UFOs and Third World Countries

UFO sightings are on the rise again and it is believed that alien beings are at the controls. Hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported all around the world and especially in third world countries. These places are more rural and farm country. The authorities have little or no presence. It is a well known fact that in the industrial, high tech countries a huge big cover up is in full-tilt operation.

Incorrect data or misinformation and disinformation about what UFOs really are continues to be spread by authorities. Much like the USAF cover ups of Roswell and the flying saucer crash of 1947, these statements by authorities mislead the public about UFOs. These new UFO sightings are being covered up by disinformation and misinformation. Getting to the truth about UFOs and alien beings on Earth will not be easy.

In lesser developed countries the cover up apparatus is either non existent or weak. Therefore, finding the truth about UFOs and alien beings may be quite easy. The local people are reporting them daily and UFO experts are there investigating and keeping the sightings in the news. So, try as they may, the people covering up UFO sightings are not silencing reporters. Freedom of the press lives on in America too. Authorities trying to shut down the presses will continue, but with little success. People want to know the truth about UFOs and aliens. So, the investigation moves South to Mexico and Central America where sightings are on the rise. The recent photos and eye witness reports of UFOs have been authentic and believable. These reports of UFO sightings in third world countries are where the really good action is and there are no authorities to interfere with investigations by UFO experts.

The vast majority of people around the world believe that UFOs are really alien spacecraft. What else can they be? Turning at ninety degree angles at terrific speeds, these UFOs have been putting on a show. USAF and other jets are not capable of doing this. UFOs that take off at impossible speeds and suddenly vanish into thin air are not of this Earth! Huge triangle shaped spacecraft seen in the night skies in these same third world countries are not from our planet. It is a known fact that it is possible to travel through space quickly without breaking the speed of light. Wormholes in space and other little understood outer space phenomenon created by super nova explosions may explain how aliens can travel between the stars. Arriving at Earth in this manner these alien spacecraft then are sighted. In the more developed and urban countries like America, authorities are afraid that telling the truth about these aliens, that are far advance to us, would create world wide panic. Misinformation and disinformation are spread to confuse the public. The USAF finally admitted that UFO and flying saucer reports were really secret aircraft flying out of the infamous Area 51! They admitted the cover up. In addition, reporting that the UFOs are really clouds or weather balloons, these authorities are believed by some of the people. However, when these same aliens arrive in third world, lesser developed countries they are reported and it is believed by the people.

So, look to the skies in Central America and other third world countries and you’ll see the spectacular show that the alien spacecraft are putting on. If you can travel South the ride will be worth the trouble. Good hunting!


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