From Aliens To Tibetan Mystics: “They” Might Truly Be Among Us! Who Are The Walk-Ins?

Are you a Walk-In? Has the soul you were born with been removed and replaced by a more advanced soul with a mission we can only dimly comprehend? Did you ever have a time in your life when you were severely depressed, only to suddenly be able to tap into a surprising flow of positive energy and newfound optimism? 

There are varying definitions of a Walk-In available in occult literature, but perhaps it would be best to start with the concept as laid out by the late Christian psychic Ruth Montgomery, author of a book on Walk-Ins called “Strangers Among Us.” Montgomery wasn’t just another New Age hack. She had a long and prestigious career in mainstream journalism, becoming the first female reporter in the Washington Bureau of “The New York Daily News.” She was also a syndicated columnist for Hearst Headlines and United Press International and wrote of her 25 years covering Washington in a book called “Hail To The Chiefs: My Life And Times With Six Presidents.”

            Beginning in 1952, Montgomery sometimes wrote about psychic Jeanne Dixon in her columns – in one of which Dixon accurately predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy – and wrote a 1965 book on Dixon called “A Gift Of Prophecy” that sold over 3 million copies.   

So we can approach Montgomery’s research and journalism skills with some degree of confidence when she says, “Walk-Ins were souls on the other side who had earned the right, in previous lifetimes, that if they wanted to, could come in and replace a soul that was in desperate need of leaving that body – one who either does not want to maintain it or who is dying and can’t keep it alive.”

            For example, as stated above, a person may be suffering from extreme depression or could even be contemplating suicide. The Walk-In steps in to relieve the unhappy person’s earthly trials, and the Walk-Out moves on to the spirit world just like a person who has died. The souls of the Walk-Ins are not “perfect,” in moral terms, but they are greatly spiritually advanced, called “aware” souls. Meanwhile, no blame is attached to the Walk-Out, for it has labored greatly to develop itself but simply cannot conquer the problems with which it is faced.

            One advantage to the souls on the other side is that the Walk-In can skip the preliminaries of childhood and adolescence and be immediately good to go in a full-grown adult body and can concentrate solely on his or her mission. Montgomery said she believed the American presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were Walk-Ins, and that yet another presidential Walk-In would take office in the near future.

            An anonymous woman posted the story of her own Walk-In experiences on a site called Namaste Consciousness in which she related how having a Walk-In enter her body led her to divorce her husband and move to another state. Her husband at one point tried to have her committed, but she managed to prove her sanity sufficiently to an examining psychologist. The woman was an avid reader of Montgomery’s books, and she quotes the late author thusly:

            “Since a Walk-In must never enter a body without the permission of its owner,” Montgomery wrote, “this is not to be confused with those well-publicized cases – such as were described in ‘The Three Faces of Eve,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ et al – in which multiple egos or evil spirits are vying for possession of an inhabited body.

            “The motivation for a Walk-In is humanitarian,” Montgomery continued. “He returns to physical being in order to help others help themselves, planting seed-concepts that will grow and flourish for the benefit of mankind. Some of the world’s greatest spiritual and political leaders, scientists and philosophers in ages past are said to have been Walk-Ins.

            “Not all Walk-Ins are towering leaders. Many are working quietly among us today, going about their unsung task of helping us to understand ourselves, to seek inner guidance, and to develop a philosophy that will sustain us through the trying times ahead. You may know a Walk-In in your own office or in your community. They seldom reveal themselves, because to do so could imperil the good work for which they are returned to physical being.

            “In fact,” the passage concludes, “you yourself may be a Walk-In! Since the memory pattern of the departing entity survives intact, Walk-Ins are sometimes unaware of their altered status for several years after the substitution has been effected.”

            While Montgomery carefully explains that this is not the phenomena of multiple personality disorder or demonic possession – it also sounds a little like a benign “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” – perhaps it would be safer to compare it to alien abduction. The work of abduction researchers like the late Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs, among many others, has demonstrated that a person can experience multiple abductions over their lifetimes and not have the slightest waking knowledge of it.

            The anonymous writer makes the memory issue a little more believable, saying that the reason for a person not realizing his or her soul has been replaced is that the memories of the original soul are stored in the physical body, in the makeup of the brain and in the DNA of each and every cell. The Walk-In must take a certain amount of time to learn the memories and life patterns of the host body and can’t immediately take up the new mission on Earth without careful preparation.

            So one can hypothesize that it is possible to be a Walk-In and an alien abductee, possibly both simultaneously, and have no conscious knowledge of it at all.

            The foregoing has been the Western view of Walk-Ins, but there is also the Eastern Mysticism approach to the same phenomenon. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, an occult author still much revered in the many years since his passing, professed to being a Walk-In himself. From his humble origins as a plumber in 1950s England, he claimed to have taken on the soul of a young Buddhist monk who lived in Tibet and studied with innumerable wise masters. His implanted soul remembered a lecture by an elderly lama who explained the concept of “transmigration” in a fascinating bit of historical mythology.

T. Lobsang Rampa: Was he a true Tibetan mystic
or just a British plumber?

            “Long before recorded history began,” the lama said, “giants walked up on the Earth. They were the Gardeners of the Earth, those who came here to supervise the development of life on this planet. The Race of Giants was not very suitable for life on Earth, and so by magical means the Race of Giants shrank until they were the same size as humans. Thus they were able to mingle with humans without being recognized as the Gardeners.

            “But it was often necessary for a different senior Gardener to come and carry out special tasks. It took too long to have a boy born to a woman and then wait out the years of his babyhood and childhood and adolescence. So the science of the Gardeners of the Earth had a different system: they grew certain bodies and made sure that those bodies would be compatible with the spirit who would later inhabit them.

            “But the Gardeners of the Earth permitted certain men and women to mate so that a child was born to each, and the growth of that child would be most carefully supervised throughout, perhaps, the first fifteen or twenty or thirty years of life. Then there would come a time when a highly placed Gardener would need to come to Earth within a matter of hours, so helpers would place the trained body into a trance, into stasis, or, if you like, into a state of suspended animation.

            “Helpers in the astral world would come to the living body, together with the entity who wanted to go to Earth, and with their special knowledge they could detach the Silver Cord and connect in its place the Silver Cord of the entity who was the Gardener of the Earth coming to the Earth. The host would then become the vehicle of the Gardener of the Earth, and the astral body of the host would go away to the astral world just as he would do in the case of a person who had died.

            “This is called ‘transmigration,’ the migration of one entity into the body of another. The body taken over is known as the host, and it has been known throughout history. It was practiced extensively in Egypt and it gave rise to what is known as embalming, because in those days in Egypt there were quite a number of bodies kept in a state of suspended animation. They were living but unmoving. They were ready for occupancy by higher entities just as we keep ponies waiting for a monk or lama to mount the animal and ride off somewhere.”

            “Oh, my!” exclaimed one boy listening to the lama’s lecture. “I expect friends of the host were mightily surprised when the body awakened and the one they had thought of as their friend in the past was possessed of all knowledge. My! I wouldn’t like to be a host. It must be a terrible feeling to have someone else take over one’s body.”

            The teacher laughed and said, “It would certainly be a unique experience. People still do it. Bodies are still prepared, specially raised so that, if the need arises, a different entity can take over a fresh body – if it becomes necessary for the good of the world as a whole.”  

            Much of the foregoing statements by Rampa’s lama have their echoes in the UFO and abduction literature that came later. For instance, New England housewife and abductee Betty Luca Andreasson said that the familiar gray aliens called themselves “the Watchers,” and compared themselves to “Gardeners of the Earth.” Abductee Whitley Strieber was shown an alien standing in front of a dresser drawer full of “bodies” that the aliens put on and took off like clothes. So the idea of inserting a different soul or consciousness into an otherwise empty body is part of the same continuum that Rampa’s lecturing lama describes. At another point in his abduction history, Strieber is told by the aliens that they “recycle souls,” which could mean either reincarnation or is perhaps another way of referring to the Walk-In phenomenon.

            Meanwhile, Rampa was no stranger to direct contact with the alien presence. In the last book Rampa authored, called “Tibetan Sage,” he encounters a UFO while on a mission with his mentor, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, to rescue a hermit overseeing a small hermitage in the mountains of Tibet. A sudden earthquake topples the hermit to his death and does serious injury to the Lama Mingyar Dondup’s legs, who finds himself trapped under a boulder.

            In the process of freeing his mentor, the young Rampa stumbles onto a secret compartment in the mountainside and carries the Lama inside. The compartment houses a flying saucer, which Rampa explores with the Lama and which will come to be the primary setting for the rest of the book.

            Much to Rampa’s surprise, the Lama is already familiar with the aliens and the languages they use and even with much of their technology. The ship has lain dormant for a million years, yet everything is still pristinely clean and functional. Some alien occupants are discovered frozen at their control consoles in a state of suspended animation.

            There is often a dramatic shift of consciousness associated with a human being actually boarding a UFO called “the Oz Effect.” It is given that name because the extreme contrast between the two environments resembles that moment in the film “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy crosses over from the black and white world of Kansas to the Technicolor land of Oz. This is certainly applicable to the changes Rampa undergoes in “Tibetan Sage,” as he views holographic recordings of the formation of the Earth up through the Second World War, all stored in the mythic Hall of Records and accessed onboard the flying saucer. Rampa feels as though he is living and breathing in those previous and even future times, a degree of realism still not attainable by our own current technology. Sadly, most of what he sees involves bloody warfare both among people and between the gods themselves, another testimony to alien truthfulness, with no attempt to paint a rosy picture for Rampa’s benefit.

            In a new reprint of Rampa’s book “Beyond The Tenth,” published by Timothy Green Beckley at Global Communications, Rampa deals with the UFO controversy from another angle.

            “Moses was found in the bulrushes,” Rampa writes. “But he was placed there by the Gardeners of the Earth, that is, the people who are known as UFO people, to be found. And later in life, Moses ascended into the mountain; Moses did a lot of strange things. But if you reread the relevant chapters, you will find that Moses stepped on a terraced floor. Did he do that on a mountain, or did he step into a flying ship, a UFO? Moses had the Rod of Power. It wasn’t made on Earth, you know, it was made on another world. Moses was in fact another spaceman specially planted on Earth.”

            It’s so interesting to see Rampa speaking out for the ancient astronauts theory of UFOs and the Bible, many years before the idea was popularized by researchers who came later, like Erich Von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin.

            A few pages further along, Rampa again discusses UFOs.

            “There are people in spaceships,” he writes, “who are watching this world. Watching to see what happens. ‘Well, why do they not come and talk to us like sensible people would?’ you may ask, but the only reply is that they ARE being sensible. Humans try to shoot them and try in any way to harm these UFOs, and if UFOs, or rather the people within them, have the intelligence to cross space, then they have the intelligence to make an apparatus which can listen to Earth radio and Earth television. And if they watch Earth television – well, then they will think they have come to some vast mental home, because what could be more insane than the television programs which are foisted on a suffering public? Television programs which glorify the unclean, which glorify the criminal, which teach sex in the wrong way, in the worst possible way, which teach people that only self-gain and sex matter.”

            Rampa compares people’s expectation that the aliens would come and speak to humanity openly as being as silly as asking one of us to dive into a fish tank to discuss things with some worms at the bottom of the tank, or going into a hothouse and speaking to the plants and saying, “Take me to your leader.”

            “So the people of space,” he says, “whose one-year-old children would know more than the wisest man on Earth, just watch over this colony.”

            Rampa also writes about UFO sightings of his own. While living in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, he was able to see, from his ninth floor apartment, across the river and out to the South Atlantic with no obstacles or obstructions to his view.

            “Night after night, my family and I used to watch UFOs coming from the direction of the South Pole straight over our apartment building, and coming lower so that they could alight in the Matto Grosso of Brazil. Night after night, with unvarying regularity, these UFOs came. They were seen not just by us, but by a multitude of people, and in Argentina they are officially recognized as Unknown Flying Objects. The Argentine government is well aware that these things are not the product of hysteria or a fevered imagination. They are aware that UFOs are of surpassing reality.”   

            With his combined expertise in Eastern mysticism and occult practices, with the additional factor in the mix of his fervent belief in the UFO and alien phenomena, Rampa’s many books make for interesting reading indeed. While they are to say the least entertaining as a peculiar kind of science fiction, Rampa himself would bristle at the term. In spite of the fantastic nature of what he writes about, Rampa insisted to his dying day it was all hardcore fact, etched in the stone of time to endure forever. And the point of origin for Rampa’s legacy of wisdom is traced back to when the soul of the sincerest of Buddhist monks replaced the soul of an English plumber and took the reading public on an epic journey that has no end, even in the decades since Rampa’s passing.

ViVenus traveled the country
saying she was a friendly ET from
Venus. An original Walk-In, she may
have returned to her home planet as no one has heard
from her in recent years.

            There are still others of a similar type, including an attractive young woman who called herself “Vivenus,” and claimed to have come, as her name suggests, from Venus, on a mission of mercy.

            Vivenus attends something like a college on Venus to prepare herself for her missionary journey on Earth. After arriving on Earth in a flying saucer, she is given a fleshly covering that is identical to a young American woman who has recently taken her own life because she could not succeed as a singer of love songs. Vivenus slips into her role so perfectly that even the relatives of the woman she replaces can’t tell the difference. The book Vivenus wrote, “Vivenus Starchild” is another story about the Walk-In phenomenon that makes for engrossing reading as she travels the country singing folksongs about positive change but also encounters the many disappointments any Earthling is likely to suffer.

            Still another Venusian Walk-In is a woman whose Earthly name is “Sheila” but who has penned an autobiography called “Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus,” in which she calls herself by her true alien name.

            Omnec Onec was born and raised in a near-perfect Utopian paradise on Venus, but she willingly sacrificed her idyllic life there in order to come to Earth and help a young victim of child abuse work through her punishing karma. It is an act of unselfishness few people on Earth would be capable of and it makes for a great motivating factor in this inspiring story of interplanetary compassion.

            “Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus” opens with young Omnec landing in the Nevada desert in 1955 and then journeying to Tennessee to take the place of the little girl she came to inhabit the body of and protect.

            Other human-looking aliens are here, according to Omnec, operating unseen on Earth as they work to help us through the world-shattering difficulties that lie just ahead of us and to overcome the faults in character that threaten to destroy us from within. Current research into the alien abduction phenomenon has found that the hybrids being created by the alien genetics program have lately begun to be more and more human looking, which adds some real world support to Omnec’s story.

            So, returning to the question asked at the beginning of this article, are you, the reader, a Walk-In as well? While one hesitates to heap one mystery on top of another, the most likely answer is that there is no way of knowing for sure.

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