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I think it is time for a serious discussion on both the Dangers and Opportunities of Contact now that there are at least tens of thousands of people having and attempting contact individually and in groups.

I have been having discussions primarily in one major Contact group that involved concerns in two areas until I was blocked from posting.  One area is the tendency for cult formation in Contact groups over time like what happened with Heaven’s Gate, and the other concern centers around denial of the evidence for predatory contact experiences.  I guess I should not have been surprised at the denial and hostility that was directed at me by some members of this group when discussing these two concerns, being that these concerns have both been hotly debated in the UFO/ET community for a long time. 

The interesting thing here is that these folks claim to be interested in loving peaceful contact, but are communicating to those with outside perspectives in a quite insecure and hostile manner.  Two of the leaders in the C-5 movement Steven Greer and Joseph Burkes have recently been writing articles pointing out how projection of earth human hostility is an impediment to contact.  I agree with this perspective, but what bothers me is that both individuals are leaders in the C-5 field and seem to be in denial of the evidence for predatory contact and with Dr. Burkes at least denial of the dangers of cult formation.  Dr. Burkes writes: 

”Cult baiting that Mr. Komarek has engaged in is really kind of silly. I for one am dubious of the ET hypothesis. In my postings I repeatedly try to avoid the term ET and prefer using “UFO intelligence” or “so called ETs” or by the acronym TOTENCET pronounced “toe ten set” standing for This Otherness That Experiencers Call ET.

 So the Mr Komarek’s suggestion is that I am using “cult like thinking”, despite the fact that I continue to question the cherished belief that UFO intelligence is purely ET in nature. They are likely much much more than cute guys with wrap around eyes portrayed in the media or the marauding “abductors” that Mr Komarek and his ilk refer to euphemistically as “unethical ETs. “”

I realize that the discussion of the implications of Contact go right over the heads of those individuals and groups still caught up in collection and analysis phase of intelligence work, and who are not yet ready to discuss implications of contact as a reality.  So these discussions must take place mostly in the Contact community at this time.  It’s a shame when some of us believe humanities future is at stake over issues and implications of Contact, that more people have yet to experience Contact as a reality in particular in the investigative community.

I am beginning to wonder if this kind of hostile dismissive reaction to both cult formation and predatory ET contact among some contactees might suggest that predatory Gray intrusions and subversion into the contactee groups is already quite substantial and underway and could derail and present obstacles to real ethical ET contact now and in the future.  Could some contactees within the Contact movement, even leaders really be abductees being covertly influenced by the Greys in ways described by Whitley Strieber in his books?

I am receiving uneasy hostile feelings the more I probe into this matter that are similar to a couple of possible telepathic encounters that I have had in my life.  I may have telepathically encountered Greys twice in my life, once as a young man looking up into a starry sky asking who they were and what were they about.  I received the telepathic message, “We are to you as you are to your garden.” 

Naturally this did not sit very well with me at the time.  Later in life after meeting with a contactee-abductee named Mary Ann who had the classic symptoms of blood on the sheets, and clothes not put back on properly when waking up, I was awaken in the middle of the night to a kind of mental buzzing and a very hostile collective thought, “Stay out of it, it’s none of your business.” 

It’s a long story, but I dropped this case after this warning, but Mary came back into my life later having positive experiences with the Nordics and we became good friends.  Through her I met two more local contactees who also were having friendly experiences with human type ETs who were involved in local missions in my area of South Georgia.  These other human ET types were aware of the Greys and apparently even at war with them at times.  There really does seem to be a exopolitical battle for humanity as discussed in the Bible and other texts.

As to cult formation among contactees I was around when the Heaven’s Gate cult first got started in the 1970s and innocently enough by those who called themselves the Two, and who promised Contact to those who would follow them about the country.  A friend of mine even joined the group, but dropped out when the promised sightings and contact did not materialize. 

Decades later this group deteriorated into a dangerous cult and the death of a large number of people by suicide who believed they were sacrificing their bodies to catch a ride on the Hale-Bopp spaceship.  I also recall a couple who froze to death in their car in a mountain pass while waiting to be picked up by a ET spaceship.  So these cult dangers are very real and should not be dismissed same as the very large numbers of Abductee claims of abuse by predatory ETs.

The opportunities are great in regards to non-predatory extraterrestrial Contact, but the dangers are as equally great in regards to predatory contact that can be very deceptive and covert and masquerade as benevolent Contact.  Leaders in the Contact field like Steven Greer and Joseph Burkes ignore the evidence of predatory ET contact and cult formation at their peril and could by so doing lead their followers also into possible danger.  They both write about the dangers of fear in human society, but seem oblivious to their own fears that place them in denial of the reality of these two issues. 

Fear distorts perception where people in denial perceive those trying to help as villains in order to justify their defensiveness and hostility.   Sometimes insecure people in fear perceive a warning as something fearful when the warning presented is a realistic awareness of the opportunities and challenges based on the evidence.  I think Grey infiltration into the Contact Movement is something that must be faced head on so that this Community can move forward with real benevolent ET contact.

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