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Tim Beckley says there is much more to the well worn cliché “ET Phone Home” than most UFOlogists would suspect. To some. it is more than just a phrase lifted from the movie “ET, The Extraterrestrial.” It has almost become a way of life for those who believe it is within the realm of possibility to communicate with “them,” whomever “they” might be.

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For you see, Conspiracy Journal/Inner Light publisher Timothy Green Beckley doesn’t like to refer to the UFOnauts as “aliens,” because he doesn’t want to have to pigeonhole who they are or where they might be from. To him, this is still a matter of open debate and conjecture. To veteran saucer buffs, the idea that all UFO related phenomena are interplanetary in origin casts a shadow over the entire field and makes some in the media and in the scientific community think we are quacks looking to promote an unlikely idea without adequate proof.

In a previous article, as well as a book I co-authored with Beckley about two years ago, I found myself struggling with the notion that we are primarily dealing with a celestial component. I had been “raised” to believe that flying saucers were from outer space. After all, hasn’t this been the most popular theory, dating back to the days of Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Frank Edwards? Weren’t there UFO crashes to consider? Close encounters with all sorts of humanoids that had to be from “out there?” And dozens of reports from pilots who said they were chased and encircled? What other explanation could there be for all of these shenanigans?

My research for the book Our Alien Planet: This Eerie Earth pointed me in a slightly different direction, and it is easy to see where a person’s mind could easily be blown by the ample amount of evidence that the “aliens” might be a different type of life form, but that they don’t necessarily have to have a cosmic link, that they could originate from a place a lot closer to home than the Pleiades, for example. I even went further out on a limb with my contribution to the volume The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible?

In my earlier article, I spoke candidly about the idea that what we typically call “aliens” may instead be a catch-all phrase for beings or entities or energies who originate from somewhere on or closer to Earth and have perhaps dwelled alongside man and guided him, for good or evil, since ancient times. In this continuation, the subject will be communicating with the Ultra-Terrestrials, which is what Beckley calls the “aliens,” although he admits that he did not originate the term. He says through trial and error it is possible to learn how to converse with the obviously more advanced and ever mysterious race on a one-to-one basis. (Naturally, there could be more than one “source” we find ourselves dealing with).

This idea is the focus of the second half of Timothy Green Beckley’s recent book, “The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts,” which offers several methods for and stories about actually “speaking” to the as-yet-undefined entities.

“A lot of people,” Beckley said, “who don’t realize that communicating with the Ultra-Terrestrials is a two-way street, tend to poke fun at and act skeptically toward someone like Stephen Greer, who claims the ‘unique’ ability to wander out into a field or the open desert and aim a flashlight toward the sky and seemingly get a response from ‘something or other’ that may be hovering unseen nearby.”

But, according to Beckley, what Greer claims is unique is really something not that unusual in the annals of Ufology. Beckley said that the intelligence behind or inside these vessels – and he tends not to want to use the word ‘vehicles,’ as that would indicate a solid structure of some type, where in reality these objects may be anything from living, breathing energy pods to beings from another dimension or even a breakaway civilization which we haven’t been able to identify – has been communicating with various “contactees” since the early 1950s.

He cites the case of George Hunt Williamson, one of the original witnesses to legendary contactee George Adamski’s contacts with the Space Brother known as “Orthon.” Williamson spent years speaking with the Ultra-Terrestrials over a ham radio and eventually wrote a book called “The Saucers Speak.” Beckley has republished Williamson’s book as “Other Voices,” available on Amazon.com or from the publisher himself.


Returning to Beckley’s book, “The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts,” we come to a chapter called “The Principles of Motive and Desire,” in which a spiritual messenger named Tuella (Earth name Thelma Terrell) offers instructions on how to contact the “guardians,” or benevolent Ultra-Terrestrials trying to guide mankind’s development. Tuella claims this message was channeled through her by an entity named “Andromeda Rex,” the commander of a fleet of spaceships now circling the Earth, part of an off-world or interdimensional operation known as the Ashtar Command.

There are, according to Tuella, five basic requirements for successful contact between our dimensions, both on a conscious and telepathic level.

“First,” Tuella begins, “I would list ‘Qualification of Motive.’ What is the motive or desire? The desire must stand clean and undefiled by any self-centered purpose. The motive must be totally free of any desire for self-aggrandizement or the flaunting of self above others.”

Another negative factor that would hinder the communication is that the person seeking contact must not be “launching a program that would return gain or fame to the souls so seeking.” Wrong motivation will stop any seeker “in their tracks.”

The second condition, Tuella says, is to “Let Dedication be the inspiration which directs the heart in our direction.” One must have a selfless dedication to mankind as a whole and to the uplifting of the plant into its fourth dimensional expression and the fulfillment of the Aquarian Age on Earth.

“Those whose hearts bleed for the spiritual needs of humanity,” according to Andromeda Rex, “and are dedicated to the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth, register our attention automatically.”

The next basic requirement is something Andromeda Rex calls “Consecration,” the act of Love and Surrender of the human spirit to a Divine Purpose.

“Love is the strongest element in the universe,” he says, “and the highest possible vibration on your planet. It shines upon our monitoring boards like diamonds across a dark sky.” Those who vibrate a life of love to all people of all worlds will not be ignored in the great scheme of things. Those who lift their loving thoughts to the Ultra-Terrestrials will receive their love in return.

The fourth condition is called “Concentration,” and Andromeda Rex promises that those who concentrate on the Ultra-Terrestrials and their “ships” with love and a peaceful, quiet mind will be monitored and their discipline in this regard will be duly noted with a loving reward.

And finally, Andromeda Rex calls attention to “Meditation,” achieving a quiet, tranquil state of mind. Into this beautiful quietude “will come the still, small voice of heavenly response.”

“Following these exercises,” Tuella adds, “one always gives thanks for that quiet moment spent with inner divinity, whatever its results may or may not have been.”

It sounds like the Ultra-Terrestrials are looking for a very specialized sort of person, and that only the completely unselfish and lovingly motivated need apply. It may be that one is required to attain a state of being close to sainthood before communicating with the Ultra-Terrestrials, but it is nevertheless comforting to know that Tuella’s Andromeda Rex intends us no harm and that meeting his requirements would not involve anything immoral or degrading.

Beckley admits in personal conversations that to his way of thinking these types of communication seems a bit preachy or New Age-ie for his liking.

“After all,” he says, “in these communications, you really don’t know who might be channeling through you or what their ulterior motives might be. But it’s catchy and it’s nice to think that some other intelligence might have our well being – and not just their own – at heart!”


Jane Allyson’s stories of telepathic contact with the Ultra-Terrestrials are also included in Beckley’s book. Until the Fourth of July in 1979, Jane had never had the slightest interest in UFOs – then the unexpected happened! While standing with two other people on a New York City rooftop, waiting for a fireworks display to begin, Jane and her companions saw a brightly lit object against a darkened sky.

As the object moved closer, Jane and the others could make out a definite shape, like a huge diamond star glowing in the night. She was anxious for the ship to move closer and give them all a better view of this unworldly vehicle. Jane had prior experience with meditating, and she began to lead those present in a Native-American chant, which lasted for several minutes.

The object continued to come nearer until they thought it was preparing to land on the rooftop. Jane felt fear and awe at the same time, and was forced to wonder if the object was going to sweep her and her companions off the roof or even crush them beneath its weight. Just when it seemed they might all break apart from the psychological pressure, the object disappeared.

Later, in the apartment of one of Jane’s friends, some odd after-effects took place. One of the witnesses began to dance around the room as if hearing some inner music. The other person began to meditate for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Jane felt a tremendous sense of compassion moving through her body, “producing such a powerful feeling of love for the entire human race, making me feel more alive than I had ever felt before.”

Jane believes that whoever was aboard the “diamond” in the sky could mentally hear her and her companions chanting.

“They recognized the fact,” she said, “that we were altering our consciousness, lifting our vibrations so that our bodies and minds were operating more in their dimension.”


Beckley’s late friend, the Native American Bleu Ocean, once told Beckley that chanting has long been a means for Bleu’s people to communicate with the Ultra-Terrestrials.

“Our ancestors had special chants just for that purpose,” Bleu, who was a musician who worked with such rock pop stars as Pink Floyd, said. “They communicated with ‘star people’ on a regular basis and knew a lot more about the workings of the solar system than modern man is led to believe.”

Bleu added that when contact was being attempted, his forefathers never wore anything made of metal. They dressed simply and carried nothing that might counteract the polarity of a hovering “spaceship.” Wearing anything metal might accidentally pull them into the electrical field of the craft and injure them.


Down through the years, there have been several attempts to construct a machine that can take communication with the Ultra-Terrestrials to a whole new level beyond the vagaries of telepathic contact. Chicagoan John Otto made such an effort in the early 1950s when he invented a device called a “light-beam communicator.”

“Without claiming ‘firsts’ in any effort,” Otto said, “for we find wherever we turn there is nothing new under the sun, it was nevertheless the sighting of a large cigar-shaped craft near Needles, California, that spurred me into thinking of a radical new means of a communication attempt. Feeling rather stupid after shining a flashlight skyward while snuggled in a bedroll in the desert that night, the idea of light-beam communication was born for interplanetary use.”

The device was relatively cheap to build and fairly simple in design. It connected a microphone, into which he could speak, to a power pack and a bright searchlight. A converter turned Otto’s voice into vibrating shafts of light that could be picked up onboard a spaceship.

A friend of Otto’s, who often went with the inventor into the desert to attempt contact with the UFOs seen frequently there, said that one night success came shortly after midnight.

“This giant craft appeared overhead,” his friend said, “and Otto started talking into his device. The beam from the light beam communicator struck the metal hull of the spaceship and the air was filled with a slight humming noise as the UFO seemed to acknowledge our presence. The ship tilted slightly back and forth as if whoever was inside was attempting to respond. In those days, Otto had not perfected a receiver to pick up messages from flying saucers, but later on I understand that he did.”

Otto liked to tell a funny story about a friend of his who had been going outdoors on a regular basis with a light-beam communicator he had built using schematic diagrams drawn up by Otto.

“He was continuously modulating canned music,” Otto recounted, “and sending out a jumbled collection of words, always closing with, ‘How is my readability?’ After several weeks, he had a reception of the same type of material: jumbled, unintelligible words and then some music. Finally came, ‘How is my readability?’ My friend did not have anything of importance ready to converse with his unseen communicator, so it floored him somewhat. This is why you should consider in advance any plans to transmit.”

The parroting back of Otto’s friend’s jumbled transmissions by the Ultra-Terrestrials may have been intended as humorous, to turn the tables, so to speak, on the innocuous yet frivolous waste of time he had burdened them with.

Beckley points out that, although Otto may not have realized it, the original plans for the light-beam communicator may have been sent to him telepathically by the Ultra-Terrestrials. While Otto would later patent the device as his own, it may take its place among the many “New Age” inventions that are psychically beamed to Earth by the Space Brothers to jumpstart the contact process. Certainly other variations on Otto’s light-beam communicator have been developed independently from his that still held true to its basic design.

Meanwhile, who remembers “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? Toward the end of the movie, one of the Nazi villains explains why Hitler is so determined to find the Ark of the Covenant. “It is a radio for talking to God,” the wickedly grinning Nazi says. Was Moses also similarly instructed on building a kind of light-beam communicator? Are the Ultra-Terrestrials trying to make conversation with our Creator a simple matter of flipping an on switch and speaking into a microphone?


Beckley goes on to talk about two sisters, Helen and Betty Mitchell, who not only had a face-to-face meeting with a pair of Ultra-Terrestrials, but were also instructed on how to build a communications device for secret contact with the mysterious though human-appearing race. The incident happened in a St. Louis coffee shop in the late 1950s.

The two sisters had been out shopping and decided to refresh themselves with a soft drink. They were approached “in a very mannerly way” by two gentlemen dressed in suits who interrupted the sisters’ private conversation. The two interlopers said they were from a huge mother-craft orbiting the Earth and that their names were Elen and Zelas. The two sisters were informed that they had been under careful watch since their birth and were shocked when they were told stories about themselves that only other family members could have known.

The sisters were “chosen,” the gentlemen said, to serve as channels so that certain information could be given to the people of the Earth. The girls were amazed by what they heard, and felt the intruders radiated kindness, warmth and wisdom. They Ultra-Terrestrials said they would return and contact the sisters again.

A week later, the two sisters felt impelled to return to the same coffee shop and this time they encountered just one of the Ultra-Terrestrials. He gave the sisters instructions for building a device that would allow them to contact the Ultra-Terrestrials.

“His instructions were explicit and precise,” Helen Mitchell said later, “for he warned us that unless we placed every piece of the device in the proper place we would not be able to contact them with it. We were not allowed to take the drawn diagram of the device with us, but we had to remember it as it was explained to us. When we obtained the proper pieces for the device, we constructed it when we returned home, and were happy to find the results were satisfactory.”

To their amazement, the girls were able to speak with the same person they had seen earlier. Over the next six months, they spoke many times with the Ultra-Terrestrials and learned a great deal about their home, sciences and spacecraft.

A later incident happened when Helen was alone in downtown St. Louis. She was contacted by the Ultra-Terrestrials and asked to drive to a heavily wooded area. She next boarded one of their scout craft and was flown to a large mother ship, where she was taken on a tour. Helen was shown the room where she and her sister’s calls were received, and the aliens even placed a call to the sisters’ home in St. Louis and allowed Helen to speak to Betty and tell her she was with “the brothers.” Helen was also shown an aerial view of their home right inside, as though the roof and the ceiling had been magically removed. She could see her sister, mother and the younger children moving around.

Helen and Betty Mitchell had many more contacts, according to Beckley, but they soon dropped out of the picture, deciding to keep their experiences to themselves because of the fear of possible ridicule. Their whereabouts are unknown today, although they are more than likely deceased, since this episode goes back several decades. Apparently, their communications with the Ultra-Terrestrials even sparked an interest by the CIA, who started to “meddle into their business,” either to spread disinformation about the case or to see if the sisters’ claims to have established a communications link might have been legitimate. Hell, why did the aliens speak to them and not the government?


Not to be outdone by those he writes about, Tim Beckley himself has a story to tell about attempting to contact the Ultra-Terrestrials.

In the early 1980s, while in the U.K. to speak before an unofficial UFO discussion group at the House of Lords (a meeting organized by the 7th Earl of Clancarty, Brinsley Le Poer Trench, who was himself an originator of the ancient astronauts theory of UFOs), Beckley took a side trip to the small English town of Warminster, located on the heels of Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge in the southwest part of England.

“Warminster had been a UFO hotbed for quite a while before I got there,” Beckley said. “According to local testimony, it all began on a Christmas morning in 1964 when a pensioner on her way to church heard this horrific sound coming from all around her that sounded like a million bees buzzing. She soon found herself pressed to the ground by an invisible force. The sound was tied in with the sightings of various UFOs, which plagued the town for years and years.”

The sightings were concentrated around three hills in the area: Cradle Hill, Starr Hill and Cley Hill. All three hills had a history of unexplainable phenomena associated with them, including crop circles a century or more before the term was coined.

Beckley had been corresponding with Arthur Shuttlewood, the editor of the “Warminster Journal,” who regularly published local UFO reports but remained a skeptic himself.

That is, until Shuttlewood had a few sightings of his own, and became part of a regular series of sky-watches in the area, some of which were attended by celebrities like Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Some attendees felt that open contact had been established. On several occasions, the editor had beamed a powerful flashlight into the heavens that actually bounced a ray off the hull of a craft. Whoever was inside would seem to sway in the sky as if acknowledging his attempt to say hello.

Beckley arrived in Warminster and had lunch with the newspaperman and his sky-watch companion, a retired RAF pilot named Bob Strong, who showed Beckley a scrapbook filled with literally dozens of UFO photos showing craft of all shapes and sizes, from “railroad cars,” to huge, bat-like objects.

That night, Beckley and his compatriots saw several meteors streak across their line of vision. Around 10 P.M., they spotted something fairly high up that seemed to just be hovering above them. Shuttlewood went to the trunk of his car and pulled out his trusty flashlight, then pointed it at the object and flashed a light several times. He then offered the flashlight to Beckley, who also flashed it at the object.

“The reaction was tremendous,” Beckley recalled. “Every time we blinked at it, the UFO would sort of swing back and forth, like a pendulum would. It seemed to be looking down on us. Maybe it picked up our thoughts telepathically. I was told to keep a positive mind because that’s what the Ultra-Terrestrials seemed to respond to the most.”

The sky-watch went on for another 20 minutes or so and then it started to rain and clouds obscured the group’s view. When they saw nothing more, they retired for the evening.

“Had I made contact with a UFO?” Beckley still wonders. “I will never know for sure, but it did seem as if the object was under intelligent control and was responding to our request to prove it was not just an ‘ordinary object’ in the heavens. Another strange thing: We took several photos of Cradle Hill that night. When developed, one of them showed a strange phenomenon behind two of the witnesses – streaks or bolts of light which were not visible to the naked eye at the time and for which there is no explanation. There were no streetlamps or houses with porch lights nearby.”

For historical purposes we hereby provide an audio link provided to a public statement made by Arthur Shuttlewood at the time of all the Warminster hoopla.



The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts” even includes instructions on building your own light-beam communicator, complete with schematic diagrams. But one should approach such communication attempts with caution, the book warns. You definitely want to make contact with the righteous side of “the Force,” to use an expression from the “Star Wars” movies.

The reality of the situation is that there are forces out there that do not

have mankind’s best interests at heart. As Tuella warns in her channeled message from Andromeda Rex, spiritual purity and love on the part of the seeker are required to make contact with the forces of good.

It’s been said that talking to God is perfectly fine, but if you hear him answer back, you’ve got problems. Hopefully that is not the case when it comes to communicating with the Ultra-Terrestrials. Perhaps there really are ways to establish voice contact with virtual angels, either telepathically or with the aid of a communicating device made according to instructions from the ones above. Any resulting conversations could be the salvation of us all.

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Our Alien Planet: This Eerie Earth by Timothy Beckley and Sean Casteel


The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible?

By Beckley, Casteel, Tim Swartz and Commander X


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