The Curious Case of Stan Romanek — Part One

“I looked out the window and saw this bright light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and asked him if he had ever seen anything like that. He was shocked and said he hadn’t…It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy about it.”

— then-Governor of California, and later-40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan

The extraterrestrial peered through the pane of glass.

Stan trembled as he watched the videotape replay. “Could this really be happening?” the Denver native’s mind raced. An alien peeking into his house wasn’t typical evening entertainment.

The window through which the creature had been leering was on the second floor. Romanek knew there wasn’t anything between the lawn outside and the sill. No place for a being this size to find foothold.

This wasn’t the first time Stan had captured an ET on camera. In fact, he had been playing cat-and-mouse not only with anthropomorphic entities, but also Men in Black, mysterious balls of light, unmarked helicopters, ominous phone voices and UFOs since 2000.

And how could he forget the abductions? Surreal episodes from which he awoke to find himself locked outside his home, sporting a bloody nose and fresh wounds.

Romanek didn’t even believe in this stuff. Wasn’t it four years ago he was poking fun at those who expressed an interest in the paranormal?

Through his video camera’s viewfinder, the frazzled man watched the recorded version of the creature duck below the window. This thing couldn’t have been from Earth. If not from this planet, though, then where?

“Why would something so intelligent traverse vast expanses to spy on me?” Stan pondered.

Little did Romanek realize, the footage he shot that evening would be a source of ridicule from skeptics, as well as UFOlogists. In 2008, Stan would release the video, which he believed was evidence of exoplanetary life. Even though the raw footage had been verified by expert analysts as not tampered with, in the minds of many, it was a hoax.

Stan conceded it was possible some esoteric faction may have been playing tricks on him, but then the question arose, “Why would an arcane force go to such great lengths to alter one ordinary man’s life?”

Born in 1962 in Denver, Colorado, Stan Romanek was the son of an Air Force officer. As a result, Stan and his family relocated on a constant basis.

When only four years old, and living in Northwood, Colorado, Romanek recalled his older brother Jimmy witnessing an enigmatic craft hovering over the town’s water tower. Upon returning from work that evening, Stan’s father corroborated his son’s claims by asserting he, too, had observed the aerial anomaly.

Since the incident hadn’t involved Romanek, he’d forgotten it. Until recently Stan also failed to recall childhood episodes in which he was visited by a woman with uncommonly large eyes, who spoke without opening her mouth.

It hadn’t been until 2000 that Romanek began experiencing the paranormal once more. Whilst videotaping Colorado’s Red Rocks Park, Stan observed an aerial craft comprised of numerous rotating spheres, keeping pace with his van. As he attempted to photograph the conundrum, the vessel vanished into the heavens, resulting in a small sonic boom.

Shortly afterwards, twin F-16s appeared out of nowhere, racing after the enigmatic vehicle.

As with numerous encounters, Romanek wasn’t the sole witness to this event. In fact, other observers that day attested to having seen the same craft.

It was about this time Stan professed to hearing strange clicks when speaking on his home phone. Perturbed, Romanek called his telecommunications company, who subsequently discovered a bugging device on the line in question.

Shortly, thereafter, whilst in line at a restaurant, Stan found himself approached by a gaunt stranger in business attire, who whispered in passing, “It’s not over yet.”

Electronic devices began inexplicably failing when in Romanek’s presence. Within a year, he went through nearly 10 home computers, as the machines shorted out not long after he’d unpack them. Street lights quit whenever Stan was near, and touch lamps would continually turn off and on in response to his close proximity.

Most troubling, though, was the way birds were suddenly attracted to Romanek. The effect escalated to detrimental proportions, when literally dozens of fowl flew into the windshield of his van one day in an apparent mass suicide.

UFOs began targeting Stan in a sort of hide-and-seek. Such was the case on a return road trip from Pennsylvania, when an inexplicable, airborne craft trailed Romanek and his two passengers. This mysterious, metallic disc hid itself behind clouds whenever the trio attempted to photograph it.

On the evening of September 20, 2001, Stan would allegedly be the target of an extraterrestrial abduction. After he and others witnessed a 30-foot, crimson globule above his place of work, Romanek headed for the shelter of home. Little did he know, he’d soon encounter three humanoid creatures on his apartment’s front stoop. Enormous eyes and nearly non-existent mouths forewarned Stan he was face-to-face with a species not of this Earth. What’s more, the frightened man would be unable to overpower the entities, who had intentions of seizing him.

From that point on, Romanek recalls awakening in bed, lamenting over the most bizarre dream he’s ever had. Distinct divots in his back, and torn skin on his wrists seemed to support Stan’s belief that something nefarious occurred the previous evening. Even so, details of what transpired eluded him.

Intrigued by Stan’s assertions, Fox News interviewed the Denver resident. For some unbeknownst reason, the segment didn’t air until eight months later. At the moment the program was scheduled to broadcast, a monumental blackout occurred, affecting 20,000 local homes. Suspiciously, electricity was restored one hour later, precisely when Romanek’s interview ended.

And then came the hypnotic regression revealing the details of Stan’s abduction. The troubled man remembered a luminescent room in which he found himself adhered to a wall by some invisible force. His surroundings were apparently constructed for creatures smaller than humans.

The same beings who had initially assaulted Stan on his balcony now came into view. A voice within his head informed the terrified man he needed to collect his wits. Romanek felt his captives remove several hunks of flesh from his lower back, before he was rendered unconscious. When he awakened, the apparent female of the group was cleansing his wounds.

Stan began a telepathic discourse with his seemingly sympathetic captor, inquiring as to where the creatures originated from, and what their intentions were. The being answered Romanek’s queries with cryptic symbols.

Eventually, she revealed to the frightened man that, “Something significant {was} about to happen.” With that, the creature stared intently into Stan’s eyes, and his thoughts were inundated by visions of great catastrophes to humanity. The images were so intense, they caused his knees to buckle, as he collapsed to the floor.

The frazzled man’s obvious response was, “Is this what’s going to happen? Is this what you’re showing me?”

Stan would later be informed by those incarcerating him the cataclysmic events were possible outcomes for humankind, should the current situation on Earth continue.

<See part two for conclusion.>

Hugh Mungus

© 2011. Hugh Mungus

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