Dr. Robert G. Bedrosian


Robert Bedrosian, born in Long Branch, N.J. in 1949,  received an B.A.
from Tufts College, an M.A. (1976) and Ph.D. (1979) from Columbia
University. A specialist in the ancient history of the Caucasus and
Iran, he never held an academic position, working instead for more
than 20 years as a computer programmer in New York City.  During this
period he continued writing and translating, but in the evenings and
weekends.  In 1996 he began a website and started making his works
available for free. He stopped working in 2001 and moved back to the
Jersey Shore following the attack on the financial district, where he
was employed at the time.  Since then he's devoted himself to reading
and writing about ancient history, and translating.

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