Who are the UFO Experts? Lets think about this.

By Drkdrgn 

What makes one guy an expert on UFOlogy or Extraterretrials?

There are NO experts in this field. Most ideas on UFOs from these so called experts seems based on our narrow minded human way of thinking.

In other words they speculate using human reasoning. Good for some cases, however when you throw in ET then logic simply doesn’t apply.

Now those in the know who often are seen with black suits wearing dark sunglasses and have the right security clearance, they know but  they are not talking.

All the money spent on UFO books, videos and presentations is wasted. People getting paid to speculate is INSANE. I have also been researching little outings people are paying to attend. Seems some of the participants I have stories from, feel that it is all smoke and mirrors to make money as well. I tend to agree.

If anyone were making contact. It would have made media by now. They would hold the event in the middle of Arizona and invite the world to see it.

However this is looking like another elaborate scheme to make money. Stop paying. It is nuts. Stop buying that next book that was written by someone who knows no more than you do. The last book you bought would most likely feed 5 children for a month.

When someone can prove to me he or she has been debriefed by an Alien, then that is as close to an expert in that race of ET’s as we can get. It will not make them an authority at all on any other race that may be out there.

I have over 23000 hours of research into this field. I DO NOT consider my self an expert by any means. I too think like a human. This makes all I know mere speculation just like you or the UFO follower next to you.

If they can actually get here. We can only imagine what they may know.

Now on to disclosure. Are you kidding me? NOT going to happen unless ET himself lands on the white house lawn during prime time TV.

Fact of the matter is, the security of this nation is at stake with disclosure. We have no clue what the powers that be know. We also have no clue as to any agenda these visitors may have. Seldom do we stop and think. Perhaps some things are left unsaid. Our minds excite in the fact it is probable we are being visited. The wonder and the thirst for knowledge is often times overwhelming. Is this knowledge really in our best interest? I say NO.

This is why, it is working and developing technologies from this interaction.

Would we want this technology falling in the hands of  Iran or North. Korea and them keeping pace with us. Get real.

I am all for getting rid of oil. But not at the price of loosing my country or my freedom! Depending on what comes with disclosure I’m not sure its worth the risk.

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