Richard Dolan’s Breakaway Civilization and The Secret Space Program – Who is Responsible?


Here is a puzzling aspect of UFOlogy all but one of the “heavy hitters” in the field refuse to go anywhere near due to the potential “sneer factor.”






Top left art: For centuries mysterious anomalies have been reported by astronomers.

It is evident that our own space agency, NASA, or some agency from another earthly country, seems to be wandering around up on the Lunar as well as the Martian surfaces. And furthermore, they seem to be most vigorous in their ongoing efforts, which our government and military are keeping as hush-hush as they possibly can, though to many the proverbial cat has escaped from the bag.

Researcher and long time publisher Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications published a new book this year called “The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible?” that covers many aspects of a topic that just gets increasingly hotter all the time. We have recently witnessed the successful landing of the Curiosity space probe on Mars and await any relevant information it may offer on the possibility of life on the Red Planet, even if it be but a few struggling microbes. Which still begs the question, if proof of some alien life form was found there, what form would the inevitable cover-up take? Could we trust any leaks that told us something intelligent had, at least in ancient times, taken up residency there?

This is the kind of murky area where one turns to an expert for guidance and in this case, we spoke to world-renowned investigator, author and frequent media guest Richard Dolan.

Richard Dolan is one of the most respected figures in the UFO community. In a field crowded by overzealous believers and fringe “contactees,” Dolan has firmly established a reputation as a researcher and author who relies primarily on public and proven sources, or at least sources whose background can be verified in real-world terms. He has written two very influential books on the government cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, “UFOs and the National Security State,” Volumes One and Two, that provide thorough research into the history of the clandestine, black budget response of the US military and intelligence community to the alien presence.


Photo left:  Richard Dolan and astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Dolan answered that question by saying there are a couple of reasons.

“First,” he said, “I think that there are a number of anomalous events we know have occurred in Earth orbit and beyond Earth orbit. Those alone are not proof of a secret space program, but I’ll go over why I think this is important evidence. We’ve got 40 years of events recorded by US and Soviet astronauts of objects in orbit that appear to be not our own and that seemed to move intelligently. We’ve got them going back to the 1960s, and there are some very excellent Soviet cosmonaut reports from the 1980s. We have the evidence of what’s known as DSP satellites – that’s Defense Support Program satellites. These are a series of geosynchronous satellites in Earth orbit that have a long record of tracking ‘fast-walkers’ in space. That is, objects that are like a space UFO.

“From the 1973 period up to 1991,” he continued, “there were, if I’m not mistaken, 281 such anomalous events recorded by the DSP satellites. Now, I’m not saying that every one of these recorded anomalous events are ET craft. But a number of them are really bizarre. For example, one that took place around 1984, recorded by satellite, showed an object that approached it to within a certain very close distance and then moved away. In fact, it approached from a point in deep space and then moved on.”

We have this information, Dolan said, through almost an accident. A friend of Dolan’s who worked for many years at an aerospace company received mistakenly, but not illegally, a printout of some DSP “fast-walker” events.

“My point is simply this: you’ve got those events and quite a few others that are intriguing, which tells me there is something going on in Earth’s orbit that’s not being officially explained. It would seem to me very logical that just as there would be a covert monitoring of the UFO phenomenon within Earth’s atmosphere and on the ground and so forth, if there are anomalous activities going on in space, then clearly you would want an agency to monitor that as well, to deal with it. And that would necessitate the creation of a very clandestine component to the US space program.”

Secondly, Dolan pointed to the fact that there has also been a good history, although not an “airtight” history, of leaks from within the military world. One former Air Force NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) stated that he had the opportunity to review NASA images of the far side of the moon, images that, Dolan said, are normally airbrushed to conceal artificial structures not deemed suitable for release to the public.

“You get the claim quite a few times,” Dolan said, “of NASA airbrushing and doctoring their moon photographs. Again, these are claims. But I look at a number of these claims and they strike me as sincere individuals and, frankly, I have no reason to doubt what they’re saying. There have been at least three or four specific individuals who made these claims about NASA airbrushing their images. So that makes me think that there’s more funny business going on. They’re hiding something important about space.”

Another of Dolan’s sources told Dolan that he had been assigned to train remote viewers at Fort Meade, Maryland, to scan the dark side of the moon, presumably looking for evidence of an alien presence there. Dolan says he feels that the US military must have had a good reason for pursuing that line of investigation and that there are capabilities vis-à-vis space that our military has which they’re not telling to the rest of us.


“My own thoughts on Mars are this,” Dolan began. “I have become persuaded over the years that there are things on Mars that seem anomalous to me, that do seem artificial. I will go that far. There are claims by people who are alleged insiders who have gone to Mars and so forth, and I do not credit these claims. Until they’re able to prove something that actually sounds rational or is backed by evidence, I can’t take it seriously.

“Having said that, though,” he continued, “look, it makes perfect sense to me, when you look at the history of apparent UFO crashes and recoveries, and there are a number I think there are good cases for, you have to assume that the national security apparatus isn’t going to just be sitting on their hands looking at this technology forever. Of course they’re going to try to study it and obviously to replicate it. How could they not?”

So that allows 40 to 50 years, according to Dolan, with a lot of black budget money and a lot of secrecy, in which a classified reverse-engineering group could work.

“And if you’ve had any level of success with it,” Dolan went on, “it’s not something you can share with the world. Yet it would be something that would come in very handy for covert missions beyond Earth’s orbit, i.e., a secret space program.”

Dolan says he has spoken to people he considers credible who affirm there is a secret program connected with the moon. Concerning Mars, he says he’s never gotten anything that could allow him to say confidently one way or the other, but, he said, he would not be shocked to learn that we had traveled to Mars as a result of recovered alien technology.

“Every conclusion in science,” he added, “is provisional and contingent on more information coming your way.”


“One of the ideas I’ve been kicking around for the last few years,” Dolan said, “is that of a ‘breakaway civilization.’ I think that this is something that is real. Now, my theory of it is that it originated really in post-World War II society, but there’s nothing preventing such a thing from having happened earlier. The basic idea of the ‘breakaway civilization’ is simply that you have a secret group, a classified group of people, with access to radically advanced technology, radically advanced science, and they just don’t share it with the rest of the world. One scientific breakthrough leads to another, and that leads to another and so on. So the next thing you know, you’ve got a separate group of humanity that is vastly far beyond the rest of the world.”

Dolan said this isn’t necessarily a farfetched notion.

“In our own official world history,” he explained, “you go back 200 years and compare levels of technology from Europe to, say, Central Africa, and you’re talking about two vastly different ways of understanding the world. So really, what is the difficulty in understanding that a classified, secret scientific community would make radical breakthroughs that they wouldn’t share? I don’t think it’s outrageous, and I do think this has happened since World War II. Now, one of the breakthroughs they’ve made is in what we would call ‘antigravity technology.’ Could this have happened in the 19th century? I don’t think that it’s impossible in theory.

“I have speculated privately many times,” he said, “whether there has been a secret breakaway group going back to ancient times. When you look at some of the really puzzling mysteries of our ancient world, whether it’s the Great Pyramid of Giza or Machu Pichu, there are elements of those and other architectural sites that have been left behind that to me at least don’t make a whole lot of sense in the context of human society as it then was supposed to have existed. The Great Pyramid doesn’t make sense to me in terms of 2,500 years ago ancient Egyptian culture. I wonder if this was a human construct at the time, and what human civilization are we talking about here?

“So I leave open the possibility that some great secret would be understood by a very small, elect group of people. They would want to hide this from the rest of the world for obvious reasons – power, and just not wanting to share.”


Asked where the Nazis fit into this picture, Dolan replied, “When I started getting into this business about 15 years ago, I certainly had a very poor appreciation of just how sophisticated the research was in this field. I’ve definitely come to a very different opinion now.

“The Nazis were quite sophisticated,” he continued, “in their science of what we would call ‘flying saucer technology.’ We now know this. Here’s the problem, though, with that theory. I don’t think one can state the case that the Nazis explain the entire UFO phenomenon. Not even close.”

Dolan said he had visited the Canadian National Archives in Ottawa to review Canadian UFO reports and came across a story written by an elderly man in the 1980s, who wrote about his experience in the Northwest Territory doing aerial mapping for the Canadian government in 1936. According to Dolan, the man had a perfect, crystal clear sighting of “the most beautiful aerial object he had ever seen.” The object was oblong, a little longer than it was wide, and he stood looking up, just amazed at what he was seeing. The object took off and within two seconds was at the horizon. It never at any point made a sound.

A typical, even classic UFO sighting, right? But Dolan’s point was more about when it occurred.

“It is true,” he said, “that in 1936 the Nazis were in power. But it’s also true that in 1936 their science in this field was still in its bare infancy, as far as anyone could tell. Let’s assume that this story is true. That tells me that in 1936 you’ve got a perfectly functioning, incredible UFO in the middle of nowhere in Northern Canada doing, well, what? What the hell was that thing doing there? Someone’s supposed to tell me that’s Nazi technology? Sorry, but no sale. I’m not buying that.

“People who argue that UFOs are strictly Nazi technology need to do a little more research into the phenomenon itself. It goes back much further than the 1930s, that’s for sure. It’s either a very, very clandestine human intelligence that exists as a longstanding secret society – of course we need to find their manufacturing plant and where the hell they’re located – or we’re dealing with nonhumans here that are interacting with Planet Earth. I actually think the latter theory is more likely, but there certainly is a clandestine human power structure. I don’t dispute that.

“But there are just too many witness claims and descriptions of nonhuman entities. I don’t believe these are all just faked or screen memories. I think people are actually seeing entities that are not human.”


“I’ve tried to figure this one out myself,” Dolan said. “Who’s really running the show here? At least the human part of it. I scratch my head about that frequently. It’s certainly not the president of the United States. It’s obvious that there is a power structure behind every president. You look at every president of the last almost 50 years and really every one of them got into office because one man named David Rockefeller nodded his head and said, yes, that man’s going in.

“That’s just how it is. Rockefeller was instrumental behind Gerald Ford. He and Zbigniew Brzezinski practically literally lifted Jimmy Carter up from Georgia and plunked him in the White House. Rockefeller was very powerful and prominent in the Reagan administration. He was essentially the political grandfather of George Herbert Walker Bush. Bush was always a protégé of Kissinger, and Kissinger always worked for Rockefeller. Bill Clinton was very much desired by the Rockefeller people. Clinton attended his first Bilderberger meeting in 1991, the year before he got the Democratic nomination. No accident. And on it goes. Who’s one of Obama’s senior aides, advisors? It’s Brzezinski, the Rockefeller man.

“So all of these presidents are backed, not just by David Rockefeller, who obviously is in his mid- to late-90s now, but that clique of financial power that surrounds him. This is the locus of real power in the world today. My supposition is simply that – just as global financial interests are the dominant force behind US foreign policy and US financial policy – so too I believe they are probably the dominant players in managing UFO technology and the secret space program. I believe that, but I can’t prove it.”

The most tangible thing Dolan feels he can point to is that special access programs, the primordial black budget programs, in the US, all indicate a preponderance of private power as opposed to public power.

“In other words,” he explained, “the US Department of Defense personnel do not appear to be the key players in these special access programs. Rather, it’s private contractors, like Boeing or Lockheed or General Electric and so forth. They really run the show. What we have is, at the classified level, private money that is more likely calling the shots. That’s how the government has operated for more than a century, and it makes sense to me that the UFO technology issue would become privatized at some point, and the secret, clandestine space program would also be to a large extent privatized. It certainly would help with secrecy. It’s easier to have something proprietary instead of merely classified, if you want to keep a secret, and I think a lot of this has gone into private hands.”

While government institutions may still have “their fingers in the pie,” Dolan said, the technology and knowledge that’s truly important is outside the public realm and it’s outside the public purview.


Is NASA part of the cover-up?

“My feeling has been,” Dolan answered, “that NASA is a front for something that’s much more profound behind the scenes. Think of it this way: the United States is never, ever going to relinquish its dominance of space as a platform of operations. After all, it is the domination of space that enables the US military to dominate theaters of war. Without dominating space, the US military honestly isn’t any better than the military of a lot of other nations. But because we dominate space with satellite technology, that is how we allow Stealth fighters and bombers to get the exact information they need that enables them to do precision targeting and bombing and so forth. The militarization of space is an absolute necessity from a national security perspective. There is nothing in the world that will ever make them voluntarily relinquish that.”

In recent years, however, NASA has ended manned space missions and has announced a much more stripped down future agenda.

“That’s going to be a completely separate development from the clandestine military component of space,” Dolan said. “So, on that basis alone, I think it’s an obvious given that we have a secret space program. That doesn’t have to include a connection to the UFO/ET phenomenon. But I think it does simply because I’m quite satisfied that there IS a UFO/ET phenomenon and that some of it exists in Earth orbit.”


Given that a secret space program exists, what would be its ultimate goal?

“My feeling,” Dolan replied, “would be that it’s a separate thing altogether from basic neo-geopolitical maneuvering. What you would use a secret space program for is to deal with these ‘others,’ as I call them, these other beings, one way or another.”

Dolan offered the following story to make his point about keeping certain technology secret: “Back in 1986, when the United States bombed the nation of Libya, is very instructive. Because at that time, the US had operationally, but still secret, the F-117-A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter. Yet the Stealth Fighter was not employed in that Libyan mission. Instead, the US used the F-111. Now, the F-111 is a very fine aircraft, but the fact was that the top of the line fire aircraft was the Stealth fighter, and it wasn’t used on the Libyan mission. The question is, why not?

“The answer, we learn from the military, was simply that the F-117 classification was still secret, and the Libyan mission was not seen as a high enough priority to risk exposing that aircraft yet. The US did not want the rest of the world to know because Stealth technology was just that important. And that should tell us something: that just because you have top of the line technology out there, using it in such a way that it’s out in the open is not always a good thing. The technology can be so valuable that it’s almost counterproductive to use it because then you’re letting the rest of the world know you’ve got it.

“So too with secret space technology and the secret space program. Using flying saucers to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be counterproductive from their point of view. That’s assuming that they want to win the wars to begin with. But once you use them in battle, you’re alerting other groups that yes, this is possible and you can build a functioning flying saucer. And maybe the US doesn’t want them to know that.”

Dolan continued by saying that the capabilities of such technology would obviously be used for the highest level of classified activity that exists, and in his view that’s the ET reality.

“This technology would primarily be used for that,” he said, adding, “in all its nebulous glory. I don’t know all of the interactions that the terrestrial power structure might have with these ‘others.’ But I can imagine that there may have been interactions and that this technology would be considered very important in that regard.”


When asked if he had any concluding remarks, Dolan spoke about the need for proof in a field where so much must be taken on faith.

“We’re in a field,” he said, “where there are certain things we know and there are certain things we don’t know. And we always have to remember the difference.

“One thing that I can say we know,” he continued, “is that there is a genuine UFO phenomenon and that this phenomenon has engaged with the United States military for many years. We KNOW this is true because we have a certain number of released US documents that prove it. That prove we have been concerned about UFOs; that we have tried to intercept UFOs; and we have seen them – military personnel – visually and tracked them on radar. All of that and more. That is unarguable and you can take it to the bank.

“Much of the rest is guesswork. And it’s fair to guess. We have to guess. We have to create hypotheses. The only thing that I try to remind myself and others of is that when we’re creating a hypothesis, we need to distinguish that from known fact. We’ve got to be careful how we handle our evidence. I speculate as much as anyone at this point in the game. I’m very happy to speculate. I just want to make it clear to people who read what I have to say or listen to me, that when I come to a conclusion, A, it’s always a provisional conclusion, and B, it’s always based on what I consider to be evidence.”

Dolan said he wasn’t totally happy to use secret, inside sources in his work because it put people in the position of having to choose whether to trust him or not based on the claims of a source he could not bring before the public. It’s much better to work efficiently from public, certified sources and carefully assemble one’s hypothesis on that basis.

“We’re in deep waters,” Dolan said. “It’s very easy to lose our footing. It’s very easy to drown. You’ve got to be careful.”

Photo left: Rocketry expert Jack Parsons was involved in weird occult rituals tied in with the space program.

This excerpt from “The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible?” offers but a foretaste of what the book contains. There is more from the articulate Richard Dolan as well as chapters on occultist Jack Parsons, the follower of Aleister Crowley who designed the rocket fuel that took us to the moon; the story of Gary McKinnon, who hacked into NASA’s computer system and found evidence of alien involvement; and traces of a secret alien presence on the moon and Mars, plus much, much more. As a bonus, the complete text of an earlier book called “Journey To Mars By Nikola Tesla,” which tells the story of a possible late 19th century secret society (alluded to by Richard Dolan in this article) called the Aero Club that may have harnessed Tesla’s genius to create a space-faring ship and made the manned journey to Mars more than a century ahead of our own Curiosity space probe. The possibilities are endless, and so are the tantalizing entertainments offered by this two-books-in-one offering from Tim Beckley’s crazy UFO/Alternative “empire,” Global Communications.

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