Let’s Support Our Leader’s UFO/ET Disclosure Efforts

Not since Operation Right To Know (ORTK) http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2008/03/ortk-ufo-demonstration.html has there been the potential to gain as much mainstream media attention for disclosure, and of course as much controversy. Anybody that attempts to break out of the Bilderberg CIA’s constraints and marginalization imposed upon us in the mainstream media will be attacked from both without and within. This just goes with the territory.

The CIA’s assets in particular, the Washington AP, the Washington Post, New York Times and the LA Times can be counted on to mostly succeed in keeping the UFO community marginalized by using denigrating words and phrases, as well as attention to the Exo-flakes and Exo-scammers in the UFO/ET field. This is all about information warfare, a 70 year covert attack on public consciousness by the Globalist Elite, to maintain control over ET technology and information.

The propaganda press moves in on the early stages of a developing story, not only with UFOs, but in general, to propagandize and spin the collective conversation in the favor of the Globalist Mafia to control the rest of the mass media. The CIA has even admitted publicly that they have their assets in every newswire and major newspaper in the country. Furthermore, the Chairmen of these key media outlets attend the annual Bilderberg conferences and have been praised by David Rockefeller himself for not exposing Bilderberg, and for supporting Bilderberg’s Orwellian New World Order.

Steven Greer using the Sirius Documentary is attacking the heart of the Bilderberg Mafia’s meal ticket, the secret classified monopoly on trillions of dollars being made reverse engineering ET technology and suppression of other technologies. These technologies threaten established obsolete institutions, like the fossil fuels industry, transportation industry and medical industry. No matter that these centuries old mafia families destroy our civilization and the earth in the process, putting us into an evolutionary dead end!

Steven Bassett is using the Citizen Hearings to break the Truth Embargo and move Exopolitics into the mainstream conversation. The public conversation should be steered away from Unidentified Flying Objects that maybe exist, to Exopolitics and the issues and implications of contact. Steve Basset is building a strong public foundation on whistleblower testimony same as Steven Greer has already done.

Richard Dolan, one of our best, told me when he interviewed me recently for two hours on his radio program, that he supports Exopolitics as based on hypotheticals, but for me and those that have had direct and indirect contact it’s based on reality. I have burrowed down locally to become directly involved with local contactees who have become good friends and experienced indirectly communications from the ETs themselves. In one case my friends videotaped a craft and after I saw it, we had to erase the videotape as requested by the ETs. These types of personal experiences run through many of my blog articles.

Now that both these disclosure indicatives are hitting the mainstream press the controversy is heating up in the UFO community just as it did for us in ORTK. In the case of Sirius, Steven is using a purported very small human with alien genetics to help market his Sirius Disclosure Documentary and his more general Sirius indicatives. He is taking a risk that this could blow up on him, but I don’t think he is stupid enough to go out on a limb on this without feeling very confident that the limb is strong. Steven is now taking heat also for “gasp”trying to raise significant sums of money for his greater indicatives and using his disclosure movie in the process This is understandably upsetting some of his donors who expected the movie to be free to the public.

Steven Bassett and the Citizen Hearing are taking controversy because his donor who is making another documentary using the Hearing, is paying former members of Congress $20,000 each to attend the Hearing. Excuse me, but considering the fear of ridicule and the corrupt nature of politics today, how are you going to get members of Congress at a hearing without a large payment.

The purists say not to play the money game to make disclosure, and maybe they have a point to some degree, but just look at my own modest disclosure effort promoting my book. UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder available on Amazon is the best foundation book for Exopolitics presently available. It has the potential to greatly assist in disclosure by providing a solid credible briefing based on the credible evidence supporting Exopolitics, and even more important takes the reader beyond collections and analysis, to issues and implications of contact. We are fighting a formidable adversary that has a huge advantage over us in this psywar. This is because they moved directly from collections and analysis to issues and implications to exploit ET technology and protect their institutions and industries 70 years ago.

I have no marketing money supporting my modest disclosure drive. I am only reaching thousands of people mostly through distribution of the free Kindle Downloads in these special promotions allowed to me and through blog articles such as this one. The purists even have a problem with a little trickle down money coming to me from paid sales of the well formatted print book and the Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/UFOs-Exopolitics-New-World-Disorder/dp/1470077825/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1341343984&sr=8-1&keywords=ed+komarek

This, even though I have the book priced on Amazon at half the price of most books. I make about the amount of my social security check of 350 dollars a month in royalties, so I figure I am making pennies an hour right now for all the effort I have put into this book. I have spent 40 years researching and promoting disclosure at a cost of thousands of dollars right out of my own back pocket. I even get criticized on the social networks for promoting the free Kindles. Jeez.

Steven Greer and Steve Bassett are working with hundreds of thousands of dollars and they are reaching millions perhaps billions of people. Let’s get real folks, even though it’s a corrupt system based on money, there is a place for people working within the system as well as those working outside the system like myself.

Furthermore how come if our leaders in the UFO community are doing so badly that the critics don’t get out and pull the disclosure wagon themselves. Why, because they are afraid and to disempowered to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place for critics and I value honest criticism. We can’t let the Exo-frauds and Exo-flakes hijack the emerging field of Exopolitics before we hardly get off the ground.

Some people feel like Steven Greer is running a scam just for the money, but look at what the man has been through all these years, as he is going to bring out in the Sirius Documentary. Maybe there is some validity in the critic’s criticisms of Steven because he does exaggerate, but who’s perfect and Steven understands marketing. Is Steven marketing something real or his he marketing a fraud? I am still willing to give Steven the benefit of the doubt.

What I am saying to the rest of the UFO community, and I think top people like Richard Dolan have also indicated, is give these folks a chance. Of course the CIA’s assets in the mainstream media are going to do their best to attack the weak links in the chain and avoid the strong links. This just goes with the territory. Do we just retreat into a corner when we get a beating like whipped dogs, or do we fight back with everything we got!!! If the critics got a better way to break the 70 year old Truth Embargo, I say show us what you can do, or otherwise just chill out for a while. J

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