The Ultra-Terrestrials – Are They Supernatural Beings?

William Shatner from Canadian History Channel Program, called “Weird or What?”

Photo: William Shatner from Canadian History Channel Program, called “Weird or What?”

There has always been a semantic problem about just what to call the UFO occupants. For the most part, the generally agreed on term is “aliens,” though everyone from Whitley Strieber to the late Budd Hopkins believed the term is inadequate to accurately describe just whom we are dealing with in such cases.

Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications recently published a book called “The Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts” in which he argues that the UFO community should be open to calling the creatures from the unknown “Ultra-Terrestrials” and that we should more closely examine the idea that they come from right here on Earth.

The term “Ultra-Terrestrials” did not originate with Beckley, who referred me to an article on a website called “Unexplained Mysteries,” specifically a piece written by Ken Korczak called “Ultra-Terrestrials: Do They Walk Among Us?”

“Canadian contactee Oscar Magocsi

“Instead of being Extraterrestrials,” Korczak writes, “UFO aliens might be Ultra-Terrestrials – a species that has always been here, which evolved on Earth along with homo sapiens, but which represents a species far advanced. These Ultra-Terrestrials are so superior to us it’s almost impossible for us to comprehend their existence. All we know of them are fleeting glimpses of lights in the sky, occasional bizarre encounters between human beings and so-called aliens, and other unexplainable phenomena.

“People who support the Ultra-Terrestrial theory,” Korczak continues, “such as authors Jacques Vallee and the late John Keel, point out that supernatural beings seemingly superior to humans have been reported throughout history. In previous eras they were called gods, angels, ogres, fairies, brownies, little people, demons and more. The Bible is filled with references to supernatural creatures, including giants, ‘wheels’ flying in the sky out of which incredible creatures emerge and more. But references to flying discs were recorded centuries before the texts of the Bible.”

Korczak goes on to talk about the discovery of cave drawings that date back to 30,000 B.C. that depict discs floating in the sky that look remarkably similar to modern UFO photographs. There is also the similarity between fairy lore and the abducting Ultra-Terrestrials, who impregnate women and then return to claim the fetus, much like the fairy legends of their stealing a baby from its crib and then replacing it with a “changeling” or double. Both the Ultra-Terrestrials and the fairies are in the baby stealing business, whether for good or evil.

Having established just what is meant by the term “Ultra-Terrestrial,” we can now move on to Beckley’s book. He begins with an entertaining story about being asked to appear on William Shatner’s Canadian History Channel Program, called “Weird or What?” The producers were hoping that Beckley would confirm that an actual child-sized alien corpse had been discovered in Mexico.

Tim Beckley with Alien

“After studying stills of the creature,” Beckley writes, “and a video or two, I told the program’s staff that there is no way I could go on ‘William Shatner’s Weird or What?’ and declare this a true extraterrestrial. However, upon closer examination, I wasn’t ready to write the little tyke off completely. Minus its skin layer, the sinister looking carcass did appear strange and unusual – I know Shatner would prefer the word ‘Weird’ in there somewhere – and I was willing to go that far.”

The now legendary story of the corpse is this: a farmer named Marao Lopez had captured the creature, shown it to a few of his farmhands, and when it squawked and lunged for them, they did the only thing that came to mind – they dipped the creature into a vat of acid, which peeled off his skin and killed him. The men eventually took their possession to a university in Mexico and were told that the creature was like nothing born of this Earth, though it did have some components that appeared human, leading Beckley to wonder if it might have been an alien hybrid. The scientists said it was doubtful that the creature was some kind of mutated human being as there was no discernible DNA to be found in its body.

Lopez, the farmer who captured the creature, is said to have died shortly after the incident in a car crash that left him “burned to a crisp.” Though we have no way of proving this revelation, if true, was that a case of the Ultra-Terrestrials taking revenge? Beckley acknowledged that he could only speculate about that, but he still maintained that the creature wasn’t a simple alien life form.

So what was it? Beckley offers this possible explanation: it was a form of Ultra-Terrestrial life called a Djinn, a shadowy race of demonic creatures known in the Islamic faith as living in another dimension and generally cursing humans and committing dastardly deeds against them.

“They often appear as smoke,” Beckley writes, “and possess people just like the devil would do in our Western culture. And the thing is, if you compared a picture or illustration of the Djinn, they offer up a reasonable resemblance to the alien baby in Mexico.

“The word ‘Djinn’ translates as anything that is concealed or invisible. The Djinn are a race that has no defined physical form of their own, so they are therefore invisible to the naked eye. However, they are shape-shifters who can take on the physical form of just about anything they want. Many say that they walk among us every day.”

So Beckley made the trip to Toronto to offer William Shatner and company his Djinn theory and his contribution is among the more credible stories offered by the interviewees on that particular episode. Unfortunately, the program is not officially available in the U.S. but only on the Canadian version of the History Channel. (Beckley interviewed Shatner himself back in the 1970s about a UFO experience Shatner had had in the California desert several years prior to meeting Beckley. Beckley submitted an article on the incident to the UFO Digest a short while ago and the piece should still be posted somewhere for those interested. It should also be noted that Shatner later recanted the entire tale.)

Along with Beckley’s musings on the Djinn, the main body of his “The Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts” is drawn from his private collection of newspaper and magazine accounts that Beckley has gathered over the last fifty years. Some of the incidents were reported only in small local newspapers throughout the country and have never received much attention from the UFO community, which makes them all the more fresh and relevant today. It was often the case that, beginning sometime in the 1960s, UFO sightings and incidents drew almost no attention from the national media and were only reported on a hometown, grassroots level, a pattern that continues into the present time.


One such incident from Beckley’s huge collection of clippings took place in Virginia and was reported by “The Richmond Virginia Times-Dispatch” in September of 1979. A truck driver named Harry Joe Turner claimed to have had a UFO encounter that left him unable to work and seeking psychiatric and neurological help. He had only partial use of the left side of his body after the incident.

“Ever since it all began,” Turner said, “I’ve just been sitting here going over and over it in my mind, trying to piece things back together. I’d feel pretty good if I could just figure out where I’ve been.”

Turner said that he was willing to talk publicly about the incident in the hope that someone had had a similar experience and could explain it all to him.

Turner was driving his truck from Winchester to Fredericksburg, an 80-mile trip he had never made before. It was raining, and he said the road was strangely deserted. He saw the lights of an approaching truck in the distance.

“And from that moment on,” he said, “it was like I walked through a door right there into another world.”

Turner saw a brilliant light shining in his rearview mirror, then a beam of “palpably thick white light” settled over the truck. The steering wheel no longer seemed to control the vehicle. The entire truck was floating and an unknown “being” opened Turner’s cab door while another one was heard on his roof. He felt extreme pain in his shoulder, which he said was the steel-hard grip of one of the beings, though whoever the creature was, it was invisible. He reached for his revolver and fired where he believed the creature to be, getting off eight rounds, which seemed to simply pass through the being without harming it. When he realized he couldn’t kill the being, he panicked and his consciousness simply faded out.

Turner says his next memory was of waking up in the warehouse parking lot in Fredericksburg with no idea how he had gotten there. He was on the passenger side of the truck, and the seat belt on the driver’s side was fastened. His watch read 11:17, but a clock at the warehouse said it was 3 A.M. Most curious was that two mileage indicators on the truck showed that the vehicle had traveled only 17 miles since leaving Winchester. He unloaded his truck and rushed home to Winchester.

As is often the case with alien abduction, details of his otherworldly voyage began to come back to Turner. He said that his captors dressed in white, like doctors, with white caps on their head. When the beings lifted their caps, numbers written across their foreheads became visible. The words “Alpha Centauri” floated into his mind, which the reporter, Bill McKelway, points out is a star 4.3 light years from Earth, but which Turner had never heard of before.

“He felt he had been taken to a city-like place 2.5 light years beyond the star,” McKelway writes, “and there was a stop on the moon where he viewed astronaut Neil Armstrong’s footprints.”

The city Turner described seemed to have suffered a nuclear holocaust, and it was the mission of the aliens to prevent a similar occurrence on Earth.

“They want to help us,” Turner explained, “but they say things have gone pretty far here and that the end is coming soon.”

As he tried to put his life together after the first incident, Turner was visited by a band of six of the Ultra-Terrestrials. The creatures were again invisible but he believes he was able to knock five of them to the ground. On another occasion, he left the house and returned soaking wet for no apparent reason, probably another example of the “missing time” phenomenon he had experienced on his ill-fated trip to Fredericksburg.

The strange after-effects continued. He had crying spells and sometimes animals reacted strangely in his presence. Once he was out driving only to find one of the Ultra-Terrestrials in the car with him. Spurred on by the creature, he led as many as ten law enforcement officers on a wild chase through Berryville and Clark County at speeds exceeding 110 miles per hour. He was eventually stopped by a policeman and charged with two counts of reckless driving and two counts of failing to heed a siren and flashing lights. At the time the article was written, Turner was scheduled to stand trial in a couple of months and “his defense undoubtedly will be the most unusual in the history of Clark County General District Court,” according to McKelway.

In the meantime, Turner struggled with suicidal thoughts, a ringing in his ears, and with the warning messages he continued to receive from the Ultra-Terrestrials. He also read the Bible frequently to find some kind of sense of meaning.

“Twenty years from now,” Turner said, “I’ll still probably never know what happened that night.”


Another interesting case came to Beckley directly and not from his backlog of newspaper clippings. A man named Oscar Magocsi told Beckley his personal UFO saga, which began when he was taking a camping vacation alone near Toronto, Canada, in July of 1975.

A UFO landed behind the hill, and he picked up his flashlight and went to find it. The ship was hovering 60 feet above the ground and then landed about 50 feet from where Magocsi stood, all of which was accomplished without any noises from the craft. A door opened in the craft, and Magocsi decided to step inside. He was very afraid, but felt an even stronger pull of curiosity. There was no one inside the ship, but a strange display of lights began that scared him enough to flee for his safety.

The ship returned a couple of nights later, and this time he worked up the nerve to stay inside and see what would happen next. The ship began to lift off and he was able to see through the portholes that he was 1,000 feet above the ground. He was flown to Toronto in a mere two to three minutes, and from there to New York City. The thought entered his mind, “Let’s go to the pyramids,” and the ship went out over the Atlantic Ocean and quickly arrived in Egypt. There seemed to be an exchange of energy between the ship and the pyramids. They then landed somewhere in the Middle Eastern desert.

Magocsi said he thought he saw an approaching dust storm, but it turned out to be a column of tanks that began firing artillery shells at the ship. The ship lifted off the ground, and when the UFO had reached an altitude of 10,000 feet, jet fighters arrived, one of which fired two missiles at the escaping craft. The ship used two beams of light to disable the missiles, and Magocsi said he felt he was being shown the brief skirmish on purpose, that the Ultra-Terrestrials wanted to show off their defensive capabilities.

The next stop was Tibet and the Himalayas. The ship landed somewhere high in the mountains, and a line of monks carrying torches soon arrived. One of the monks escorted Magocsi to an underground monastery full of monks not just of Asian descent, but also of African and Native-American ancestry as well. Magocsi met a levitating monk at the monastery who seemed to be the one in charge. Then the UFO again crossed the Atlantic to South America, where Magocsi saw a strange lightning storm with greenish bolts issuing forth from the mountains and seemingly directed at the ship. After a brief visit to Mount Shasta in Northern California, he was returned to the same place where he was originally picked up. The entire experience had lasted 23 hours.

A few days later, the ship returned to Magocsi’s camping area and again took him on a long journey, but this time it was an “inter-dimensional” trip where he met human-looking aliens who had been trained in Earth mannerisms and languages so they could pass among us unnoticed as they go about their “mission,” whatever that may be. Humankind’s wicked collective vibrations are polluting the universe, they said, and expressed the familiar dread of a nuclear war on Earth, as the Space Brothers have been warning us about since the 1950s. Magocsi was told that open contact will eventually have to be made so that the Ultra-Terrestrials’ evil enemies from somewhere out in space don’t get to us first and use us as a weapon against them.

Magocsi’s adventures do seem to have more of an Ultra-Terrestrial feel to them. The creatures who took him up in their ship, while they never show themselves to him physically, seem proud of some of the earthly landmarks they take him to, like the pyramids in Egypt, as if they are boasting of their handiworks on Earth. “Let us show you some of the wonders we have made,” they appear to be saying.


Beckley has also unearthed a truly bizarre account from a woman in Florida who spoke to a West Palm Beach newspaper called “The Weekday” sometime around 1974.

“Mrs. Evelyn Wendt,” the article begins, “has carried a secret for the past 50 years. In 1924, she saw and talked to people from a UFO.”

Wendt, a beauty salon operator, told the reporter that she hadn’t spoken much about the incident since it happened because of the ridicule she was subjected to as a child. But Wendt felt that by the mid-1970s, times had changed and it was okay to talk about her experience.

The event took place while Wendt was playing in the schoolyard of the Holy Name Convent School in Dade City, Florida. She thinks the UFO must have rendered her unconscious momentarily, after which she saw an egg-shaped “thing” on the ground and a bright light shone in her eyes. The light went out and a hatch opened.

“Little people emerged,” Wendt said. “I think they were robots. I tried to count them, but they changed about so. They were smaller than I was and resembled animated flowers with faces where the bud would be. Remember, I was just a bitty thing then, and kids don’t fear flowers.”

The little people were carrying a weapon of some kind to the school’s science building. Since the creatures were so small, Wendt offered to help them with their load, but she was unable to even budge the device by herself. Wendt was told that the creatures had come to stop some work that was being done in the science building, and if the work continued, they would destroy the place. When the reporter asked what the work was, Wendt shook her head and said all she knew was that later the building was in shambles.

Wendt recalled that everything seemed real, though she couldn’t be sure, and that the conversation wasn’t “real talking” but that she knew somehow inside what was being said, an apparent reference to the telepathic exchanges often reported by witnesses to an Ultra-Terrestrial happening. The creatures offered to take Wendt with them when they left, but she declined the invitation.

Wendt said she had recently been in contact with Stephen Putnam, a member of a scientific organization that investigated UFOs, though the name of the organization is not mentioned in the article. Putnam told her that parts of her story had much in common with the reports of other experiencers. They attempted to probe Wendt’s memory further with regressive hypnosis, but she was unable to go into a trance, as sometimes happens.

“All I can remember now,” Wendt said, “is that the saucer was leaden-looking and very pockmarked. Then, when it started up, its molecules expanded and it turned silvery bright. The UFO then went straight up, hovered a minute, and disappeared from sight.”

These stories and more are available in Beckley’s “The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts,” which is a treasure trove of forgotten and neglected encounters with creatures far in advance of us who may have been living alongside of us since the dawn of time, nurturing us and the entire planet through eons of evolution and spiritual refinement. Beckley says that until we cease to call the UFO occupants “aliens” as opposed to Ultra-Terrestrials, we will never be able to reveal to the non-believing general public the truth of what is taking place all around us. What’s in a name? In this case, a simple choice of terminology may open us all to a whole new realm of wonder and mystery.

TO BE CONTINUED: Next Time, Find Out How To Establish A Communications Link With The “Good Guy” Ultra-Terrestrials.

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