Recently I had heard that Wendelle Stevens claimed to have been approached by an extraterrestrial interested in developing an extraterrestrial cultural center.  I have not been able to substantiate the claim further, but it really got me to thinking that this is a really good idea.  We all know about the Roswell Museum in New Mexico which is a step in the right direction, but this idea of an international extraterrestrial cultural center goes much further.
Such a center must be credibly done and financed by somebody with deep pockets.  It should have a large library of contact material including the large number of obscure contact and abductee books.  It would also need a conference hall, a residence for guest speakers and scholars, a museum, and a department for galactic diplomacy.  It should be a joint exopolitical effort, and not be co-opted by any one exopolitical individual or group else it devolves into a promotional or money making operation.  Only the most credible people should be on the board of directors.
The museum would go far beyond what the Roswell Museum does and incorporate displays of various types of reported extraterrestrials, perhaps in wax, with information about each type.  Included in the museum would be a history of ET contact and cover-up featuring the investigators and whistle-blowers involved.  A third section would cover present attempts at ET citizen and government diplomacy including contact, treaties, cultural exchanges, technology transfer programs, ET political, scientific, military, religious and social institutions.
 It’s hard to tell where would be the best location and that might be determined by those financing such a project.  It makes sense that Galactic Center (GC) could be located in a country that is ET friendly and would be supportive of such an enterprise.   Maybe a country in Europe or South America like Brazil, Ecuador or Peru would make sense. 
I mean, if one looks on the Internet there are large numbers of international, national and local cultural centers, so why not at least one global extraterrestrial cultural center? There is a huge global interest in UFOs and their extraterrestrial occupants so one would think something like this would be very useful now and in the future.  Perhaps if we build it in a credible way they will come. 🙂
Ed Komarek is a long time extraterrestrial contact investigator and writer and has written a large number of blog articles and is author of the now free book UFOs, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. The book can be read and or downloaded at this website.

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