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Another incident Beckley investigated also involved all the members of a family, this time the Boyers (a pseudonym) of rural Somerset, New Jersey. The bizarre happenings centered around the family began in the late summer of 1982, when a UFO was seen hovering over some trees across the street around 5 A.M. by Mr. Boyer. Nothing else occurred right away, but later some poltergeist events commenced, the typical “family under siege” situation normally attributed to spirits of the dead. But the Boyers definitely feel that, in their case, it was an alien presence causing the trouble.  

Mrs. Boyer said, “I have reason to believe that an ET resided in our home for over a year, and that we felt his presence, though we might not have realized the identity of our uninvited visitor.” 

The first sign that a “guest” was lurking about was the strange behavior of the family’s dogs, which would bark continually through the night and shake uncontrollably. Three of the littlest children in the household were having a picnic and playing outside when one came into the house and said they had all met a man over by the garden fence who told them, “No more picnic.” The incident was repeated quite a few times, but the adults never sighted the man themselves. 

Mrs. Boyer next began to feel like someone would enter her bedroom and push against the bottom of her mattress, and she would also be overcome by the feeling that she wasn’t alone, even though nobody was physically in the room with her. One night, she heard a voice speaking to her, but was unable to distinguish any words. Her daughter said she had heard voices as well, to her terror, sometimes calling to her by name. The family could hear someone walking in their basement, though no one was actually there. Objects would repeatedly fall off the refrigerator or pictures drop from the wall, for no apparent reason. The air conditioner would turn itself on and off, even when the unit was unplugged. An intruder appeared in the house when most of the family was asleep, and when Mrs. Boyer turned on the light to confront him, fearing for the safety of the children, he moved behind the refrigerator and simply disappeared right through the wall. 

“Still at other times,” Mrs. Boyer said, “I saw weird white-blue lights in my bedroom at night that were not reflections from the street. The whole house was being turned upside down. Things were missing that would show up in unpredictable places. There would be eerie sounds and a creepy feeling, as if we were never alone.” 

Beckley himself grew up in New Jersey and has known the Boyer family all his life. He writes that he can attest to their total sincerity, and that the family’s strange home invasion situation was still ongoing at the time he wrote up their account. While not all of the events described above can be related to levitation, some of it can, such as the falling objects, the disappearance and reappearance of household items, and the strange behavior of the air conditioner, among other things. 

The late abduction researcher Budd Hopkins also wrote about levitation as it applied to UFO contact. In his 2003 book, “Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings,” he tells the story of an abductee named Molly, who had had UFO experiences throughout her lifetime. In one incident, which took place when she was a child, “Molly recalled floating out of the bedroom window into a bright beam of light, then levitating, along with her brother, up into the hovering UFO.” 

At the time, Molly was four and her brother Danny was six. Their mother, Joan, had just put them to bed for their afternoon naps when something – a sound, a feeling – prompted her to check on the children. They were not in their beds and the window was open. Now panicking, Joan ran downstairs to look for them and found them at the foot of the basement stairs, unharmed, though they had fallen three stories and landed on concrete steps. Joan rushed the children to a doctor, who confirmed that there wasn’t a scratch on them. The children said they had fallen out of the window because they had wanted to see “the airplane.” Under hypnosis, Molly recalled that after floating into the ship with her brother, she was taken to an examination room onboard the craft and met the standard UFO occupants, but she did not remember how they got to the ground afterwards.  

“It is highly unlikely,” Hopkins wrote, “for two children to fall three stories onto jagged concrete steps without sustaining even a bruise. As a general rule of thumb, it is assumed that anyone falling three stories has only a 50-percent chance of living through it, and the absence of broken bones, internal injuries or even bruises after such a drop is unthinkable. Molly initially remembered ‘floating’ out the window but had no sense either of falling or hitting the cement steps. And to make an accidental fall even more unlikely, the cellar steps were seven or eight feet away from the area directly under the window. People, even children, do not fall diagonally, unless they are propelled by some force.  

“There are many cases in the abduction literature,” Hopkins continued, “in which individuals are floated out of their second-story bedrooms and later deposited on the ground or even several miles away. It is a familiar pattern. Automobiles and their passengers have been lifted up and put down in the middle of a field or on a different highway, sometimes gently, sometimes heavily.” 

Which sort of sums it up neatly, in a way. Those who levitate must come back down at some point, and history – both ancient and contemporary – tells us that that happens sometimes gently, sometimes heavily, on many levels simultaneously. 

Beckley has pointed out many times during his career that not all UFOs are by ANY MEANS friendly. 

“There is a lot of strangeness we have to learn to deal with,” he said. “A lot of what is going on could be considered frightening, depending upon how easily you scare.” He continued by noting that the UFO association with the paranormal in general cannot be dismissed. “We have to learn to deal with this element and not try to sweep it under the rug,” Beckley contends. “There are many branches of the occult that can be lumped in with UFOlogy – but most investigators, if they know of such a connection, will try to keep it to themselves!”

In any case, you will want to check out these new releases from Global Communications, “Levity and Invisibility” and “UFOs: Wicked This Way Comes” and make up your own mind. Or at least pleasantly add to your confusion. 






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