UFOs – Intelligently controlled lights

Public attention to the UFO phenomena is obviously heightened when witnesses recount close encounters where very specific shapes and movements are described. A UFO on or near the ground is an extraordinary experience. But most UFO reports are bright lights, orbs, or groups of lights – reported because they appear not to be attached to a familiar aircraft and seem to move in controlled and intelligent ways.

Saturday, May 7, 2011, was no exception. Reports came in from California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia – a nice scattering of states – and all reporting one or more bright lights – generally with no sound at all – operating in an intelligent fashion.

While Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigators respond to these reports, and in some cases, explain the sighting as something natural or manmade – take a look at just a piece of the witness testimony. To read the complete public portion of the case – click on the links below.

These are not the spectacular cases that Hollywood gets behind – but they do account for a significant amount of UFO reporting in the U.S. today – one or more lights moving about the sky intelligently and seemingly in a controlled manner. The witness quotes are unedited.

IN, May 7, 2011 – Two orange, brilliant orbs of light ascending fron WNW horizon in non-linear fashion, moving upward but also left and right eliciting shock and awe from observers. MUFON Case # 28999.

“Two orbs of orange (they were described to me as orange; I am partially colorblind), brilliant light rose from WNW horizon above the tree line (which is at just less than one handlength for me, so approx 8 degrees) in between NW facing corner of greenwood suites and S side of Coulter house. I was positioned approx two feet N of room ten window. Orbs rose quickly, in fashion that appeared faster than typical plane speed. They were glowing like stars–or more closely, nearby planets like mars or venus, although they were even bigger than those–and did not like planes blink so much as shine and glow like distant fire. Most startling was their motion: as they ascended, they moved left and right, one after another. They at times came near each other’s angular position but never truly crossed paths.”

CA, May 5, 2011 – White Light with smaller red light attached dropped from sky. MUFON Case # 28998.

“I observed a bright white light with a smaller red light that moved with it as it fell. His house is located about 4 miles south-southwest of Ontario airport. I first observed the light from above his house roof line. It looked like it was in the vacinity of the Ontario airport about 1000-2000 ft high (??). It then fell straight down until it reached the roof line. It fell in about 1 second.”

CO, May 6, 2011 – Several circular lights in the cloud South of house. MUFON Case # 28997.

:At 10:58 I spotted a quick flash of light coming from a Cloud partially illuminated by the glare from the City lights. As I watched another light in a circular shape flashed and moved quickly across the same cloud in the same area. I asked my wife to take a look and make sure I wasn’t crazy. I pointed to the area and immediatly another light of the same shape and size appeared and moved around through the cloud in an erratic manner. At one point there were at least four lights moving simutaniously through the cloud in several directions. The lights never left the shape of the cloud. They just moved around it very quickly and in erratic patterns. I am quite certain it was not lightning as there were not thunder clouds or sounds associated with the event, and it did not look like any other lightning event I have ever seen. The lights moved in what my wife described as a strobe light effect. They would come and go in several different directions and make circular patterns in the cloud. This lasted until 11:09 pm when they suddenly stopped. A few minutes later one light appeared to head east and there were no more flashes or objects.”

OH, May 4, 2011 – Single Bright blue orb seen in sky stationary then moving. MUFON Case # 28993.

“When I looked back up into the sky (object was located south) this object started moving east at a steady pace across the sky. When this happened I dropped everything I was carrying and was screaming for my mom and sister to come out of the house to see this object. I tried to get my cell phone out to try and get a recording but the blue orb was moving to fast for me to get the video recorder opened up and it was soon about to disappear behind the trees which are located all around my house. My sister and mom came running out the house almost instantly after hearing me scream for fear I somehow hurt myself. I Point to the blue orb and we stood out in the front yard all seeing the exact same thing. This object was a bright, light blue orb that was much larger than any of the stars in the night sky. This orb had a constant light never blinked or flickered like the air planes I see all the time in the night sky. The most significant thing about this light was that it made no noise at all. After about 3 minutes from when I first spotted it in the sky this blue orb was still heading east and now just barely visible threw the trees.”

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