Why? The Question of Compass Morainn

An Open Letter Response to the Question:

I have been asked why we here at Compass Morainn come together and stand in mutual support of the work of our fellow active mediators. Why do we support efforts in communication, outreach, and an insider desire for evolution out of secrecy or corrupt policy held illicitly over the history and real time events experienced by insiders of extraterrestrial contact?

The reason is because we here as active Mediators and Facilitators have asked ourselves if doing nothing, while a thousand voices keen in the night, is the same as deciding in favor of submission to corruption, tyranny, and the destruction of human potential. Our collective belief is that if we do not fight on our feet for the future of humanity then we will live for only a short time longer without a doubt, upon our knees before our complete destruction.

Mediators have defined themselves through their work and outreach as the first and the last to cross the bridges between truths enabling the passage of the willing. They fight to hold those bridges open that any who seek may find truth, liberty, safe haven, and Cicero’s Natural Law that says all rights are given to us by a divine power and no one can take those rights away.

Former US marine sergeant Charles Dyer said in a speech named “The Right To Defend” which is counted among many US citizens, as one of the greatest speeches on the subject of the lack of motivation of the people of America to retain the freedoms fought for so hard by the forefathers, that “whether you believe in a maker or not it doesn’t matter as (it’s) an undeniable fact that our country was founded on this by both Christians and Pagans alike…”

There is a movement afoot among grassroots exopoliticians and ufologists to move forward with the Contact Paradigm without the Insiders and their experiences, knowledge, and history.

There is an apparent movement afoot with the ‘aware’ PTB to move forward with the Contact Paradigm without the Public and allow humanity to suffer through unambiguous extraterrestrial Contact within a state of Contact-Cold-Turkey without release and dissemination of experience, knowledge, and tools that could assist humanity in a time of great personal questions, social engineering, corruption, and governmental tyranny to maintain power and control in the face of unambiguous contact.

There are people inside this paradigm who do not believe in tyranny. Who yearn for freedom and the open expression of their lives and experiences. Who yet hold the dream of America’s founders within them. Many commonly feel the world has forsaken them and there is no where to turn. This is not case; they have not been forsaken.

Someone asked me recently why so many mediators are members of the Conspiracy Theory Research Community or the American Patriot Community. Why is there a preference by the Insiders to seek these types of people out? This is a good question if one is not versed in the broad scope of what is happening on this planet with regards to unethical globalism and the attack upon the American Constitution. The reason is that CT researchers and members of the patriot community have indeed forsaken something. We have forsaken ignorance, deceit, corruption, and the harming of those least in position to effectively defend their rightful liberties and living truths!

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. ~ Thomas Jefferson.

Both surface and shadow governance have stopped listening to us, but that does not mean we have stopped standing to listen!  Do you not understand the implications of not recognizing the decades of history and experience of Insider Contact? That would be like refusing to recognize the centuries of ancient history involving Contact! A division between humanity of this nature over the inclusion of the history of human contact and the deeply personal experiencers of this history is to create by default two breakaway civilizations as each version of Contact Experiencers goes its own way. This is why mediators stand apart from those who would seek separate courses. This why mediators work to maintain outreach and support to Insiders. This is why we support an opportunity toward an integrated future where the full force of human capacity, innovation, skill, and potential may be applied together to the greatest evolutionary development we as a collective; a planet; a people, have ever encountered. And this is why so many of us are American Patriots. We DO NOT BELIEVE ourselves to be a nation of cowardice and conformity! The heart of the Contact Paradigm is happening here. And this is why so much of the effort in the struggle for the positive nature and spirit of this world is centered here too.

In this time of great need, we are reachable. And we will hold the bridge open. We are Standing!

Listen to one of the greatest speeches of our time about The Right To Defend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zED5PD2dfg

Everything is interconnected.


— Quote from the book Dragonsblood by Todd McCaffrey who continued the Dragonrider saga in collaboration with his mother Anne McCaffrey, of Dragonhold Eire:

A thousand voices keen at night; a thousand voices wail; a thousand voices cry in fright; a thousand voices fail.
You followed them young healer lass, till they could not be seen; a thousand dragons made their loss a bridge ‘tween you and me.
And in the cold and darkest night, a single voice is heard; a single voice both clear and bright; it says a single word.
That word is what you now must say, to open up the door; in Benden Weyr, to find the way to all my healing lore.
It’s all that I can give to you, to save both Weyr and Hold. It’s little I can offer you, Who paid with Dragon Gold.

 MUTUALISTIC: A symbiotic relationship in which each species benefits.

Compass Morainn is an Association of Exopolitical Mediators and Facilitators.  Visit us at http://compassmorainn.webs.com/

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