We Pay Scientists For What?



By Tony Elliott

A recent article appearing in the news titled “Quake in Chile set off tremors in California study finds” says the devastating earthquake in Chile last year may have set off a swarm of smaller quakes as far away as California, U.S. researchers reported on Friday.

They found evidence that the magnitude 8.8 quake in Chile, which killed 500 people and set off tsunamis that devastated coastal cities last February, set off a chain of events 10,000 km (6,200 miles) away.

The quakes in central California started six hours after the quake in Chile, reported Zhigang Peng of the Georgia Institute of Technology and colleagues there and at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California.

“In particular, we identify triggered micro earthquakes in the Coso Geothermal Field,” they reported in Geophysical Research Letters. “This is one of the most seismically active regions in California,” they added.

“At least four micro earthquakes at shallow depth (fewer than 3 km or 1.8 miles) in the Coso Geothermal Field were likely triggered by teleseismic waves from the Chile earthquake.”

Earthquakes set off seismic waves and Peng’s team said in this case types known as Love and Rayleigh waves were likely responsible.

They have the idea correct as earthquakes of magnitude 5 and above do cause earthquakes elsewhere in the world but have the cause wrong.

As I stated in a previous article here in the Digest titled ” Earthquake Domino Effect” It is a known fact that if an earthquake over magnitude 7.0 on the Richter Scale occurs in one part of the world another quake of similar size will take place somewhere in the world within days. This is because the displacement of mass at the original quake’s epicenter puts pressure on other points of stress thousands of miles away. 

For example, the 8.8 Chile quake caused massive displacement in the fault zones for hundreds of miles from the epicenter. This same displacement puts stress on the entire Pacific fault area according to the size of displacement around the initial quake area. Thus, areas of high stress within these fault zones thousands of miles away will break in the form of an earthquake.

It isn’t the seismic waves so much as it is the stress caused by displacement that will produce secondary quakes thousands of miles away.

It truly is a Domino Effect.

What is disturbing about this find is that it has taken scientists so long in recognizing a connection between earthquakes when the evidence has been directly in front of them all along. Yet, still they have the cause all wrong.

The amazing thing is we pay the people who call themselves scientists hoping for results and all we get from them are guesses and assumptions.

The same goes for the Global Warming/Climate Change farce as it is only guesses and assumptions based on manipulated data designed to show a preordained outcome.

Real scientists who are interested in actual breakthroughs do not exist in today’s world and have been replaced by Play Station Gamers with a doctorate masquerading as professionals.


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