This is the second article in a series exploring the possibility of developing an international extraterrestrial cultural center. I have gained some feedback from others with the publication of the first article that helps to further define the concept. We now have an architect interested who suggests the main building on the campus be in the shape of a toroid that would include a plaza and gardens in the center.

We also have a web master on board to make up the web page when we further refine the design with a virtual rendition for the home page. We also need to further define the architectural design and divisions of the Center including people and duties involved for each division as well as potential board of directors, advisory board directors and members. The first article I wrote is called Do We Need a Galactic Cultural Center, it can be found here:

As presently envisioned Galactic Center would have at least four divisions along with a conference hall, library-archive-museum and residence for speakers, students, researchers and diplomats. Division one would include a director of investigations and research, with an orientation toward the compiling of an encyclopedia galactic. This is envisioned to be a cooperative project between earth humans and the greater extraterrestrial community.

Division two involves a director working on establishing contact with various friendly ET races to develop diplomatic ties. Division three involves a director for media and communications, a public liaison to the public and the press. Division four would be directed by the executive director responsible for the facilities-library-archive-museum division, and the other three divisions. The executive director and would be directly accountable to chairman and the board of directors.

I believe if we are to keep control over this endeavor at least in its initial phase of development, we need a board of directors that can work well together. I have had experience working with several people for over a decade and suggest they comprise a large part of the board of directors. The more well know people in the field of Exopolitics, or UFO/ET community if you prefer, would be included in the advisory board and work as advisors to the board of directors on this project. A third group involved in this project would be the supporting members.

I would feel comfortable working as a member of the board of directors with Manuel Lamiroy (South Africa), Ash Staunton (Australia), Albert Rosalas (US), Pia Knudson (Denmark), Neil Gould (Hong Kong), David Griffin (UK), and Ann-kristin Normann (Norway). I have found I work well with these folks. I would like to see Tim Good (UK), Richard Dolan (US), Nick Pope (US-UK), Michael Salla (US), Steven Greer (US), Colin Andrews (UK), George Flier (US), Joseph Burke (US), Steve Bassett (US), Paola Harris (Italy), Charles Hall (US), Clifford Stone (US), James Gilliland (US), Rebecca Wright (US) and other major players on the advisory board. (I am weak on South America, Eastern Europe and Asia, these areas need representation.) (Please keep in mind these are only suggestions open for discussion with agreements yet to be made to serve.)

It should be kept in mind that this proposed board of directors and the advisory board have claimed contact with extraterrestrials, have close connections to contact people or are very knowledgeable on the subject. I think all these people understand not only the evidence for contact, but the very serious issues and implications of contact and cover-up. If this organization becomes a NGO and a non-profit institution I hope the board chooses me to be chairman of the board and a very temporary executive director, until a very committed, competent, knowledgeable executive director can be found to direct the organization. This should be a person who is very capable in the area of management, fundraising, finance and legal issues.

As to the website, there would be a profile linked to these names listed on the home page that would give information on the individuals involved and other information promoting their causes. At the moment I envision a home page with a list of directors and advisory directors down the left side of the page. I envision a large rendition of the facility on campus, in the center of the home page. The title of the home page at top might be: Welcome to Galactic Center (GC) an International Extraterrestrial Cultural Center Dedicated to Peaceful Friendly Relations with Extraterrestrial Races and Civilizations. Below the virtual rendition would be a description of what the Cultural Center is about with links to detailed descriptions of the divisions and other parts of the center complex.

Part III of this series continues here:

I am the author of book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that can be read or down loaded from here free: This book provides the basis for my concepts, in regard to the Center. If you are interested in becoming involved in this project message me on Facebook or email me at [email protected].

Ed Komarek is a long time extraterrestrial contact investigator and writer and has written a large number of blog articles and is author of the now free book UFOs,
Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. The book can be read and or downloaded at this website.

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