The Disturbing World Of Alien Abduction And Mind Control


There are a few alternative explanations for the alien abduction phenomenon, the most prevalent being that the experience does not involve actual aliens at all but is instead a complex, human-driven tool used for purposes of mind control. It is said that the alien abduction approach is actually a cover story intended to conceal something even more disturbing than aliens, that being an encroachment on the very souls of those chosen to be victims of government and military experiments that seek to control the workings of the human brain itself for purposes of psychological warfare and for intelligence operations requiring a “zombie” type agent who has no idea he is carrying out a covert mission at all.

Photo above: The Manchurian Candidate,” starring Frank Sinatra, was Hollywood’s first venture into the Mind Control phenomenon.

            This idea is not exactly new. It entered into the pop culture zeitgeist as early as the 1962 thriller “The Manchurian Candidate,” in which a team of soldiers fighting the Korean War are brainwashed by their Chinese captors into various heinous acts, with one in particular charged to assassinate a candidate for president. The assassin is merely responding to post-hypnotic suggestion as he goes through the motions of his role in some dark political intrigue indeed.

            But a lot has happened since, and Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications has recently released two new books that deal with the subject from a decidedly 21st century perspective, including the fascinating overlap between mind control technology and alien abduction.

            The new release “Nightmare Alley: Fearsome Tales Of Alien Abduction” begins with capsule histories of some of the better-known abduction cases, such as the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill encounter that became a kind of template for the thousands of cases that came later. The cases in the book were compiled by Beckley, his editorial and art consultant William Kern, and B.J. Booth, a researcher known for his website The team has gathered cases that stretch from the Hills to Betty Andreasson Luca on to the 2004 Francis Family abduction and the Clayton and Donna Lee event of 2005. As an easily digestible overview of the abduction phenomenon, it has few peers in the field.

            But in the later sections of the book, the alien factor is moved to a backburner and the all-too-human quest for control of the individual’s mind is given an excellent scholarly and detailed treatment by researcher and writer Martin Cannon. Cannon begins by attempting to shine a light on what alien abduction is said to be.

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            “Among ufologists,” Cannon writes, “the term ‘abduction’ has come to refer to an infinitely confounding experience, or matrix of experiences, shared by a dizzying number of individuals, who claim that travelers from the stars have scooped them out of their beds, or snatched them from their cars, and subjected them to interrogations, quasi-medical examinations, and ‘instruction’ periods.”

            He goes on to say that these sessions are said to occur within alien spacecraft and include terrifying details “reminiscent of the tortures inflicted in Germany’s death camps.”

            The abductees often, though not always, lose all memory of these events, and find themselves back in their beds or cars unable to account for “missing time.” Hypnosis or some other trigger can bring back these “haunted hours” in an explosion of recollection, and the abductee often begins to recall a history of similar experiences stretching all the way back to childhood. Cannon also expresses amazement that abductees, in spite of their vividly-recalled agonies, claim to “love” their alien tormentors.

            Cannon quickly shifts gears and begins to offer his own theories about the abduction phenomenon.

            “I posit that the abductees have been abducted,” he writes. “Yet they are also spewing fantasy – or, more precisely, they have been given a set of lies to repeat and believe. If my hypothesis proves true, then we must accept the following: The kidnapping is real. The fear is real. The pain is real. The instruction is real. But the little grey men from Zeti Reticuli are not real; they are constructs, Halloween masks meant to disguise the real faces of the controllers. The abductors may not be visitors from Beyond; rather, they may be a symptom of the carcinoma which blackens our body politic. The fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

            There is substantial evidence, according to Cannon, that links members of this country’s intelligence community, to include the CIA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence, with “the esoteric technology of mind control.”

            “For decades,” Cannon continues, “‘spy-chiatrists’ working mostly behind the scenes – on college campuses, in CIA-sponsored institutes, and (most heinously) in prisons – have experimented with erasure of memory, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestion, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, non-iodizing radiation, microwave induction of intra-cerebral ‘voices,’ and a host of even more disturbing technologies. Some of the projects exploring these areas were ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, PANDORA, MKDELTA, MKSEARCH and the infamous MKULTRA.”

            Cannon said his research includes reading nearly every available book on the subject, as well as all the relevant congressional testimony, plus spending much time in university libraries reading relevant articles. He also conducted numerous interviews and was allowed to see the files of John Marks, the author of “The Search For ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’” which included some 20,000 pages of CIA and Defense Department documents, interviews, scientific articles, letters, etc.

Cannon has certainly done his homework, which leads him to conclude that striking advances have been made in the field of brainwashing despite false and perjured claims made before Congress that these efforts had met with little success and had been discontinued. He also restates his belief that UFO abduction may be a continuation of clandestine mind control operations.

The next section of Cannon’s report is a fascinating overview of the known technology so far and introduces the reader to the term “wavies,” or people who claim to be victims of clandestine bombardment with non-ionizing radiation, or microwaves.

“They report sudden changes in psychological states, alteration of sleep patterns, intra-cerebral voices and other sounds, and physiological effects. Are these troubled individuals seeking an exterior rationale for their mental problems? Maybe. Indeed, I’m sure that such is the case in many instances. But the fact is that the literature on the behavioral effects of microwaves, extra-low-frequencies and ultra-sonics is such that we cannot blithely dismiss all such claims.”

When did this research really begin? Cannon says that in the early years of the 20thcentury, Nikola Tesla seems to have stumbled upon certain of the behavioral effects of electromagnetic exposure, and Cannon also cites a report from the 1930s in which two scientists claimed to be able to electrically stimulate the human nervous system by remote control. Meanwhile, who knows what has been achieved over the last few decades or what is the current state-of-the-art in mind control technology?

Cannon returns to his basic thesis, writing, “The abduction enigma contains within it sub-mysteries that slide into the mind control scenario with surprising ease, even elegance. As we have seen, the MKULTRA thesis explains the reports of abductee intra-cerebral implants (particularly reports involving nosebleeds), unusual scars, ‘telepathic’ communication (i.e., externally induced intra-cerebral voices) concurrent with or following the abduction, allegations that some abductees hear unusual sound effects, haywire electronic devices in abductee homes, personality shifts, ‘training films,’ manipulation of religious imagery, and missing time. Needless to say, the thesis of clandestine government experimentation readily accounts for abductee claims of human beings ‘working’ with the aliens, and for the government harassment that plays so prominent a role in certain abductee reports.”

Another new release from Global Communications, “Mind Stalkers: Mind Control Of The Masses,” covers some similar ground. The authors, Commander X and Tim R. Swartz, also offer some interesting history of what is known about mind control technology as well as some scientific background on how the various devices actually work. Chapters on secret experiments with drugs, subliminal seduction, electronics, microwaves, implants and “mind machines” in general are stuffed with frightening information on the potential enslavement of the human mind to those who can covertly manipulate it. The drive to create a “super soldier” quickly devolves into the search for an iron grip on mass consciousness that has been sought by every totalitarian leader throughout human history, only now such a nightmarish possibility may be terrifyingly within reach, with the mere flick of an “on switch.”

Married to offbeat talk show host Long John Nebel, fashion model Candy Jones claimed to be a victim of mind control by the U.S. government.

Swartz and Commander X also tackle the thorny subject of human mind control as the true origin of UFO abduction.

“UFO literature is filled with hundreds of cases,” the two authors write, “in which observers have been subjected to continuous harassments following an encounter with a UFO. Some witnesses report strange, ghost-like phenomena in their homes. In other cases, weird, mechanical-sounding voices, purported to be ‘messages’ from extraterrestrials, begin emanating from their phones, radios and televisions.”

The authors point out that scant research has been done into this view of the phenomenon, and investigators are loathe to touch the subject, believing that the witnesses who complain of such harassment are most likely mentally ill. It is a kind of Catch-22 that victims must suffer through: after a prolonged period of skilled mismanagement of their brains, they are hardly credible witnesses who can coherently PROVE their stories. But the authors say that cases of UFO mind control are almost always identical.

“The eyewitness goes through a period of anxiety,” the authors explain, “during which he is unable to consciously remember certain aspects of the incident. Within months, the personality of the observer actually changes. Eventually, it may change to the point where he finds it impossible to get along with coworkers, friends or even family. Personal tragedy seems to strike many of those who have had UFO experiences.”

The person may also develop certain “gifts” or abilities, such as powers of ESP, precognition or psycho-kinesis, as well as a heightened intelligence level or an unusual increase in physical strength. These abilities may manifest themselves shortly before a person is about to be controlled. Soon he may begin slipping into a kind of trance, and it will appear an alien intelligence has taken over his body and is using his brain.

But nevertheless, we could still be dealing with human “controllers,” the authors insist, as they cite the research of Dr. Helmut Lammer, who recounts the stories of how  some UFO abductees have been kidnapped by military personnel and taken to hospitals and/or military facilities, some of which are described as being underground.

“Especially disconcerting is the fact that abductees recall seeing military intelligence personnel together with alien beings,” Commander X and Swartz write, “working side by side in these secret facilities. Researchers in the field of mind control suggest that these cases are evidence that the whole UFO abduction phenomenon is staged by the intelligence community as a cover for their illegal experiments.”

The authors go on to say that Lammer’s research suggests that abductees are often harassed by dark, unmarked helicopters that fly around their houses. The mysterious helicopter activity goes back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, when they showed an apparent interest in animal mutilations, but not, at the time, in alleged UFO abductees. Still, UFO researcher Raymond Fowler reported some helicopter activity in connection with UFO witnesses during the 1970s, so the phenomenon is not without an earlier precedent.

(Meanwhile, the idea that the black helicopters are sent to “spy” on UFO witnesses is called absurd by Martin Cannon, who says if the military were seeking information on abductees they would certainly go about it in a much more subtle manner. The late abduction researcher Budd Hopkins once similarly stated that if the intelligence community wanted to spy on abductees, they could probably stand two blocks away and point a cufflink at their intended targets, so far advanced was their espionage technology. In any case, the true mission of the black helicopters remains unknown.)

Abductee Debbie Jordan reported in her book “Abducted!” that she was at one point kidnapped, drugged and taken to a kind of military hospital where she was examined by a medical doctor. This doctor told her he was going to remove a “bug” from her ear and proceeded to take out an implant that resembled a BB. Also, some of author Katharina Wilson’s experiences are reminiscent of reported mind control experiments. She writes of a flashback from her childhood in which she remembers being forced into what appeared to be a Skinner Box that may have been used for behavior modification purposes. In some military abduction cases military doctors searched for implants and sometimes even implanted the abductee with what may have been a manmade implant.

“Mind Stalkers” also includes an “Index Of Secret Mind Control Projects” that provides a quick rundown of the often confusing military codenames and the “alphabet soup” by which some of the various programs came to be called.

So if you’re interested in this particular approach to alien abduction or want to read the accounts of others who may share your “paranoia” about such things, then you’re definitely the right sort of reader for “Nightmare Alley” and “Mind Stalkers.” It is an interesting irony that what makes the whole complex of the abduction mystery so sinister and shocking is not the presence of aliens from another planet but the dark machinations of a completely human enemy of mankind – which may be our own government and military. >




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