Kodachrome photos of the mummified body of a two-year-old child, shown at a Mexico City conference on May 5, 2015, were said to be of an “alien” who had crashed a flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico in 1945. Exploitation of a child’s dead body in the so-called Roswell alien photos was exposed as a stage-managed hoax. It shed light on the endangerment of children for the profit of occult groups and secret societies.


The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (based on a legendary 15th century grimoire) has been cited as a primary influence on occult groups. The Abra-Melin ceremony makes use of a small child (between six and eight years of age) as a “medium.” The child is placed at the Altar before the “Silver Lamen,” and a white silk veil (resembling the black veil worn by the aspirant) is placed over his or her head and face. Critics say the infamous magical ritual appears to promote child-endangerment.

A notorious occultist once claimed that he had sacrificed 150 children in one year. Victorian eugenics professors of outlawed research lured children from upper-class families into appalling experiments. The University of London invented national eugenics “in the service of the British Empire.”

According to “The Coming Race,” written in 1871 by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a superior subterranean nation controlled an energy-form called “vril.” The French researchers Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels said that some theosophists formally established the Vril or “The All German Society for Metaphysics,” which combined with the Thule Gesellschaft. Some skeptics said there never was a German Vril Society and that Louis Pauwels made it all up.

In the 1960 book, “Le Matin des Magiciens” (The Morning of the Magicians), Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier claimed that Karl Haushofer founded the Vril Society in Berlin in 1918. Some said that it was the inner circle of the Thule Society. General Karl Ernst Haushofer was the director of the Munich Institute of Geopolitics. According to Louis Pauwels, Haushofer also founded the Vril Society (All German Society for Metaphysics), and later became Adolf Hitler’s esoteric mentor. (A detailed account is in my 2015 book “Hitler’s Doubles.” Read more at http://www.hitlersdoubles.com/)

According to nebulous records of the German Vril group, a historic lodge meeting was held in 1919 where a pony-tailed Maria Orsic (also known as Maria Orschitsch) offered telepathic Sumerian messages that she claimed to have received from an alien civilization. Another of the Vril’s female mediums –– introduced only as “Sigrun” –– deciphered Maria Orsic’s “visions” and said they contained directives for building a circular flight machine. For some puzzling reason, Sigrun’s real name remained a protected secret.

Sigrun, from the Vril gesellschaft helped translate the language and decipher the strange mental images of a circular flying saucer. But why was Sigrun’s true identity a safeguarded secret? Perhaps she was a small child medium, as enforced in the Abra-Melin ritual, only seven years old at the time.

Decades later, A photo was circulated of the so-called Nazi Vril-7 flying saucer at the Brandenburg testing grounds. A pretty young woman in the foreground was said to be Sigrun (now grown-up), attested to in other German war photographs. She supposedly not only supervised the construction of the Vril-7 saucer-shaped craft but was also its crack pilot.

Was the German “child medium” Sigrun in reality aviatrix Hanna Reitsch, possibly the first person in space? Hanna Reitsch was a German aviatrix who was once Adolf Hitler’s personal pilot. She was the first person to successfully fly a manned rocket. Her flying skill, craving for promotion and photogenic qualities made her a star of Nazi party propaganda.

Hanna was the only woman to receive the Iron Cross First Class medal. She was one of the last to see the dictator alive. On 26 April 1945, Hanna Reitsch and General Ritter von Greim undertook a dangerous flight to Hitler’s Chancellery bunker, when Soviet forces had reached Berlin.

The most unsettling theosophist rumors of “neo-pagan rites” involve children. The misuse of power and official silence became Britain’s shame as the country faced up to a web of evidence that the sexual abuse of children by powerful men was covered up for decades.

Official silence around child abuse in Britain began to break after the 2011 death of entertainer Jimmy Savile, who was exposed as a predatory pedophile who assaulted victims in hospitals, children’s homes and TV studios over several decades. He said he drove children to Buckingham Palace.

Scotland Yard detectives said they believe allegations that politicians and establishment figures abused and terrorized children as young as seven more than 30 years ago and went on to kill three young boys. The claims also included allegations a child had been run over.

The notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which police suspect of abusing children on an “industrial scale,” was openly calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four. UK Home Secretary Theresa May said that following a major inquiry into child abuse, “we will never look at society in the same way again.”


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