Billion Dollar UFO/ET Disclosure

I think it has been widely recognized that the Citizen Hearing was an overall success. Steve Bassett’s Citizen Hearing got widespread media attention and reached millions of people, while Steven Greer’s Sirius Movie, though successful, got only limited media attention and remained mostly contained within the UFO community.

Both of these endeavors involved hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, and involved cooperation with investors and media directors. In spite of the usual differences involving content and credibility, the UFO community and leaders did generally support the Citizens Hearing. More controversy in the UFO community swirled around the Sirius Movie being dominated by the prominence of a small human or humanoid in the Movie used as a marketing tool.

Steve Bassett optimistically said before the Hearing that his effort could end the cover-up, but I am pretty sure that will not be the case. I don’t think any one individual can organize the kind of effort needed to rapidly end the UFO/ET cover-up, even with a few million dollars. We are up against global financially and politically powerful families, that control the corporations making trillions of dollars off the Alien Resource Trade.

I think to realistically end the cover-up in 5 years rather decades, it will take at least a billion dollars to fund political action and public education projects. We will need the equivalent of a Citizen Hearing every month, not just in the United States, but around the world. We are dealing with a global cover-up run by old money international mafia. This mafia loosely associated with the Bilderberg Group core, is determined to create a New World Orwellian Order under their control. These folks are not going to give up their meal ticket without a big fight, and they are worth tens of trillions, if not hundreds of trillions of dollars.

The only reason a measly billion dollars might break the UFO/ET cover-up is that this mafia is now being exposed for the criminals that they are, and are under pressure from many sides. If the most credible leaders of the International UFO community can cooperate and liaison with other elements of society for public education and political activity, then such an effort could have a chance of success.

We need to learn from the adversary and mirror their organizational efforts like Bilderberg, and create an international steering committee to organize a billion dollars of political action and public education. No one man band, regardless of individual hubris, is going to be able to do this. It’s going to take a symphony of our most committed and credible leaders backed by the rank and file in the UFO community and the social networks, along with political, military, financial and media leaders from other communities.

If there were a steering committee of twelve individuals, maybe only two or three leaders should be from the UFO community, the rest would be leaders from these other communities willing to make this effort happen. Like Bilderberg each steering committee member would then chair other committees in the UFO, political, military, financial, and media fields. Each of these sub-committees would oversee and organize manageable parts of the overall billion dollar disclosure effort.

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