Wikieup, Arizona Home to a Secret Underground Military Facility?

In my book “Aura Visions: The Origin Prophecy ” the Last chapter reveals startling revelations I had regarding the United States government actually having a hybrid human/extraterrestrial being created from DNA of the recovered bodies at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 with human DNA. This hybrid entity is protected from communicating with extraterrestrial beings mentally by being surrounded with various interference from radio frequencies and his physical surroundings, which prevent any outside communication from either electronic device or brain waves. The hybrid resides deep underground in a remote area of Nuevo Leon, Mexico where the being will not be permitted personal freedom until 2012 when it reaches maturity. At that point, the military will permit full communication with both humanity and the extraterrestrials from which it was created. This being supposedly will act as a diplomat for human civilization and extraterrestrial civilizations because it has acquired all knowledge known to us and all  ETs.

This area where the hybrid is being kept is a deep underground military instillation I refer to as Area 52. This base is the new Area 51 since most contact with ETs at Area 51 has been replaced with experimental projects.

This brings to mind the extent of underground US military facilities and the lies being told to the public in covering up their existence.

Notice that Nuevo Leon, Mexico area where Area 52 is located is a point of interest.

Not too long ago in the late 1990’s, my family and I spent a year living in the very small town of Wikieup, Arizona. In such a small place, in northwestern Arizona in the county of Mohave, many superstitions about the area regarding UFOs and conspiracies are the talk of the town by those who have spent most of their lives there. However, most of the truth is ignored and labeled as crazy gossip from old fools.

What I found most interesting from our stay there was the sound of a modern train going by each night where every night at the same time a train could be heard. We passed this off as perhaps a ghost train making its way through the desert in times past when a track was there.

What most residents enjoyed was going to the Big Sandy river just east of town and exploring the Aquarius Mountains just beyond that. Recently, my daughter stopped by for a visit on her way to Texas. To her surprise, the river and all points beyond were now fenced off along with “no trespassing signs”. She was told the Indian Reservation was responsible for it because they wanted people off their land. Some residents were also evicted from their homes and property in this area for the same reason given.

In researching underground bases here in the US, I was surprised to find that a tunnel begins in the area east of Wikieup and continues to Area 51 in Nevada. More interesting is the fact that there is no Indian Reservation near the town of Wikieup. The nearest Indian Reservation is near Kingman some 35 miles to the northwest. Just out of curiosity, I checked out Bureau of Land management in the area for the possibility that they may be involved in making the property off limits. I found that they have recently fenced off some land along Hwy 93, which runs through Wikieup, however this land is some distance from town to the south and for wild horses.

In finding the fenced off area just east of Wikieup along with evidence of an underground base and tunnel to Area 51 from this sight makes sense of the whole picture.

The nightly sound of a train wasn’t a ghost train but of a real train moving along an underground track nearby.

The area being closed off to the public is insurance no one will climb this section of the Aquarius Mountains and find out the truth about the existence of an underground military base.

In an area scattered with various Indian Reservations the excuse of it being “the” Indian Reservation responsible for erecting the fence was the best bet. Apparently, it worked since no one has questioned who was responsible for the fence and resulting evictions or investigated why.

The question no one asked was just how people would be allowed to buy and build on property belonging to an Indian Reservation. The simple fact is they would not have been allowed to in the first place. Thus, no fence or eviction could have been possible if this land actually was Native American land.

The fact that this area is listed as an area where there is an underground military base along with recent happenings suggests there indeed may be such an underground military facility existing here.

With well maintained roads in remote areas nearby one also has to ask why are these roads so well taken care of when they are not part of the main highway system or belonging to a certain ranch. These roads are not private property since they go on for miles far from this area. Just hours after a flash flood, these roads are completely cleared and repaired. Strange, when you consider that it takes days and even a week or more for roads to be repaired in all other areas of the country including local state highways here in this area after a flood.

Many local residents here report seeing strange lights and what they describe as convoys of lights moving across the desert after dark. This suggests that the underground military base is always very busy and uses these roads all the time.

What we seem to have here is a top-secret underground military facility existing right under the noses of a small town where everybody knows everyone in town and their business. Not a single person in Wikieup can do anything without the whole town knowing about it. Yet the US military has one of its most “top secret” black ops projects operating right in front of their faces and absolutely no one suspects a thing.

The most interesting thing about this possible base is the fact that it only has one tunnel going directly to Area 51 and nowhere else, making it a determined destination. What this may mean is most of the classified black operations associated with Area 51 are now taking place in Wikieup in complete clandestine surroundings.

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