Tim Swartz filming documentary in Izmir, Turkey

“I picked them up and touched them,” he continued, “and they were slightly warm to the touch.” 

Swartz then recalled a story he had read in a book by paranormal researcher Ivan T. Sanderson and decided to use a similar approach in testing the rocks. Swartz marked each of the rocks with an “x” using a felt tip pen and chucked them out the back door into a cornfield directly behind the house. As soon as he returned to his seat in the living room, the rocks were back, dropping from the ceiling in the exact same way as before. 

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“When I picked them up,” he said, “they were the very same rocks, marked with an ‘x.’ I still have those rocks.” 

And how did this otherworldly experience actually make him feel emotionally?

“I was elated,” he replied. “That’s how I felt. I was excited. Here was something that I was holding in my hand that I knew unquestionably I had just thrown into the cornfield behind me, and that there couldn’t have been any way that anybody could have picked them up and found some way to drop them down in front of me. This was exciting. There are just no words to describe the emotions that I was feeling, but it was excitement.” 

Shortly after the incident, the couple reported to Swartz that the poltergeist phenomena had stopped, as though whatever energy involved had been “used up.” These events had taken place in 1983, but Swartz also told the story of a much more recent experience he had with teleportation. 

“It’s one of those things,” he said, “where you just have to shrug your shoulders because there doesn’t seem to be any purpose or meaning to it. It’s just something strange that happened. I was taking my daughter over to her babysitter, and I was standing in the kitchen talking to the babysitter for a little bit before I left. On my left-hand side there was a counter that had three or four decorative tins that are used to hold candy or popcorn, that sort of thing. One of them, all of a sudden, shook like there was something inside of it. Both the babysitter and I were quite a ways away from it. But I’m looking directly at it, and it shook! Then it slid across the counter, almost to the edge of the counter, on its own.” 

Although the babysitter had had her back turned to the decorative tin and its strange motions, she had heard it, and she asked Swartz, “Did that can just move?” 

Swartz said, “Yeah,” then walked over to the can, opened the lid and looked inside. The can was empty, and the counter was dry. There had been no earthquake; the can was the only thing that moved. 

“It bemused me,” he said, “surprised me, and was a little bit exciting. Once again, right in front of my eyes, something happened with no normal explanation as to why it happened.”

The babysitter was probably in her mid-thirties, Swartz said, and the kids in the house were all toddlers, which renders one common explanation, that poltergeist energy is often generated by the psychological and emotional angst of adolescent females, moot. The house itself was relatively new and did not carry the haunted baggage that might burden an older house. 

The babysitter was not a believer in the paranormal. When Swartz asked her if anything similar had ever happened before, she said no and shrugged her shoulders. Swartz added that when the can – which was a little bigger than a coffee can – first  began to shake, he was aware of it only through his peripheral vision but had quickly turned to look at it full on. After it stopped shaking and slid across the counter, he thought perhaps there was something living inside it, like a mouse had gotten into it and was causing it to move, because the can had seemed in some way “alive.” 

“It’s one of those things,” he said, “where you just go, ‘What the hell? What is the reason for that?’”

Swartz next compared teleportation to time travel, saying they are two different aspects of the same phenomenon.  

“If you think about it,” he said, “when it comes to the teleportation events that we have seen, especially in haunting and poltergeist experiences, we’re talking about an almost instantaneous transference of matter from one point to another. And unlike, say, ‘Star Trek,’ where you would have a teleportation machine that would supposedly take apart a person or an object bit by bit, and then reassemble them at a distance – I just wonder if this phenomenon may not be accessing ‘hyperspace.’ Hyperspace is kind of an antiquated term now in science fiction, but it refers to a timeless realm, so to speak, that is outside of our own space/time reality. 

“If that’s the case,” he went on, “then that shows that teleportation and time travel may be a lot easier to access than our current understanding of physics allows for. If you have something, like a discarnate spirit or even an aspect of our own consciousness, that is somehow able to utilize paranormal abilities, then there must be a way that that can be accessed on a regular basis, something scientifically proven that can be repeated time and time again.”

There exists, according to Swartz, a kind of “paranormal continuum” that combines things like teleportation and time travel along with UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, etc. 

“That’s the point I’m trying to make,” he said. “It’s very common in poltergeist hauntings to have the instantaneous movement of objects from one place to another and sometimes into locations that would be physically impossible to get to in the short amount of time that they occurred. And not just little objects, but big objects, too, even people. And is there much of a difference between some UFO encounters and paranormal encounters? Because you see almost the same phenomena talking place. A lot of witnesses claim that shortly before and after a UFO experience their houses experience haunting phenomena, poltergeist phenomena, which persist for quite a while.”

The UFO occupants themselves also seem to show paranormal abilities, such as becoming transparent, walking through walls, as well as appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye. 

“Is everything involved – UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, whatever,” Swartz asked, “is this all in the realm of the paranormal? Or are we using the word ‘paranormal’ because we just don’t have the language to explain all this? It’s so far outside our realm of understanding that we just don’t have the words to describe it.” 

But Swartz does not concern himself only with the mysteries of the paranormal. He also takes a keen interest in decidedly more “human” pursuits, like the secret conspiracy he and so many others feel is already controlling many aspects of our daily lives. Swartz edits a free weekly online newsletter called “The Conspiracy Journal,” which covers many topics related to the dark controllers. 

“I think some of the most important stories that we’ve run on the ‘The Conspiracy Journal’ have to do with 9/11,” he said. “I think the lack of really good information behind the whole 9/11 conspiracy has made it extremely important for our time. It’s almost like the JFK assassination was to a generation. I think 9/11 fits right in there. The official explanations that were given to us by the government, while they sounded reasonable on the surface – there were still a lot of discrepancies. If anyone dug a little deeper, they discovered all kinds of situations that seemed to show there was more going on than what the government told us.”

Some of those discrepancies may have been totally innocent, Swartz acknowledges, adding that withholding some of the information from the public may have been necessary to protect intelligence interests, that sort of thing. Perhaps too much was made of those discrepancies, and investigators who did not properly vet their information ended up generating wild theories and explanations. 

“I think that’s why,” Swartz went on, “it’s extremely important that information, for the most part, not be hidden from the general public. The theories and suspicions that result from our not being told the truth end up being a lot wilder and can breed the situation we find ourselves in nowadays, where the general public has a lot of mistrust for our government. 

“I would say at this point that the majority of people feel that the government is always hiding something from us, and that even in merely mundane situations the government would prefer to lie to us rather than tell us the truth. That probably is not necessarily true, but we’ve been shown repeatedly that we’ve been given one story and after time goes by we’ve been shown the explanations that were given to us were downright lies. So it’s no wonder that there is a suspicion of the government, of the military/industrial complex.”  

While Swartz wisely gives the government the benefit of the doubt, he does not deny that a conspiracy of some kind exists.

“I think people are naïve,” he said, “to believe conspiracies aren’t a reality. We see them happening every day. For a long, long time now, the world has been taken over and is being run by an elite group of people that there are no checks and balances for. They’re not elected officials and the general public has no idea who they are. 

“Probably they come from a long line of royalty and money, from family groups that have been with us almost from the very beginning. I imagine there are probably new groups of people that enter into this elite group as new money is produced, especially when it comes to oil production, for example, and other forms of big money interests like banking and also from within the military/industrial complex.

“It’s not a perfect operation, of course. There’s just no way EVERYTHING can be controlled one hundred percent perfectly all of the time. But I do think that a lot of things that we attribute to just happenstance is actually under control. An economic crisis, war, elections, things like that – I think a lot of that is being manipulated behind the scenes.” 

People sometimes mistakenly believe that the conspiracy seized power last week, or a decade or two ago. Rather, this is something that has been going on practically throughout history. Swartz scoffs when conspiracy theorists talk about the Illuminati or a Secret One Hundred Year Plan to take over. The take-over has already happened a long time ago. The overall conspiracy is greatly focused on money and may ultimately lead to an economic enslavement of the entire world similar to the Mark of the Beast prophesied in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. 

“I don’t know if I would attribute it to some satanic origin,” Swartz cautioned. “I do think there are probably some of these elite groups who BELIEVE that what they’re doing is for a satanic agenda, which doesn’t necessarily mean that that is actually occurring on a spiritual basis. But it doesn’t matter, because whatever some of these groups believe about what they’re doing, it’s just as dangerous. 

“The whole thing about becoming more open with the Mark of the Beast, we’re seeing that today. More and more, the whole idea of paper money, money in your pockets, is being done away with in the form of electronic currency. Now we’re seeing things like bit-coin, which has taken it even a step further away. But I don’t think it’s ever going to be a process that is just suddenly thrust upon us. That’s not the way all of this works. It’s a slow, gradual process, and that’s the way it has always been.”

One could also view it, Swartz said, as a natural development of humanity’s growth, and one might even argue that humanity will, at some future point, possibly be able to “outgrow” this control by the underground elite.  

“Because, as technology continues to march forward,” he said, “information becomes even more readily available. Like is often said, knowledge is power. There will come a point when it will be impossible to keep that knowledge from us. It’s just the natural way of things. Eventually there will come a time when everyone will have access to enough information and enough knowledge that the entire controlling elite conspiracy will be antiquated. We won’t need it anymore.”

This process Swartz envisions won’t be an easy one, he said, and those in power will not give it up easily. It may require that wars be fought over it, but the conspiracy will someday end with “a whimper and not a bang.” 

Along with his duties editing “The Conspiracy Journal,” Swartz also co-hosts a two-hour radio show with paranormal writer Wm. Michael Mott called “The Outer Edge” and heard on the PSN-Radio Network. The show airs live on Sunday nights beginning at 11:59 Eastern time. The show’s website is: 

Mott and Swartz used to host a show called “Unraveling the Secrets,” but the original host of the show wanted to come back, so the PSN-Radio Network graciously gave Mott and Swartz a new show of their own. 

“It’s a wonderful program,” Swartz enthused. “We have all kinds of interesting guests. We don’t necessarily have to deal with paranormal subjects or UFOs or whatever. We do have guests along those lines, but we’ve also had underground cartoonists, guests like that. We had a guy on one time that was a martial arts expert and made knives and swords. We talked about the history of martial arts and the history of homemade weaponry. So ‘The Outer Edge’ can really cover just a wide gamut of subjects that interest us.” 

The program has a call-in portion and all the shows are archived on the program’s website and available to listen to free of charge. It is one among many of the paranormal-related programs offered by the PSN-Radio Network. Editor and publisher Timothy Green Beckley appears on the program once a month to act as co-co-host and brings interesting guests along, such as country singer Johnny Sands, who encountered a UFO and subsequently the Men-In-Black in Las Vegas in the 1970s. Swartz said there were plans to interview Tessa B. Dick, the widow of the late sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, as well as Dr. Barry Taff, a psychic researcher who has written extensively about ghosts and UFOs, and whose work closely parallels many of Swartz’s beliefs and experiences. 

After having been immersed in the study of the paranormal most of his life, Swartz’s interest in the unexplained remains pleasantly undiminished. 

“This kind of stuff, the paranormal and the unexplained,” Swartz said, “is always going to fascinate me because it just goes to show us that, no matter what, there are no easy answers to this universe. Just when we think that we have everything solved, then something new pops up and sends us back to square one. And I think that’s the wonderful thing about our reality, is that I don’t think that we’ll ever have all the answers to what’s going on. And I like it that way.”



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