by a rectangular grouping of lights 300 feet long that disappeared as they heard the sound of a sonic boom, according to February 3, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The report was filed with MUFON on their behalf by a “commissioned law enforcement officer” who works in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Statements from both the mother and daughter were submitted about the events that occurred beginning at 7:15 p.m. on January 21, 2012.
The mother reports that they had just left Highway 191 and had turned onto Navajo Route 4 when the first set of lights was noticed.
“I saw a chain or row of bright lights approximately one mile west of an area known as ‘the pond'”, the mother stated. “The lights were huge, bright and the row was approximately 100-plus hundred yards in length.”

The witness called to her daughter, but the lights quickly turned off and a second later a group of orange lights were seen.
“This formation lights was at least (300+) feet long, by approximately (3) stories high, it’s appearance looked like that of a power plant or a city. These lights were arranged in rows and columns with the appearance of windows with white flashes of light that appeared to be on the inside, there were at least (50) or more of these windows.”
But these lights also quickly shut down and a loud boom noise was heard.
“We did not know if the object took off after we passed it. There was a loud boom like a ‘sonic boom’ and a flash of light from behind a hill that was behind where the object had been. It is unknown if the object had been hovering or was actually touching the ground. This area where the object was is flat and wide open range; there are no other manmade structures in this area.”
The daughter also commented on events. She was first alerted to the lights when her mother called out to her and she first saw the orange lights that appeared to be about one mile away.
“The lights were at eye level and appeared to be in rectangular windows,” the daughter stated. “The pattern had smaller lights flashing at random within. The length of the object was at least 100-plus yards across. My first thoughts in comparing what I saw would be that of a power plant or city, but the rectangles were distinct and in rows and columns. The orange lights lasted for about five seconds and turned off like a light switch being turned off.”
The daughter also heard the boom sound – but additionally describes another object in their foreground.
“About 2-3 seconds later, in the same direction, but further away there was a loud ‘boom’ and white light was radiating behind a nearby hill. The light was coming from the ground. I also noticed in the foreground a black dome that did not move. This lasted 1-2 seconds. As we drove past the site I kept looking in that direction to see if I could see any other lights, but I did not see anything.”
The daughter also noticed a power outage in the area at that time and that the weather turned bad.
“About that time we did notice that there was a power outage in all the nearby communities. The weather also drastically changed. There were blizzard-like conditions on the rest of the drive home. I did not notice any changes with myself physically; just that I got a strange, eerie, calm/paranoid feeling.”
The daughter also stated that she had problems with here telephone during the event.
“Another thing, before the orange lights disappeared, I reached for my phone to get a picture of the lights, but as I was putting in my password my phone completely shut off. I don’t know if that is directly related to what we saw, but I had enough battery life for this not to happen.”

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