What Do Extraterrestrials Want?

If people are being abducted by alien races, whether individually or in groups, there needs to be questioned as to why this is happening. To hear silence from the government or law agencies is to wonder if they know what is going on if anything is or if they are covering any information up. I wonder what the “qualifications” is in a person for aliens wanting to kidnap them is. Do the aliens realize that anyone that they carry off has friends and family somewhere and how would an alien explain to a young son or daughter on what they are doing to the father or mother. It would be of interest to bring any aliens involved in capturing humans to brought into for questioning then a court of law. If found guilty, what kind of punishment would fit the crime?

It’s been asked many times on what aliens are doing here. Are they just observing our activities or planning to meddle somehow for good or bad. Morbid as it many seem I’ve heard that aliens are collecting us to be exhibits in their zoos. Or maybe they are using Planet Earth as a penal colony like Australia was used by England at one time. Just what we need; more raiding expeditions or more prisoners.

Then other alien races may have better concerns for getting in contact with us. Some may be related to us from a common ancestor from thousands of years ago, so they may have sufficient reason to work with us to protect our planet and their environment. If aliens have been keeping an eye on us, trying to communicate, have we been on large ignoring what is being said to us. What are the consequences of doing so?

Ron Murdock

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