In spite of the woman’s sudden and strange appearance out of nowhere, Howard was not frightened. He was instead “overcome by an overwhelming sense of wonderment” that made him freeze in his tracks. He felt a tremendous surge of warmth and love emanating from the woman and he approached her as one would an old friend or loved one. 

The woman called him by name and said she had come a long way to see him and speak to him. 

“She said she knew where I had come from,” Howard recalled, “and what my purpose would be here on Earth. She and her people had observed me for a long time and in ways I would not quickly understand. When she spoke of her ‘people,’ I still could not understand they were from another planet. I seemed to be encompassed by the very glow, almost visible, that emanated from her presence. I have often tried to describe it as like seeing a Technicolor movie in three dimensions and being a part of the action in the film.”

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Again, the mysterious woman called Howard by name and said, “We are contacting our own,” words that Howard said would bring more joy and take on more meaning as he grew older. “It is no fault of yours, Howard, that you cannot understand everything. Do not worry,” she comforted him. Then her face took on an air of sadness, and she spoke of grave changes, destruction and torment that would move as a dark cloud over the country and the world. Before departing, the woman said he would see her again but it might not be for a long time. Howard returned to the same spot again often but the lady never reappeared. 

Later, while an adult serving in the army, Howard was on vacation in Mexico when he encountered a man with shoulder-length blond hair sitting in a cab that Howard had just hailed. The blond man spoke to him without moving his lips, telepathically, and told Howard that he had been selected for a series of contacts with the aliens. 

The alien warned Howard that his life might be in danger during his military service but it would never be necessary for him to kill anyone. This prophecy later came true when Howard was attacked by a Japanese soldier who came at him with a razor-sharp bayonet, cutting a hole in Howard’s tent in the middle of the night. Howard began firing at the enemy soldier, wounding him, but not mortally. 

Howard would bump into his space friends nearly everywhere he went. They looked human enough, but there was just something odd about their appearance – something a bit “off” perhaps – that convinced him these visitors meant what they said when they claimed to be from other planets. They intimated to Howard that he had been selected to become a contactee because he had some of the same benevolent qualities about him that they had.

After the war, Howard returned to New Jersey and his contacts increased. He met them in his home as well as outdoors in several remote rendezvous spots where he had been told to go. On a number of occasions, he carried a camera with him to record some of their aerial activities. He even managed to get some still photos of the beings approaching him, backlit by the brightly illuminated exterior of their ship and creating eerie shadows. 

As the years went on, Howard would gain fame as a contactee, perhaps second only to George Adamski, and would write a book called “From Outer Space To You” that remains a classic in its genre. Though controversy continues about whether Howard was part of a government “silence” group intent on muddying the waters regarding the truth about the flying saucer phenomenon, his many photos are still with us, and a goodly selection of those are featured in “UFO Repeaters.”

Coauthor Tim Beckley admits that he is predisposed to believing in Howard’s fanciful stories because “he was such a charming individual . . . the type of guy who doesn’t seem capable of lying to you.” Beckley says he lived down the road from Howard and often heard chatter from others who had “seen and heard things” on and around Howard’s property, despite the fact that they didn’t really hook up with Howard himself. His rural neighbors pretty much kept to themselves but had witnessed enough to be capable of verifying some of the strange happenings said to have transpired in the apple orchard out back of Howard’s Highbridge, New Jersey, home. 


Like the legendary Swiss contactee, Billy Meier, Paul Villa was an unassuming gentleman of modest means who happened to capture some striking UFO photos. Paul had no axe to grind and no desire for publicity or fame. As so often happens in the world of UFO encounters, Paul did not find the flying saucer phenomenon; it found him. 

Paul told UFO investigators that he would receive a telepathic message telling him to be at a certain location, usually somewhere near his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he arrived at the designated place, the aliens would essentially “pose” for him while he took photos with a Japanese-made camera and standard Kodak film. 

Paul Villa has taken some remarkable photos of UFOs hovering over his truck as well as a photo of a ship preparing to touch down on tripod landing gears.

The result of those efforts is a beautiful series of full color photos depicting the flying saucers in all their glory. According to UFO researcher Wendelle Stevens, Paul’s photos are quite sharp compared to most photos of that era, which was the 1960s through the 1970s. The image size of the saucers is large enough to show good detail and the fact that Paul’s truck is in the foreground of some of the photos provides a known object with which to compare the size of the saucer and to judge its distance away from the camera. 

Paul was born in 1916 of Native American/Spanish descent. He did not complete the tenth grade but had a good working knowledge of mathematics, physics, electricity and mechanics and was particularly gifted at detecting defects in engines and generators. 

In 1953, while he was employed by the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles, Paul encountered a man about seven feet tall who called him by name and could read his mind as well as knowing a great many facts about Paul’s past. The spaceman invited Paul to come aboard a metallic-looking, disc-shaped object floating on the water nearby and Paul agreed to go. 

For Paul, the aliens were entirely human-looking, though more uniformly attractive than Earth people and definitely more refined in face and form. They took Paul on a tour of the saucer and said they are here on a friendly mission to help Earth people. As his contact experiences continued through the years, Paul was eventually invited to photograph the ships. The aliens flew their craft slowly and hovered as Paul snapped away. In the mid-1960s, the photos began to draw the interest of flying saucer organizations, who debated the pictures’ authenticity and even at times tried to prove Paul to be a fraud. 

The photos Paul took are breathtaking to look at and do appear to show genuine flying saucers set against lovely desert scenery. There are varying types of ships from photo to photo, which is consistent with UFO witness accounts since the 1940s and has led some analysts to think we are being visited by several different alien races and civilizations. 

The notoriety that came with being chosen to take the photos did not make life easy for Paul, however. When he stopped at a local tavern one evening on his way home from work and sat sipping a beer, a stranger walked up and drew Paul’s blood with a punch in nose. His assailant called Paul crazy for “talking to spacemen.” On top of that, unwelcome curiosity seekers would descend on his family home and take “souvenirs” with them when they left. All the various forms of harassment necessitated relocating his family on several occasions. 

Paul died in 1980 at age 64. Some of his photos were never made public, including a series that was reportedly taken on another planet. We may never know everything the UFO occupants revealed to Paul, but the idea that there is further photographic evidence of his to be seen is certainly a tantalizing one. 


“UFO Repeaters” also includes photos by and the personal histories of other people who were selected to photograph flying saucers and, on occasion, their occupants. Ellen Crystall, Ed Walters, Joe Ferriere, Marc Brinkerhoff – the list goes on – were all at one time “brought into the fold,” so to speak, and produced a continual stream of photos that implies that there is some kind of mutual trust and, in some cases, an apparently loving relationship with the beings flying the ships at work here.  

Why are these Repeaters granted this kind of privileged status with the UFO occupants? Why do the aliens seem to cancel the “terror factor” in certain cases and instead establish a caring, compassionate bond with some experiencers that continues throughout the mortal’s entire life? The vagaries of how these alien choices are made continue to elude us. 

But, in the meantime, Global Communications can offer you this: a book that takes the stories behind these photographs and the people that took them basically at face value. There is no reason to doubt the photos’ authenticity, and many have long ago passed muster with photo analysis experts who were forced to concede that – whether or not there really IS an alien presence – the photos themselves were not the result of tampering or tricks. 

The aliens have chosen to reveal their existence in many ways since Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting started the ball rolling in the modern era. If this is so, why would occasional genuine photos not be part of that overall mix? Why would the UFO occupants withhold that kind of verification if they were willing to provide so many other forms of proof and confirmation? 

But we are just beginning our tale of cosmic wonderment and will commence forthwith in our next installment to continue revealing the truth about the UFO Repeaters and their sincere efforts to document the reality of the unknown through the eye of the camera.    

As the book’s title enthuses: Seeing is believing! 




The Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts: From The Secret Alien Files of UFO Researcher Timothy Green Beckley 





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