Using Time Wisely

A lot of people say that time moves so fast yet is it really that way? One thing that we seem to have lost is the art of slowing down and living in the moment or being mindful of what we are doing at any one time. A bad habit I had several years ago was rushing from one activity to the next one. On top of it I would be thinking more of what I would be doing next rather than dealing with the project in front of me.

An example is eating and reading at the same time. How much does a person remember what their food tastes like or retain what they’ve read. I used to be involved with a large number of community events at one time which left me with little time for quality self care. After taking stock of my situation, I decided to do less but do what I do with more gusto, a lesson I learnt from a segment of The Red Green Show.

There are times I like to sit down in a public area and watch the human activity go by. Some people have too much free time and all day to do it in. Yet there are others who have a cell phone attached to their ears, wearing it like an ear ring. Others rush around like there is no tomorrow. Waiting thirty seconds for a walk signal or red light to change seems like a big deal to them. Others gobble down their food or drink so fast, I wonder how their digestive system handles it.

While technology is a useful tool when used wisely, it can and does eat more time than necessary. Do we really need to be that busy or in communication with each other 24/7? It looks as if we’ve lost the natural rhythm of day and night. Maybe it’s time we got back to it if we want to improve our health.

Ron Murdock
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