The Orwellian so called New World Order psychopath’s control over humanity is based to a large extent on interlocking financial, political, social and military networks around the globe.  Those of us that desire to raise the consciousness of humanity toward more positive outcomes need to learn to mirror the efforts of our adversaries that hold humanity hostage for selfish gain.  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools at our disposal if we learn to use them properly and not allow our networks to be trashed by low credibility communications and information.

Many of us in the UFO/ET community realize that control over extraterrestrial contact and cover-up is part and parcel of this larger elite control mechanism.  Some of us are beginning to realize that we can network individually and collectively on the social networks to combat the detrimental effects on humanity by the NWO gang.  What I am personally trying to do on Facebook is to get my now free disclosure book to as many new readers as possible and to promote the Extraterrestrial Cultural Center Concept.

The idea of an Extraterrestrial Cultural Center was allegedly first proposed to the UFO investigator Wendelle Stevens by a human extraterrestrial.  I have taken this idea and developed it in detail on the Center’s website and have been promoting the concept on our Center’s Facebook pages.  Also about once a month I have taken on the monotonous duty J of spending about six hours posting to UFO and NWO Facebook groups updates on my and the Center’s activities.  I also try to post Facebook links to some of the more credible groups I post to on a monthly basis, so our Center members can also join these groups and interact and link together.  Center home page:

There is no way I can personally do much more to communicate through all these groups, but collectively through interlocking groups we can move our agenda for a better humanity forward.   This in much the same way our adversaries are working to dominate and control humanity for selfish gain and instead of evolving humanity devolving it.  I would hope that folks that see this post can do the same and post updates about their group to the Center’s public Facebook page on a once monthly basis.  To do any more group promotion would just add to our collective spam problem. 

I have noticed that during a month’s time many new people circulate through groups and it is imperative that these new people are not put off and discouraged by all the trash circulating though UFO and NWO groups.  I used to try to fight with scammers, hoaxers, and viral marketing operations but have decided to just settle for trying to get high quality information to the Facebook groups through the Center and on my personal Facebook Wall.  Unfortunately I have reached my 5000 limit and can only put on new people as friends as others drop off.  People can click on the follow function however to receive my UFO and NWO daily news postings.  I try to stick with mostly UFO related posting to the Center’s public Facebook page.  I don’t have a problem with folks just adding me to their UFO groups without out checking with me because that allows me to reach even more people.

I would like to encourage people in other credible groups to post about their group to the Center on a monthly basis just as I post here, but not to spam our site with constant promotions either.  (We do moderate our group to try to keep the posts credible and prevent being spammed.) The Center also wants and needs to collaborate with other Facebook and Internet groups.  We are grateful for the collaboration and help we already are getting from UFO Digest, UFO World Day and Paranormal World.

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