Zombie World

Zombie World


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With all the latest rage with Zombies, I thought I would like to throw my two cents in to the pot. We are inundated with movies, video games, books all about the so called scary world of the mindless undead that have an unquenchable hunger to feast upon human flesh. Some of the more familiar names at the movies are Resident Evil, Night of the living Dead, Diary of the Dead, and the more lighter side like Shaun of the Dead. Also in book stores around the world there are New York best sellers such as Zombie survival guide, and World War Z. Who would have ever thought that a book on Zombies would have made a best seller list? Well not me. Lastly at every video game store the shelves are filled with games that you can blast, hack, blow up, destroy any number of Zombies. Some of the titles are Left for dead, and also like the movie titles, Resident evil, Dawn of the dead to name just a few.

So what is our obsession with this creature of horror and evil anyway?

Maybe the answer is not exactly what you may want to hear now even would have thought about in deeper terms? These walking dead rotting corpses that seem mindless and have one focus and that is to fill their insatiable hunger no matter the cost even if it would personally cost these beings and arm and a leg in the process to get what they need and desire.

Well that does sound familiar if you really think about it? These horrible creatures are a darker reflection of us, the human species. Yes… us………….?? Let me explain a little. These creations are a magnified version of our own trained Psyche that is deep rooted into our very fabric and social behaviors. As a whole the human species is an animal that consumes in a veracious manner and never is satisfied with the desire to get what it wants, when it wants it, also at any cost. Our entire society is built on debt. Hence the arm and leg pun earlier. Our need to consume and or have the latest product that may have hit the shelves at any given store anywhere or eat some food that has been splattered across television by some clever commercial or advertising gimmick. Yes we are all guilty of this in some way or another. A global version of keeping up with the Jones so to speak. We need the latest gadget, technology toy, or even clothing style.

Over time we have become MINDLESS ZOMBIES with no doubt. Our wants and needs have taken us away from the living and sets us on a life long course of consumption and unfulfillable need and wants. We buy what we want or think we want but do not really need it, to fill a void that grows bigger with every purchase. We get a short lived gratification until the next great thing catches our eyes. This becomes our pattern throughout life and soon consumes our very existence. We become the walking undead. We have been led away from what life really is about and who we are, lost in debt and meaningless desire for more.

This is one of the reasons the world is the way it is today. Over filled land fill sights with yesterdays hot item, or remnants from the consumables we devour on a daily basis. The courts are filled with people that steal, or pollute their bodies with drugs and alcohol to get their short lived fix, not to mention the masses that are up to their ears in debt trying to meet their bills in hopes of buying that next great thing to add to their already heavy burden. All of us are being led away from what really counts and matters in life. Greed and want has eaten away at the very foundations of society and humanity. Our own desires to tickle our fancies has become the disease that makes us the true Zombies.

Do we even know anymore what is life?
Do we know how to live properly?
Are we too far gone?

One question that remains is, is this by our own doing, or is this a well thought out plot to control the masses by a greater and more sinister power? It would be the perfect plan in my opinion for world control. An endless circle that never ends to keep us busy. A tread mill that seemingly one can never get off of. We have become slaves to this system of things. Now that is food for thought…. We like to call the sleeping “SHEEP” but I think the correct term should be “MINDLESS ZOMBIES”

So think about that… The next time you see a commercial and think.. I got to have that.. Or the next time you visit your local mall or super store when you go shopping..

In any case the facts are the facts… We are the undead.. The Zombies… We have become Zombie World..

Herb Deary

Photo Credit: http://www.iriyadh.mobi

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