A Conversation With Joshua Shapiro: In Search Of The Blue Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull explorer Joshua Shapiro holds one of his favorite skulls.

The name Joshua Shapiro has become synonymous with crystal skulls and he is one of the leading experts on what they may ultimately mean. For more than 30 years, he has investigated the mystery surrounding these crystalline carvings, which are human-shaped skulls made out of different types of quartz crystals and other gemstones. Many of the early crystal skulls were initially found in the 1800s in Mexico within or near ancient tombs. Today, however, skulls have been discovered worldwide, including in China, Mongolia, Peru, Australia and throughout Europe.            

Shapiro has concentrated a great deal of his efforts on one particular crystal skull which he calls the Blue Skull. In a new book, published by Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications and titled “Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers, Travelogue Number Two, Search for the Blue Skull in Peru,” Shapiro tells a fascinating story of how some unseen force seemed to be guiding him to find the Blue Skull, a search that led him to northern Peru and included physical and emotional hardships along the way. Shapiro never actually found the Blue Skull, but his story aptly illustrates that sometimes the journey itself is the real point, not the destination and what one hoped to find there. The following is a conversation with Shapiro in which he tells it all firsthand, as one who has been there and seen the locales of the unknown and found inspiration even in extreme disappointment.  


The amazing crystal skulls have been found all over the world.
Many people feel supernatural powers can be associated with them. 

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Q. Were there those around you – family and friends – who tried to persuade you to give up on what some might see as New Age “nonsense”?

Joshua: Yes. Because when I first started out, I traveled “on faith,” which means I didn’t have a lot of money. And as a result of that, my father and my mother would be very concerned about how would I survive? They just didn’t understand anything about what I was searching for, or trying to learn more about UFOs, or who I was and my connection to the universe. So they were very concerned about that when I was younger. But now that I’ve had more success – my mother passed away and I did have contact with her after she passed away. And my father I think is more used to me now because I’m an author of books and I’ve figured out a way to make money selling products and services and giving lectures and so on. But in my early days, they were very worried and concerned about me.

Q. When were you introduced to the crystal skulls? What led you to believe they might be authentic? And why would their existence affect you so deeply?

Joshua: The first time I met the crystal skulls was in 1983. Again, I was kind of roaming around on faith, and somehow I found my way to San Jose, California. I visited a metaphysical bookstore called the Ram Metaphysical Bookstore, which doesn’t exist anymore but it was across the street from Rosicrucian Park in San Jose, California. I remember I went with a friend, and as we were visiting, and I was sharing with the owner about my first book that I published called “Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker,” she pulled out a picture of an amethyst crystal skull, which captured my attention and I felt a really strong connection with that crystal skull through the picture. So much so that I actually felt what you would call an “inner earthquake,” where there was a vibration that was literally shaking me inside and I didn’t understand why. And then about half an hour later there was a real earthquake in California, and the table the picture was sitting on was vibrating. So I had an inner and an outer earthquake, which, for most people who are on a spiritual path, there’s always going to be something that comes up that’s unusual or different or kind of like a message. And then, when I remember looking at the picture of the amethyst crystal skull, something inside of me said, “The crystal skulls are here to help create world peace.” And I knew I had something to do with this.

Q. Would you say that people in Peru are more mystical, more open, than individuals you encountered elsewhere?

Joshua: Well, I would say they are more so than in many other locations or countries. In the United States or some countries like Germany, in these countries is where everything is very geared towards science and being in the physical and how much money you have, while the Peruvians, once you leave Lima, they’re very down to earth people. If there’s a UFO sighting in Peru, they don’t think anything about it. They just say wow, that’s great. I’m excited to have that. If they didn’t see it, they feel like they missed it. So a lot of people in Peru just accept living in nature, and accept paranormal phenomena that go on or if UFOs show up, if a dimensional door opens and something happens. This is just a part of their ancient traditions and culture. So it’s really natural for them, versus some of the more modern countries.

Q. Well, how does the UFO phenomenon tie in with the skulls?

Joshua: Well, this is one of the main questions that gets asked frequently related to the crystal skulls, especially the ones we’ve found that have been made in a superior form. It’s hard to imagine that a primitive people could have made some of the crystal skulls that we’ve found so far. Because the modern carvers right now – they’re able to do a very good job as they use these diamond-tipped tools which didn’t exist until the 1970s or 80s. And crystal skulls were being discovered of a superior form long before that. So one of the possibilities that we talked about related to the crystal skulls is to try to explain where some of the very old ones may have come from is a connection with extraterrestrials. The question is: could “gods” have been responsible for bringing the original crystal skulls here as tools to awaken consciousness in humanity? One of the proofs of this is some of the crystal skulls, when you use color, light and sound, or human energy, their internal insides will start changing and holographic images and pictures can be seen inside and form. Some of the holographic images that are seen have to do with spacecraft and extraterrestrials.

Q. Tell us something about the Blue Skull and what makes that skull so different from the others.

Joshua: The Blue Skull is what I write about in my new book, published by Global Communications. This crystal skull is not the crystal skull that I really have heard about from the legends of various indigenous people or is discussed in some kind of theory. This is a totally personal experience, and it came to me completely unexpected, which when it presented itself to me, I had to follow it up. I just felt there was some truth to it and I needed to find out if it could be true. Still to this day, I have not physically seen nor touched this crystal skull (The Blue Skull), but on the other hand, every time I think about it, I feel its presence in let’s say my aura or electromagnetic energy field. I have some kind of a soul connection with this skull, some kind of a link with it that I don’t fully understand. But I have never seen it in the physical. I only have visions of it, and when I feel its essence is around me, I can look at it in my mind’s eye and clearly see the skull. But an observer who would be around me now, he would say “Joshua’s crazy. There’s nothing around him.”

            But let me tell the brief story of how I had contact with this crystal skull and let the readers of the article decide for themselves. If I’m a whacko, as an archeologist recently said to me in an email correspondence, or it could be I am really telling the truth and I’m just a messenger for the skull as it gets ready to physically manifest in our reality. One thing I would like to mention before I tell this story is that there are documented occurrences of what are called “apported crystal skulls” that have come from the etheric dimension (another dimension outside our physical reality) and just shown up. One example of this is we have a small skull called “Krishna.” “Krishna” was a gift to us through a spiritual medium that lives here in the Seattle area. We attended a séance that he did and he was channeling the spirit of Krishna, which is the same spirit connected of course to India and the religions of India. And after he finished these messages, he started to produce through his mouth, because this is what happens to mediums, is that through their various orifices (the mouth, nose, eyes or ears), these objects can appear. And that evening I would say there were at least 40 objects that came through his mouth. Most were like small gems and jewels, but one of the first objects that came through was an opalite, little tiny crystal skull, which we have in our possession now. When that skull came through his mouth, everyone knew that it was for us, my partner Katrina and I. And I could sense energetically that it had not settled into the physical reality because energetically it was pulsating when it first came out. So I felt I needed to pass this crystal skull around to everyone and everyone felt a very strong power coming from it. A couple of months later, according to our friend who was the medium that Krishna apported through, he was in his bedroom and a dimensional door opened and about a four or five pound clear quartz skull came through this door and landed on his bed. So I’m saying there is a good possibility that other crystal skulls could just appear out of nowhere since it’s already happened to us, receiving an apported crystal skull coming from nowhere that could just manifest. And that’s what I think may be happening with the Blue Skull.

            So I came across this while I was in Peru. I think it was about 1991. I was just visiting and I was getting ready to leave from Lima to go to Machu Pichu. I was traveling with my ex-wife, who’s Brazilian, and her group. She was leading a group of spiritual people, all Brazilians. So she had to speak to me in English, her group in Portuguese and to the local people in Spanish. And she had invited this archeologist who I’d met before that told me that in Peru there was a tribe of people who had possession of a hideous looking green skull. And when the Spanish came to Peru they saw it and it was so hideous they destroyed it. But what happened is, as he was joining us to eat our breakfast, so we could catch our flight to Cusco and then eventually go to Machu Pichu, for no reason whatsoever, he stands up and points at me and says in Spanish, “Joshua knows where there’s a crystal skull in Peru.” Now at this point in time, as far as I knew, there had not been any crystal skulls discovered in Peru. There had been ones found in Mexico, and Central America, and of course in my research afterwards there were a few other countries as well where crystal skulls have shown up. But up to that point, I had never heard about one in Peru. Yet this archeologist was insisting that I knew where one was.

Part Two of this article continues tomorrow (Saturday, April 6, 2013).

For more information or to purchase this book through Amazon Com simply click on the book’s title: Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers: Travel Log # 2: Search for the Blue Skull in Peru

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