I still come across some really good cases that deserve to be in my book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. I copied these two cases from an unedited book manuscript written by Gary Opit. This first case not only shows high level extraterrestrial contact in the UK military, but also presents a very good explanation of the advanced extraterrestrial perspective directly from a human ET. It reminds me of Frank Stranges’ book The Stranger in the Pentagon. I find myself confronted frequently by the uninformed who ask, why don’t the ETs if they exist, come forward publicly? Why do they hide?

The second case presented confirms what I was told by a local contact person who had contact with what have been termed Nordics. I was told that these human ETs were collecting plants in my local area especially vegetables and fruits. He asked if he could taste a fruit from another planet and later was allowed a taste.

I can’t emphasis enough the importance of becoming involved with contact people in one’s local area and having experiences oneself. This kind of personal direct experience allows the investigator a further check on written cases and an additional source of information to compare with other sources in the literature. It is easy to be lead astray in this field if one relies on single source material to reach conclusions.

Case 1: In 1954 Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Strike Command, was invited by a General Martin to attend a meeting with a Mr. Janus. Mr. Janus asked Sir Peter Horsley for details of investigations into UFO sightings reported by RAF pilots, that Sir Peter Horsley was in receipt of. Air Marshall Horsley complied and on giving the information known to him, received an unusual reply. Mr. Janus detailed the UFO situation in which he stated that the UFO movements around the planet were “only a thin trickle in the vast highways of the universe. The Earth after all is a galactic backwater inhabited by only half-civilized men, dangerous even to their neighbors.

Most of the vehicles are robot-controlled space probes monitoring what is going on. Some are manned in order to oversee the whole programme and to ensure the probes do not land or crash by accident. They must always ensure that evidence of their existence is kept away from the vast majority of Earth’s population. Since time immemorial there have been tales of vessels coming out of the sky bringing strange visitors. Observers do come among you and make contact on a very selective basis where they judge that such contact could not harm either party.

These observers have studied Earth for a long time. With advanced medical science they have been fitted out with the right sort of internal equipment to allow their bodies to operate normally until they leave. It is not very difficult to obtain the right sort of clothes and means to move around quite freely¼ The observers are not interested in interfering in your affairs, but once you are able to escape from your own solar system it is of paramount importance that you have learnt your responsibilities for the preservation of life everywhere¼ While you are still far away from travelling in deep space, such contacts will be infrequent and must be conducted with great secrecy. The observers have very highly developed mental powers, including extra-sensory, thought reading, hypnosis and the ability to use different dimensions.”

Immediately after the meeting Air Marshall Horsley wrote a verbatim report and gave it to Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Browning. Sir Peter wrote of this incident in his autobiography, Sounds From Another Room and afterwards in conversation with Timothy Good described Mr. Janus, as “somehow, he was difficult to describe. What made it strange is that I have no lasting impression of him: he seemed to fit perfectly in with his surroundings. If I have any impression of him, it was his quiet voice, which had a rich quality to it. He looked about 45 to 50 years old, with thin, slightly grey hair, and he was dressed in a suit and tie. He was quite normal in every way, except that he seemed to be tuning in to my mind, and gradually seemed to take over the conversation. My initial reaction was one of skepticism, but by the end of the meeting, I was quite disturbed, really.”

Case 2: Wendelle Stevens, a former US Air Force Pilot, was delivering Beechcraft T-34 trainer aircraft to the Peruvian Navy in 1967 and afterwards hired some native boatman from the river port of Leticia to take him up river to see the rainforest. He remarked to the Indians that there would very likely be a market for the various species of edible tropical fruit that grew on the riverbanks and asked why they did not grow them in plantations. They answered that it may be too large a project for them. However, one of them stated that there was a group of Americans, who they themselves had not observed because it was beyond their tribal territory, doing just that three or four days rowing further upriver. Only a few months before, the Indian added, a German man had made the journey upriver through the different tribal territories to seek out these mysterious Americans and he had not returned.

Fascinated by the reports of an American exotic fruit plantation and the German who had gone in search of them, he made enquiries in Lima. He was shown a newspaper report concerning an amazing discovery by the German man, a Mr. Ludwig F. Pallimann, who was conducting research for the Agricultural University of Lima into inexpensive high protein food. Searching for a giant arrowroot plant species upriver from Iquitos, between the Mirim and Yavari Rivers, close to the Peruvian / Brazilian border, Pallimann’s Indian guides gave him directions to an American encampment, which they would not approach. Instead of Americans, he found fair-skinned people, who spoke an unknown language, collecting, growing and hybridizing local edible fruit-bearing plants within plastic-like tents.

Pallimann described these strangers as having a slim-build, weighing 45 kilograms (100 lbs.), standing 175 cm (5 ft. 10 in) tall on extremely long legs. They had light brown skin and hair, huge dark eyes, an unusual chin and a small toothless mouth with long, thin lips. They had unusually long fingers that had no fingernails and instead ended with a flat disc. They inhaled deeply with every breath that they took, contracting their sensitive fingers as they did so. They communicated with Pallimann via a speaking device attached to the chest.

These strange people identified themselves as part of a team of off-world scientific collectors visiting our planet to acquire new food resources. They came from a world called Itibi Ra II, near the center of the galaxy, had discovered our planet many thousands of years ago and had been regular visitors since 1946. Over hundreds of thousands of years they had evolved from meat eaters to vegetarians and now conducted tremendous voyages of exploration harvesting new food resources from other living worlds.

They had three streamlined disc-shaped flying machines, two of which were supply craft and two very flat speedboats propelled by air-jets. A fleet of thirty faster-than-light speed travelling spacecraft stationed in our solar system supplied their base. Having finished their work they packed up their base and flew Pallimann to Peru before departing. center complex.

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