UPDATE: Japan Reactor Facilities

By Gordon James Gianninoto 

The reactors on the east coast of Honshu Island are GE boiling water type steam driven generating nuclear reactors. They were designed to withstand tsunamis and earthquakes, none as high as this tsunami, nor as powerful as this quake. And Fukushima got both disasters. Once you introduce salt water, you permanently damage the entire reactor. Japan is heavily reliant on nuclear power, and now has 6 nuclear plants that cannot continue being used. By using millions of gallons of seawater per minute, there is no place to store it so it is dumped back where it came from.

The Japanese government has not studied the returning water as debris makes the ocean unnavigable for up to 20 miles to sea. Even 17 US navy personnel were exposed to airborne radiation downwind by at least double or quadruple those distances. After a tsunami of this size, which is only one twentieth the size of the the pole shift tidal surge you should expect, [600 feet], you can see the extent of the damage and the difficulty in finding people let alone cleaning up. Realistically, the entire coastal population of probably millions should  be evacuated and relocated. But how? And where?

And these reactors may melt down and become an even worse worldwide situation. If the US had to evacuate over half a million people from each of 23 reactors, where do you put 12 million people? And that is conservative. Notice how many are on the Great Lakes or in the Mississippi drainage areas, or the Ohio drainage basin. I am not familiar with all the geography, but how many take coolant from rivers?  How many thousands of miles of river front could be polluted with nuclear particles taking hundreds of years to become harmless, or in the event of a meltdown, 240,000 years for plutonium. And most other reactors, if not all, not built by GE are also on bodies of water.

Perhaps ETs might have the ability to neutralize radiation by transmuting half lives from thousand of years to just minutes. But is that what you want to count on now, after seeing what happened in Japan? The world is about to become rescue weary and no help will arrive. You will not know what the situation is because radiation is invisible and silent, and deadly.

And what happened to conventional industries not including radiation? Toyota lost 40,000 new cars ready to be shipped and Sony lost 6 factories. These Sony factories are not going to come back any time soon, and probably never. Toyota suspended production while it evaluates its choices. So even if the workers survived, they will never return to their previous jobs.

The Pacific is in the process of narrowing and the Atlantic in the process of widening. The Earth is going to rearrange the big furniture, its land masses.

When this worldwide pole shift disaster catches up with you, your life will be measured as starting on the day of the disaster for you. Life before the disaster will seem like a pleasant dream never to be relived. If you survive, there will be profound shock. Leaders will have to discover themselves and take charge, making plans and keeping people busy so they do not dwell on the past.

When the New Madrid Fault goes off, 8 states will be affected, and up to 40 million people will be homeless or worse. Salt water may permanently intrude into the Great Lakes. The eastern US is in the process of becoming an offshore nation like New Zealand is to Australia. The northeastern US wants to move northeast, and the western US wants to move southwest, while the south will subside and disappear. This will be finalized in pole shift so who knows how much of it will occur in the leadup? Salt water will start at the Great Lakes and go south in the Mississippi valley from 50 miles wide to 200 miles wide where it meets the greatly closer Gulf of Mexico.

Can you turn off the nuclear plants now and live with one lightbulb on or none? Is it really time to pretend that everything is ok and Japan was some sort of anomaly? Think about it.

And if you are in a safe zone, you may be having groups of strangers move in with you as they have no choice. Are you going to take them in happily? Japanese would rather die than not share and be helpful and civil. Do you think your neighbors will be so noble?

This are big thoughts and no one is going to tell you the answers. If you don’t close down the reactors and plan for disaster, and it happens, will you be able to put the genie back in the bottle? All previous disasters involved waiting for aid. In this leadup to pole shift, there will shortly be no one to arrive and help anyone. Where to go, and what to do?

Here is the list. Remember, these are only GE reactors. GE made 6 types of boiling water reactors enclosed by any of 3 different containment systems. Maine closed its only reactor, Maine Yankee. But we have dozens and dozens of reactors downwind from us. But that just means they are closer to everyone else. And I know for a fact that more than a few of you on this list live right next to these.

Also, there are Zetatalk descriptions of what roles benevolent ETs might play in nuclear accidents or other events. They say the more people who ask, the more likely they will be allowed to intervene by the Council of Worlds. They explain that they are likely to do it in a way that is not obvious so as to not violate the famous ‘element of doubt’ as whether there are even ETs at all. The doubt is maintained for two reasons: some people cannot handle it and may become violent, and they want to protect those who know they are contactees from such people.

So, those are your choices. You can do nothing, or try to shut the reactors down and or ask for ET help if there is a problem. We all use nuclear power every day. Even if YOU are off the grid, you enjoy products made and communications available because of nuclear power. When you watch developments in Japan, you are also formulating answers for yourself. For years people have told themselves it is better to let the ‘experts’ make decisions for you.

Now you see perhaps it is better if YOU are the expert. You know the saying, ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

You cannot expect ETs or Spiritual guides to help you if you do not take steps to help yourself. This means very difficult decisions.  

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