US CIA Involved With All Terrorist Acts

What do we have here, with the latest mass killings in Norway? On the surface, it seems like Anders Behring Breivik is just another deranged psycho, who let his personal beliefs drive him over the edge. However, in doing a little research, one will find that this so-called terrorist act was a well-orchestrated plot, designed to play out on the world stage. 

First, a Federal Security Service report on 22 July; Norway massacre states that two days prior to the attack Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg placed an urgent call to Russia’s Putin begging him to help stop the massacre.

 According to the FSB, Stoltenberg first learned of this plot against his country this past Wednesday after reading a “top secret” report prepared for him by the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) about the March computer attacks against Norway’s top military leaders. This report showed the that the United States CIA  was involved in a conspiracy with Britain’s MI5 Security Service to launch a “two-phase” attack upon Norway, modeled after false-flag operations in both Australia and America in the mid-nineties.

These previous False-Flag attacks would be the first World Trade Center bombing on 02/26/1993, carried out by Ramzi Yousef a Kuwaiti national, who had ties with the CIA.

Another model is the Oklahoma City bombing, supposedly carried out by Timothy McVeigh. What most do not realize is Timothy McVeigh had an extensive military background from 1988 to 1992, served in the first Gulf War and was part of the US Army Special Forces. Does this place him close enough to the CIA? You bet!

The US Embassy bombings in major East African cities in 1998, in which Khalfan Khais Mohamed, supposedly masterminded the attacks belonging to Al Qaeda, which was supported by the CIA for decades in Afghanistan.

The attack on the USS Cole in 2000, supposedly masterminded by Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, a Saudi national who was involved in fighting the Russians in Afghanistan and certainly had close ties with the US CIA, since they were heavily involved in helping oust the Russians during that occupation.

The 9-11 attacks, blamed on Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Interestingly, the US CIA had supported Al Qaeda for decades and Osama bin Laden had actually worked for the CIA. According to Ahmed Rashid, a correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review, in 1986, CIA Chief William Casey committed CIA support to recruit from around the world to join the Afghan jihad. At least 100,000 Islamic militants flocked to Pakistan between 1982 and 1992 (some 60,000 attended fundamentalist schools in Pakistan, without necessarily taking part in the fighting).

With each terrorist attack recorded since the 1990’s; a CIA link can be found. 

The demolition style collapse of all three buildings at the World Trade Center site are unbelievable, because as physics go, such clean collapse of these building would be impossible under any circumstances without the help of planted explosives.

The attack on the Pentagon is a farce and an outright lie. The destruction at the site is not consistent at all, with the type of damage an airliner crashing into the building would have caused.

The Government has had numerous chances to prove their point, of an airliner crashing into the Pentagon by simply releasing the many videos from hundreds of cameras pointed on the area during the attack. However, they refuse to release any footage that would prove their claim. Simply put, they will not release any film of the crash because it would show that an airliner did not hit the Pentagon at all and that something altogether different happened from their official story.

Why would our own government be interested in orchestrating terrorist attacks on our own soil and that of our friends? The answer is simple, to create an atmosphere of fear among citizens. Thus, allowing the government to implement anti terrorist measures such as new Federal security organizations like the Department of Homeland Security, which branches out to include a multitude of other so-called security organizations. The TSA for example and domestic spying rights by the Federal Government, via such laws as the Patriot Act.

Through fear of terrorism, we give up our most of our Constitutional rights of freedom and civil liberties and accept a fascist style intrusive government. The Patriot Act for example, does nothing in monitoring terrorist groups and puts its entire focus on spying on US citizens.  

We Americans and other citizens of democracy in the world are being duped into accepting tyrannical governments, under the guise of security and safety based on terrorist events, which our own governments orchestrated and carried out.

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