It does not matter if we are know something or not about the impact extraterrestrial reality and cover-up is having on our individual or collective lives.  The fact is we are being seriously and substantially impacted regardless of our knowledge or ignorance.  A local farmer is fundamentally impacted by national and international politics, from the price he gets for his crops, to the price he has to pay for fertilizer and fuel.  A good farmer understands national and international realities in which he is embedded, and makes personal decisions that improve his lot in life based on that understanding, while a poor farmer does not.   We might not be aware that we are embedded in an extraterrestrial reality that is populated by huge numbers of advanced, and no so advanced civilizations and races, who are taking their time to introduce themselves to us.  However, you should know that there has been a serious struggle the past 70 years between those of us that know the truth trying to credibly  inform the public in the best interests of humanity, and those that want to suppress the truth as long as possible out of individual and collective self-interest.

In between these opposing camps are large numbers of confused, predatory, exploitative, self-serving people, trashing and scamming the public, motivated by agendas other than the truth.  These people play right into the hands of those maintaining the UFO/ET cover-up, further complicating the effort of those of use trying to get the truth to the public for the betterment of earth human evolution.

The reason I wrote the book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder, (now free on its website http://authors.exopaedia.org/edkomarek/index.html ), was to educate the public based on my 40 years of experience in the field as to the nature of extraterrestrial reality.  I want the people to make good decisions every day of their lives based on a credible understanding of UFO/ET reality, just as the farmer does with an understanding of international reality.  I also want to reach people before they become disillusioned with the UFO/ET field because of all the trash circulating on the Internet and the social networks.       The Extraterrestrial Cultural Center Concept lays out a course of action based on the book to help speed up the process of positively integrating into extraterrestrial reality for the general betterment of humanity.  I hope you will join us on our public Facebook group, Extraterrestrial Cultural Center, and/or visit us on our website:  http://etculturalcenter.weebly.com/

Yes I am promoting quality credible UFO/ET related information for the public good, and at considerable time and personal expense, once a month on Facebook groups.  I don’t want to spam anybody’s Pages, but please remember new people are coming through these groups all the time, and if we can’t reach them first with credible information, they are bound to become discouraged and drop out of the UFO/ET field.

If you benefited from this book, then new people coming into the field can benefit just at you did.  We have to promote good quality information every chance we get because of so many people are just confusing the public by promoting self-serving viral marketing frauds, scams and hoaxes.  It’s not about promotion it’s all about what we promote. Everybody is promoting a perspective, but the perspectives, opinions, and speculations backed up by solid credible sightings, contact cases, and whistleblower testimonies, are those that really matter, and are those that best serve the public in my opinion.

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