US Air Force Orders Software To Create and Manage FAKE People On The Internet: Social Control Anyone?

Well here we go into ‘virtual friends’. The air force is taking bids on software that helps them create hundreds, possibly thousands, possibly millions? of people who do not exist, but seem to exist. They seem to exist because they have false photos, friends, schools, talents, skills, achievements, all made realistically possible with even apparently real, but decidedly fake IP addresses. The proposal is for each real controller person to have up to 50 fake personas.

This cannot be good.

Obviously the government has noticed that trends and movements can start on the internet. They intend to create and shape their own influences upon society and use it for no good reasons.

So which is worse, an internet ‘off’ switch, or leave the internet on and promote fake social change which becomes real because so many people look to what other people have done and are doing before they decide what they should do?

Is this now time for a law that requires every ‘person’ on the internet be real? How would we know? You finally meet your ‘internet friend’ but what you don’t know is that every one who meets him knows him differently. But soon there will be so many fake friends there will not be meeting any of them. Nor will tracing them do any good as the personas will be complete to the last detail.

Beware sheeple (people as sheep). Think for yourselves. Do not allow virtual ‘friends’ to shape your life and your decisions. Or, does this introduce a whole new level of cynicism into your life where, you do not know if anyone on the internet is real at all.

Time to make a movie and introduce this idea to the broader public at large. There is absolutely no unselfish reason for doing this, so it has to be a new contrivance of the elite who wish to control your life and will stop at nothing to ‘program’ you. Next time you want a petition signed online, perhaps all the signers will be fake. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?

Shouldn’t there be a law against such software [use] and a law against any branch of the government creating fake people to influence real people?

A word to the wise is sufficient; or is it? How long has this been going on already? If they need new software, they must have become frustrated in doing it without a specific program to ‘manage’ fake people. So how many fake people are your ‘friends’ now?

Where is the line between undercover work with a fake background, name, and the United States Government lying to everyone on the planet? Ooops, they are already doing that……



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