Luca Scantamburlo


Luca Scantamburlo, born in Treviso (Italy) in 1974, got a diploma in 1993 as industrial chemical technician: in July 2006 he took an Arts degree at the Venetian "Ca'Foscari University" with a thesis in bioethics entitled "The Humanity of Tomorrow in the Science-fiction Prefiguration. From the Generation of Man to the Technical Production of the Machine-Man." Italian journalist from 2006, he is member of several associations, like the Free Lance International Press, the Planetary Society and the C.U.N. (Ufological National Centre, Italy). Since 2003 Scantamburlo has been writing for "UFO Notiziario" (which means in Italian "UFO News"), the bimonthly Italian magazine on UFOs phenomena and Space exploration. Before to become a journalist, in 1996 he left uncompleted his studies of Pure Chemistry at Padova University. As author of short stories (not yet published), Luca Scantamburlo won some local literary prizes. His website is the following: or contact him by email [email protected].

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