A Conversation With Joshua Shapiro: In Search Of The Blue Crystal Skull – Part Two

Lenticular cloud resembling cigar-shaped UFO

As soon as he pointed to me, then I immediately had a vision. I saw in my mind’s eye a group of primitive people traveling through the jungle and I felt that, as my body was being pulled towards the north, that this was taking place in the northern part of Peru, which is a part of Peru that you normally don’t travel to. Usually you go to the central part, where Machu Pichu and Cusco are, or you go to the southern part, where Lake Titicaca is. But you usually don’t go up to the north because these are the pre-Inca cultures that exist in the northern part of Peru. But I was being pulled there. So when I saw this vision, I just laughed to myself. And it seemed like when these people were in the jungle, the head person, the person leading a single file precession, had his hands held out from his body and was holding an object that I assume was a crystal skull because this archeologist had pointed at me saying I knew where one was.  

Strange cloud shaped objects resembling UFOs

So I was being drawn to the northern part of Peru and I was seeing this vision. So I laughed to myself privately and said, well, if there’s a crystal skull I know about it’s probably my favorite color, which is kind of a sky blue, a white bluish color. Well, after I left Peru, having had this vision, in my mind’s eye, the energy connected to this Blue Skull wouldn’t leave me alone. I would see this crystal skull always floating around me.  Whenever I would think about it, it would appear in front of me, in my mind’s eye, at a 45 degree angle slightly above my head. And it would always stay there.

            So eventually, in 1997, the desire to go to Peru and find out if this crystal skull really exists was driving me crazy. I decided to quit my job and spend whatever money I needed to spend to go. I quit my job because I didn’t want to have to come back in two weeks. I knew I had to be in Peru for however long I needed to stay and I didn’t want to have to come back when my vacation ended in two weeks. So I decided to make this first trip to Peru at this time. I didn’t know exactly where I would be going other than I would be traveling through an area in the northern part of Peru, but that’s all I knew. We had friends that worked for Peru Mystic Tours, a spiritual tour agency located in Lima who were personal friends of myself, and I talked to one of the managers. I said I’m looking for a crystal skull, I’m being pulled to the north. Which locations do you think we should travel to where we might be able to find a skull linked to ancient ruins? He pulled out a map and showed me a few different sites that are connected with ancient cultures, with pre-Inca cultures, that were discovered up in the north. So that’s how I structured my trip. I went from one location to another and on to the next one. I would ask at each place I stopped, have you ever seen a crystal skull? I’d show them pictures. However, nobody knew what I was talking about. The first clue that came, which was really strange, which was in Chiclayo, which is a fairly modern city but I’d never heard of it before. And not far from this city is an ancient site called Sipán which has to do with the Mochica or the Moche, that’s the name of one of the local indigenous culture that lived in this region. They existed around the time of Christ or slightly before the time of Christ to a couple of hundred years AD.

            So I’m in a restaurant with my ex-wife, Vera. She’s kind of acting as my tour guide on this part of the trip. I feel the presence of a spirit behind me off my right shoulder, and this spirit tells me his name. And I don’t believe the name I am given. So I asked Vera. I said, “Vera, I feel there’s someone behind me. Do you know who this is?” She got the same name I did. She said, “It’s the Lord of Sipán.” Now the Lord of Sipán was the name of a ruler that they discovered in the ground in the ancient ruins of this city around the Harmonic Convergence, which was August of 1987. He was buried with twelve layers of clothes, he had four other people buried around him, and there was a another individual above all these people, who were lying face up, that had his feet cut off in a meditative pose. So I don’t know if this meant that the Mochica believed in the afterlife. A lot of the ancient peoples believed in an afterlife.

            In any case, the Lord of Sipán appeared to me at the restaurant, and then he also appeared again the next morning when I woke up in our hotel room and gave me what they call a “hand sign,” which is kind of like a “mudra.” In India they use these hand signals to work with spiritual energy. I noticed when I followed the hand sign the Lord showed me and created this mudra with my right hand in particular, that I always feel a strong energy pulsating in this hand. So my thinking was the Lord of Sipán is showing up as a protective spirit. He knows why I’m interested and looking for this crystal skull. But I never heard of any culture in Peru being connected with crystal skulls. So I didn’t understand what this was about. However, when I went to the actual place where they found him, the city of Sipán, and I showed the location on a map of Peru to the main archeologist working here where my hand was being magnetically pulled to in the northern part of Peru, this archeologist had an answer for me. He said, you’re being pulled to the city of Huancabamba. This is a very old city where the shamans are trained in Peru. Where they learn their ceremonies and healing techniques and everything linked to Peruvian Shamanism. Then I said, “Wow! That makes perfect sense.” I mean, indigenous peoples seem to be the ones who understand the crystal skulls the best. So obviously to meet with some shamans – that must be the place where I must go to learn about the Blue Skull.

            So what happens next is I get another local guide as Vera has to go to Brazil. We meet this guide in Piura, a port city in the northern part of Peru, and I stay in a youth hostel with this new guide, who’s Peruvian, but he speaks English also. To the owner of the youth hostel, we start talking about what I’m doing, about the spiritual and the paranormal. And she said, “We personally know the head shaman of Huancabamba and let’s give you a letter of introduction.” Sometimes in life, when you take trips and you don’t know what you’re doing, but you just go with the flow and you let life guide you, all of a sudden doors start opening when it’s the right time. So it seemed like doors were beginning to open for me in this moment. Perhaps this was the shaman I need to go find who’s going to tell me where I have to go to discover the Blue Skull. Because even at this point, I’m still wasn’t totally sure where I’m going. So I was just kind of being led by circumstances.

            While we’re in Piura, in order to get to Huancabama, which is very high up in the Andes Mountains, we have to take like a nine-hour bus ride. So we take the bus the next day, and when we get into the mountain, there is only a single lane for a bus to go up and down. So I can’t imagine how these drivers every day are missing each other, because if they hit each other and go over the edge, they’re like 14,000 feet high. But anyway, they had their system and it seemed to work. So we make it to Huancabama, and I want to go see this main shaman as again, I’m an Aries so it’s like let’s do it all now. We find a taxi cab after we go into our hotel and head directly for the home of the shaman that the people at the youth hostel were telling us about. We arrive at his home and the shaman asks us to come back in the morning of the next day. So it’s like everything that I’ve done on this trip up to this moment is leading me to the interview with the shaman. So we go back to the shaman’s house the next morning and one of the things I will tell your readers is this: if you ever meet an elder or a shaman, let them do the talking first. It’s very disrespectful, for example, if when I first met the shaman and said, “I’ve traveled all the way from the United States to meet you and I know you know where this crystal skull is so would you tell me so I can go find it?” That’s not the way to deal with the shaman at all.  

            So I was very quiet. I let the shaman guide me. And what he did in the beginning was he talked about the healing work they do and how they worked with the local plants. And he started talking about how there are these sacred lagoons high up in the Andes Mountains that they take people to for healing and so on. And then eventually, after he finishes sharing about their local healing work, he started asking me some questions. “Which was the most powerful place you’ve experienced within Peru?” I said, “Well, I happened to like Olantytambo.” Olantytambo is an ancient city that’s between Cusco and Machu Pichu in the mountains. And within this ancient city are many steps you have to climb up to the “Lemurian Temple of Love,” which has five huge tall stones that have engravings on them. I mentioned to him that I liked that place because when I went there for the first time (1989) I actually had a telepathic communication from inside the stone. It seemed like it was Pleiadean, and they said if I looked into the sky right ahead of me, one of their ships would appear. And a cloud just showed up out of nowhere, which I knew had a UFO or ship inside, and then disappeared. So I mentioned to the shaman that this was one of my favorite places.

            But now it was my turn, and I assumed that this group of local Indians, I guess you could call them, that they would be aware of the crystal skull I was seeking. So I took out my pictures of various ancient crystal skulls I had brought and I started to share it with the shaman, and it was like everything was riding on this moment. And the shaman said, “Well, it seems very interesting but I don’t know anything about it whatsoever.” Sometimes with the indigenous people, they may pretend they don’t know anything about what you are asking (to protect their sacred tools), but he REALLY didn’t know. So now I’m in a quandary. I’ve come as far as I can and I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to just return home to the United States. There still must be something I’m supposed to do here!

            The next thing I know is the shaman’s grandson comes up to me and says, “We’re going to one of the sacred lagoons, and if you want to see how we do the healing you’re invited to come with us.” And I said, “All right, fine. What else is there to do?” He said, “You’ve got to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning. I’ll come pick you up. We will rent a car and it takes about three hours or so to go up into the mountain and another two to three hours to ride a horse to get to the lagoon.” So I say, “Fine, we’ll be ready.” So we got up early the next morning and were waiting outside our hotel at 4 o’clock. It’s quite dark outside at this time and you can really see the stars out there because we’re in the mountains. So we’re waiting for the grandson, and by 4:30 he hasn’t shown up yet. We waited until 6 o’clock, and when the grandson still doesn’t show up, I look at my guide Oscar, and I say, “I think we need to go ourselves. Because we’ve come all this way, so we might as well do something.” Oscar says, “Okay, so let’s go back into town and see what we can find for transportation.” We found the rented car that was going to take everybody of the Shaman’s group up into the mountains but they canceled because they didn’t have enough people to go. They wanted too much money for just the two of us to go up towards the Laguna Negra, so eventually we found a small bus. I mean, we’ve been waiting from 4 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock in the morning just to leave this town. On the bus we meet this family, a mother and her sons, which we become friendly with, and actually they wind up helping us tremendously upon this trip. Then when we get to the end of the bus route, we rent some mules. At first the owner of the mule I have rented is holding the rein to guide me, but I think because in a past life I have ridden horses before I begin to ride on my own. At first, they showed me what to do, but then I started to remember how to ride this mule, and this was a great joy and feeling of freedom when I did.

            So eventually we come to the Laguna Negra (the “black lagoon” in Spanish). But I forgot to tell you, that prior to arriving here, when I went back into town (Huancabamba) after meeting with the shaman, people were telling me that strange things happen in this area, like reportedly someone walked on the water of the lagoon, and there are strange lights and UFOs that appear in this region. So this was confirmation that this is where I need to go. Because these are of course the kind of places that I like to explore. When we get to the Laguna Negra, the vision that I had been given of what the area would look like that I must stop and camp in that is a flat green field with a mountain behind it, this is exactly what exists in this area. There’s a flat green field, then there’s the lagoon and then there’s the mountain right behind it. So I knew this is the place where the spirit has been trying to guide me since I arrived in Peru for this journey. The only problem is I needed to camp here for two nights and I had no camping gear with me, which means I have to go all the way back down to town and come back up again. But I didn’t care because I’d found the place where I needed to stay at to finish this journey, my last stop, so I’m very excited. I think here I’m going to finally meet the Blue Skull, I’m going to see the skull, and so I’m willing to do whatever is necessary. But before I leave the Laguna Negra (this first time), my Peruvian Guides ask me to go into the water and to bathe in the healing water, so I do this. But as I’m looking at the mountain, I swear to God, I see what looks like a skull face in that mountain. So that was a capper for me that this is really where I needed to go. Within one day we go back down the mountain and come back up, but before we go up, we spend the night with that family that we met on the bus going up the first time (known as the Robin Hood Family). They have a little tiny house that’s made out of aluminum and wood, and I mean the size of this place is so tiny it’s surprising a family of five, and they had some relative with them plus my guide and I, that it was big enough for us to fit in. But I was given the kitchen area and I kind of like rested, took a nap in there. And then what happens to me is, as I’m laying there looking up at the ceiling, I see a hole open up – this is all happening in my mind’s eye – it looks like a dimensional door opening up and the Blue Skull comes shooting out of that opening. And it just kind of floats right in front of me.

            As I’m looking at it, I also notice that there seems to be a tall being or a tall man just standing behind the skull. The color of the skull is kind of like an electric blue, a really exploding electric blue. Then it disappeared. It didn’t really communicate with me at this time. It just kind of showed itself. The sense that I had, and I don’t know how this came to me, (some of the readers of this article may know of the story of Telos, which is supposed to be a Lemurian city that’s underneath Mount Shasta, which there are legends about and I  think I’ve had some contact with some of the people from this underground city as I’ve been to Mount Shasta, another one of my crazy life experiences) but I got the feeling from this tall being that in this mountain, behind the lagoon, inside the mountain was a city which could be Lemurian, like Telos. And living in this city in the mountains behind the lagoon were tall people, which would explain where this man came from that I was looking at. They were the protectors of the Blue Skull. That’s why he was with the skull. Because in the morning, before we left, the Blue Skull showed up again. The same thing happens as the hole (dimensional door) opens up in the ceiling. So now I’m really excited. I think I’m going to see the skull as I’ve seen it twice, call it etherically or in a strong vision. We go up into the mountain then and the first thing that I tried to do after we made camp near the lagoon was to go where that skull face is in the mountain. I tried to reach it because I’m thinking there’s some kind of door behind it. If I can find that door, I can go inside the mountain and that’s where the skull is. But the first attempt I make to reach it, I can’t get to the face as there’s too much vegetation, and I’m not a mountain climber. So I go back to camp because it’s going to start getting dark.

            We do a meditation that evening which I had prepared that included music from four sacred cultures and a bunch of pictures that I brought of many different old and ancient crystal skulls that exist in the world. I had two guides with me during this meditation, Oscar and the owner of the mule I rented. A couple of strange things happened to us during that meditation. First of all, our shadows, as a mist appeared around us from out of nowhere were reflected upon the mist and looked gigantic. There also was a star that was “talking” with me which I think was a UFO, which had blinking and multicolored lights. After we finished our meditation, the mist cleared. However, directly above us was what looked like either a bird or an airplane and three square shapes appearing as clouds. In the new book that we’ve done, “Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers, Travel Log #2, Search For The Blue Skull In Peru,” I have a picture of what those clouds looked like because it’s hard to imagine. But I mean, these clouds were directly right over us. So I think we had a contact that night. I also recall, and I don’t know where this vision came from, that in the time of Lemuria, people came to this area to do celebrations. I kept seeing in my mind’s eye, all of these people coming and celebrating.

The following day is the last day I have to be in the area. And my other guide, who’s the owner of the mule I rode, said he could show me another way to get up the mountain to go up near where this skull face was. So I’m able to do that and I’m probably maybe 15 or 20 feet away from the face. But when I get there I’m expecting something miraculous is going to happen, but I don’t feel any energy at all. Essentially, I felt nothing. I again became very disappointed, disillusioned. This is my last day. I thought I would find an opening in the mountain and I would meet the beings who would show me the skull. Maybe not GIVE me the skull but at least let me see it. But nothing was happening.

            So when I came back to our camp, I was very depressed. The day was over. I do remember, though, my guide said some children we met in this area told him there was an old shaman who lived nearby and talked about a city inside of the mountain but unfortunately he had passed away. So that was a little bit of confirmation that some of the information I was getting wasn’t totally crazy. But anyway, as I said, I was very depressed so what I did is I just told my guide Oscar, “I am just going to take a short walk. You watch our camp.” I listened to some Irish music on my headset and I just walked like a mindless robot away from the lagoon and kind of just not thinking about anything. Then I felt like I was being guided or pulled in a certain direction. I noticed that my music stopped. My battery died. Then I saw there was this circle of stone above me and to my left so I thought, “Well, I’ve got nothing to do. I’ll just sit down here and rest and see what happens.” But then, as I’m sitting in this circle of stones, I received what I would say is the history of the Blue Skull telepathically from some source. I heard inwardly that at one time in this area there was a temple that existed in Lemuria. Thus, all kinds of information just started coming to me.

            I’ll try to quickly summarize the essence of what I was told. The Blue Skull originated during the time of Lemuria. It was in this temple that I was seeing in a circular room inside. I could feel or see myself being in this circular room. Even though there were just stones around me, it was like maybe I had linked into a former lifetime where I had been in this room, but I just felt like in this moment that I was energetically in this room. On the walls were glass cases, and in each glass case was a crystal skull. I’m guessing there were 13 skulls in this room. All different colors, including the blue one that I had been looking for. Then I was told that when Lemuria was destroyed, the Blue Skull, and probably the other ones, went to Atlantis. When Atlantis was destroyed, I think I was involved with a team of people – this actually came from a vision I had in my second journey – this first journey was in 1997, and the second one was in 1999.

Part Three of this article continues on Sunday (April 7, 2013).

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