UFO Tsunami – Japan 2011

Here is another video of the terrible tragedy in Japan, posted on YouTube by “Remispecialized” when I saw a UFO appear, disappear and appear again, turn in the sky. The video posted on YouTube had no imprint UFO, the person who posted had only intended to show scenes of the tragedy, but the UFO was there, notice how strange …

Click here or on video to watch.

Close up of UFO

According to UFO-Blogger regular reader “This is going to sound a bit crazy but i believe there is a link between disasters and UFO’s.

I have been looking at you tube as well as internet sources provided by Google and have seen and read many things.

There is video evidence on you tube that show a mysterious object either just before or just after some of the well known disasters. These links show some idea of what i mean, whether its a natural disaster or one from a man made object.


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