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Once during a radio interview, Terrence Aym was asked what motivated him to write. He responded that he writes for two primary reasons: the first is to entertain and inform his readers; the second, writing gives him personal pleasure.

Many of Aym's favorite people are fellow writers and aspiring writers. If you're a member of Helium, he invites you to contact him to become a Helium 'friend.' has described Aym as a 'Renaissance man.' Others perceive him as eclectic in his knowledge and interests. And while Aym does tend towards a heterogeneous style, his goal is often to gather diverse elements or subjects and - using them like a catalyst - create a synergy between them. He believes this approach offers the reader a stimulating new perspective on both older news and breaking news.

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Aym has appeared on US radio stations as well as the featured guest on a premier South African radio show. His articles have been discussed on television and debated on nationwide radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM.

The news media has also discussed and debated Aym's articles and ideas. Some that have featured articles about Aym and his writing include ABC News, TIME, Business Insider, Smithsonian, Nature, National Review Online, New American, Pravda,, The Nation, and more.

Several of Aym's articles have been recently re-published in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Chinese.

Recently, one of his articles made the syllabus of an LSU course.

Two articles that Aym published through Helium during the spring and summer of 2010 went viral around the world, caused heated debates on five continents, and were read by millions of people.

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