An Occult View of UFOs and the Paranormal

At home with psychic Maria D' Andrea



* Is it possible to communicate with extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional beings through spiritual and occult means?

* Can humankind possibly travel to other planets without rockets by utilizing out-of-body travel?

* Can we tell something about the demeanor of aliens and Ultra-Terrestrials by utilizing our inner consciousness and through psychic means?



At home with psychic Maria D’ Andrea

As with many people who encounter the UFO phenomenon, Maria D’ Andrea’s experiences began in childhood. Maria is a native of Hungary, and in 1956, she fled along with her family from the coming tyranny of the Communist revolution raging all around her there.

            “Basically,” Maria said, “I was hearing about UFOs at that point because, when we were escaping, every now and then people would look up and look for them. We were used to hearing about them.”

            It was also around the young age of eleven or twelve that Maria had her first personal UFO experience.

            “I was going out-of-body,” she explained. “It wasn’t a physical experience. It was through astral travel.

            “I’m an occultist,” Maria added. “I work in the spiritual, psychic and metaphysical fields. I lecture and teach on them and have had several books published on them. We do go out-of-body consciously, or astral travel. When I’m teaching, I like to call it ‘How to travel without luggage.’ We have to have a sense of humor.”

            Maria gave more details about her experience.

            “I was in one spot and it just felt like you’re in between the planets,” she said. “Kind of hanging in midair, and you see the planets go by you. As I was seeing the planets moving, I noticed that there were little – at the time I was looking at them as little ‘vehicles.’ I didn’t know they were spaceships right away because I was young. They looked like little domes that were circling some of the planets and then it looked like they were going from one planet to another. When they got a little bit closer, it felt to me psychically that there was somebody in the ships. I realized they were ships.”

            Being so young, Maria said, she didn’t think too much about it.

            “Because psychically,” she said, “pretty much most things are normal to me and to other psychics. But that was actually my first experience with it. Now and then I run across the aliens but more when I’m going out-of-body.”

            Maria also occasionally gets what she calls a “flash of a feeling” of a UFO.

            “I do get information,” she said. “It’s not something visual, like ‘psychic visual.’ It’s more of a feeling. But more so, and I truthfully don’t know why, I seem to get information that San Francisco is coming up more and more as a hotspot.”

            Are these aliens the benevolent kind?

            “Definitely,” Maria answered. “But I do feel that there are negative ones. Like if you’re visiting Planet Earth, you have cultures that are more military-based, cultures that are more peace-oriented. So I do feel that there are negative ones out there, it’s just that I believe that we need to focus more on the positive because that’s what I’ve run across more often.

            “If you look at the cave drawings,” she continued, “down throughout history, a lot of it seems to be helpful information, such as how to irrigate. In Egypt, they found a pictograph that actually showed irrigation. Some of the Mayan pictographs also show different agricultural techniques and other situations that are beneficial to us. I think many times they were here to help. Not all the time, but with many cultures.”

            Returning to the subject of her home country of Hungary, Maria again remarked on how common UFO sightings continue to be there.

            “Also, like what happens in Hungary,” she said, “a lot of countries are just used to seeing them so they’re a little bit more open to it. It doesn’t mean they discuss them every day, but it seems a little more natural. So no one’s going, ‘Oh, my God, there’s a UFO!’ Culturally, some countries are just more prone to so many visitations that they just don’t think about it in much the same way.”

            The reason the United States and other countries don’t take UFOs as much in stride is because of the official secrecy and silence on the subject, according to Maria.

            “If you have all these extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional beings visiting,” she said, “and you look at society as a whole – the church or the government – suddenly they don’t have half as much pull and I don’t have to listen as much to what they say because there are other things out there.

“The government and the church do hold back a lot of information, and I think a lot of that is about control. They don’t want to give up any of their control. Also, they don’t really have the power to change anything, because technologically we’re behind the aliens. So they don’t want the public to feel that if something happens, they couldn’t protect them.”

Maria considers herself to be a genuine shaman, and on a recent trip to the Yucatan she spoke to a Mayan shaman about what at the time was the coming date of December 21, 2012.

“You know how it is,” she said, “when you’re talking to somebody in your own field, you speak differently? So I was talking to him and he was saying that they were expecting some astrological changes in 2012 at that point, but they were not looking at it as devastation. They were looking at it as just a different phase. We all go through different phases naturally.

“He didn’t mean it in a bad way, but he said, ‘We kind of laugh at the white man, who sees that the calendars of the Aztecs and the Mayans, when they come to an end, that it’s the end of society.’ That’s the same as looking at our calendar and saying that at the end of the year, everybody’s done. So they kind of laughed about it. They said the only problem they had, and they were very annoyed, was that now their generation had to make up the calendar for the next 5,025 years.”

The Mayan acknowledged that some changes in the near future will involve an element of “upheaval,” but it would not be anything that hasn’t happened previously in human history. Everything is cyclical, so everything that’s happening now has already happened at some other point in history.

“So they don’t look at it as negative,” Maria said. “They just look at it as cyclical.”

From her occultist viewpoint, Maria feels there is sometimes a spiritual interconnectedness between things both spiritual and alien.

“I don’t think that connection is automatic,” she said, “but there are inter-dimensional beings, and when you’re looking at different planes of existence, they sometimes connect in different places – such as vortexes, or when you look at ley lines or the ‘dragon lines’ that connect through the universe. There are places where there’s an interconnectedness, and where those lines cross there is more of a tendency for contact.

“On a spirit plane,” she continued, “where people have passed away, with ghosts and different forms of spirits, some of them have incarnated and some of them have never incarnated, so they have a totally non-limited way of dealing. On an energetic level, we are not limited by time and space. So especially at places that cross like that, there is more of a chance of them connecting.”

Earthbound spirits will not connect on this spiritual level, Maria went on, because of the limited space they occupy. Then there are spirits that have never incarnated, such as the hierarchy of angels and archangels, who have never been in a physical body form. Such spirits are not limited in where they can travel.

“When we travel on the astral plane,” Maria said, “the only thing that limits us is our destination. Having one, rather. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going to get there. But if you have a destination, you’re pretty much non-limited if you’re astral traveling.”

Curiosity also becomes a factor when astral traveling, even for inter-dimensional spirits.

Tim Beckley and Maria do a “psychic jig” in front
of the camera for the psychic’s TV show broadcast throughout Long Island.

“In the spirit phase, a lot of the spirits are drawn to things that are curious for them. Even when we mortals are out-of-body, we may have a destination. For example, say I was going to a different state in the United States, and along the way one of the towns is in blazing fire. It’s going to take me off-track because I’m curious and I’m going to end up there instead of the destination I had originally. So it’s the same way when you’re dealing with spirits or UFOs. They may have a destination but they can get off-track. It’s not as definite as people think, but I do feel they connect.”

As for the UFOs making open contact, Maria believes there is as yet no set timetable for that future world-shattering event.

“Psychically,” she said, “what I’m feeling is that UFO activity is increasing. If you look at it for even just the last couple of years, it seems that it’s on the rise. But it goes in phases. It’s kind of like a wave. Sometimes it’s more frequent, sometimes it’s less so. Right now we’re in a space where it’s more frequent, but I don’t feel they have a definite timetable. They’re kind of feeling out where we are before they make a definite judgment call. And I really look at it as a judgment call.”

Maria again cited the evidence for ancient astronauts as proof of the aliens’ generally good-natured demeanor.

“If you look back in history,” she said, “they often appeared as the gods and goddesses of ancient times. When you look at the cave drawings especially, you’ll notice that they look like they have little astronaut suits or they look like what we describe as aliens in our time. So they’ve been among us for centuries. But really they’re just checking on us now to see when they want to make the open contact.”

Meanwhile, as we await the proverbial landing on the White House lawn, we already have the ability to travel in time, which Maria says she has done many times. It is a talent we can learn how to control ourselves.

“I do believe that when we’re doing out-of-body,” she affirmed, “that we can move around in time and we can see different dimensions. As an example, there’s a plane of existence that we encounter sometimes where you’re going to meet yourself and see a situation where you’ve already accomplished whatever goal you want to accomplish in this life. In that plane of existence, you’re given the information on how to accomplish it in this life also. So there’s that plane of existence. A lot of occultists have been working with that for centuries, so it isn’t a new concept.”

Traveling in an out-of-body state, even visiting yourself in the future to get the benefit of your own hindsight before the event, all sound like fascinating but fanciful flights of the imagination. But Maria not only believes in the reality of such things, she believes these are skills that can be taught and one can actually learn to CONTROL astral and time travel as a discipline of the will.

Something else we can learn to control is our own brain waves, of which there are four levels to be mastered.

“Most people talk about three,” Maria said, “but there are actually four.”

That additional brain wave level is called “gamma,” and it governs what Maria calls our “fighting stance.”

“That’s when you’re a martial artist,” she explained. “When you feel like you’re being attacked. If you were in a tribe in ancient times and your tribe was being attacked, or if you’re the one attacking, you’re in the gamma phase. Have you ever had somebody who you feel is walking behind you and after a while you turn around and they actually are? That doesn’t automatically mean that it’s negative because cities are so crowded. But you will feel that after a while, and that will put you into the fight stance a lot of times.”

Maria also gave a rundown on the more familiar levels of brain waves.

“You have the ‘beta’ brain waves, which is what you have when we’re normally talking to each other. Then you have ‘alpha,’ which is a psychic level. That’s when we’re tuning into spirits or getting psychic information. Then you have ‘theta,’ which is a deeper level. Usually when we’re working on a psychic level, it’s on alpha-theta. Theta is just a deeper level of it.”

Scientists have verified the various levels of brain wave activity, and again Maria believes we can learn to consciously shift between them. Learning that skill makes it easier to attune ourselves for journeys outside the body.

“If you can control it,” she said, “and you have a destination, that destination can actually be another planet. You’re totally non-limited.”

In spite of the esoteric rigors of her belief system, learned over many years of study and hard work, Maria does not preach a doctrine of exclusivity.

“I do personally feel,” she said, “that everybody is psychic. I feel there is a natural survival instinct in all of us. Everybody has had the experience where you meet somebody and in the first couple of seconds before you even talk to the person you either like them or you don’t. And that’s a survival instinct.

“Everybody’s psychic, it’s just on different levels. Like some people are artists, but everyone can draw. Well, sort of. I’m not one of those people. But I do feel it’s a natural ability. And anybody who wants to tune in or connect more to UFOs or to different dimensional beings, if they’re willing to control their brain wave level a little bit – like I said, alpha-theta – I believe there are very strong techniques where we can direct our energy and be in touch with them to receive or send information.

“If you look at ancient drawings of shamans standing on the mountain, we’ve all seen this image where they have their arms raised to the sky and they’re looking up. A lot of times, a shaman in that situation isn’t praying. What they’re doing is – through word of mouth, because everything comes down to word of mouth in our field – they were not praying. They were contacting UFOs or otherworldly beings. And they had definite methods for doing that.”

[As a postscript, Maria is a certified hypnotist and holds various degrees from respected schools of metaphysics, including a doctorate in metaphysics, D.D.,D.R.H. and D.R.S.] 






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