“Trilogy Of The Unknown” Michael X Discovers The Darkness

Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications continues to do the UFO/paranormal communities a great service by reprinting and updating long sought after books by the early pioneers of the various fields of endeavor, especially, but not limited to, UFOlogy. Beckley has recently unearthed a triptych of wondrous works by Michael X that focus on the darker side of the flying saucer phenomenon. Beckley calls the new collection “Trilogy of the Unknown, A Conspiracy Reader.”

            In his introduction to the new edition, Beckley writes, “Michael X was one of the greatest avatars of the early UFO/New Age movement of the 1950s. He spoke with great articulation and sincerity at many of the well-attended outdoor conventions held annually at Giant Rock, a private landing strip just outside of Joshua Tree in the hot Mohave Desert of Southern California. He spoke calmly and collectedly about the arrival of the silvery spaceships, dubbed flying saucers, explaining how they were piloted by friendly space beings from this solar system and way beyond.”

            Michael X perceived the Space Brotherhood to be on a mission to elevate our consciousness and invite us to join a cosmic “League of Nations,” a federation of spiritually advanced worlds who exist around us and in other dimensions.

secret space giant spacecraft enbeded on lunar surface

            “I guess you could call Michael X a guru of sorts,” Beckley continues, “though he didn’t head a religious cult nor was he looking to attract a fanatical following in the manner of other more self-absorbed ‘masters’ of universal wisdom. No! Michael X was an avatar in the truest sense of the word – an advocate for all humanity.”

            Michael X even went so far as to refuse to reveal his last name so that he didn’t become part of a cult of personality. He chose the letter “X” as a reference to the mysteries of our world and the space and time we inhabit. As a result of his secretiveness, there is little known about his background beyond the fact that he was a salesman of some kind before he discovered UFOlogy. Beckley once spoke to Michael X, but the pattern of secrecy continued and Beckley learned nothing more than he had known before.

            The aliens with whom Michael X communed were said to be from Venus, typical of the time period in which he wrote. His contact with them mainly consisted of telepathic voices and they spoke to him about the secrets of good health and offered a new understanding of science, philosophy and religion that could possibly propel us forward into a New Age of reason and enlightenment. He wrote about what the Venusians had taught him in a series of very concise study guides, perhaps around 25 or so, according to Beckley.

Menger photo taken by Howard of spacecraft about to land on moon

            “But as it turns out,” Beckley writes, “Michael X’s career was not only involved with the sweetness and light aspects of the New Age movement, but he had also stumbled upon the darker side of UFOlogy, which frightened him to the point that he eventually left behind the work he loved so much. This is a little known ‘secret’ about Michael X that I don’t believe has ever been presented before.”

            Beckley says that he obtained this information from Dr. Frank E. Stranges, the late author of “Stranger At The Pentagon” and a good friend of Michael X’s. Apparently Michael X had run across some UFO-related secret and was deemed to have “gone too far.”

            “During one of his meditations,” Beckley writes, “a ‘voice’ came to Michael X and gave him a specific place and time to meet for a face-to-face encounter with his supposed alien friends. They promised to reveal some information that had not been disclosed before that would be helpful in the dissemination of his work.”

            Michael X was sent to a secluded place in the Mohave Desert where he and his contacts could be free of prying eyes. When he arrived, he saw nothing but remained in his car, waiting. After a while, he saw the glint of something in the sunlight and assumed it was the spacecraft arriving. He began to walk toward where he had seen the light when all of a sudden he sensed terrible danger. He heard an inner voice warning him to flee the scene, and when he looked back he saw one of the men he had intended to meet lowering his rifle, which had been the object that had glittered in the sun, not any ship full of Venusian Space Brothers.

            Shortly after, Michael X completely withdrew from the UFO/New Age community and has not been heard from to this day. When Beckley spoke to Michael X in this same timeframe, Michael X confirmed the details of the desert escape story though he refused to elaborate further on anything. Beckley now says he doesn’t know whether Michael X is still alive or not, but that Michael surely wouldn’t mind seeing his works republished for a certain kind of truth seeker to learn from.

            Which brings us around again to “Trilogy of the Unknown.”

secret space Nazi saucer in a hanger from iron sky

            “We present what might be considered to be information on the seamier side of the subjects at hand,” Beckley writes. “Here is information on Nazi UFOs, which Michael X spoke about years before anyone else dared touch on the theory that German scientists had stumbled upon a revolutionary form of propulsion and had constructed disc-shaped devices that they had hoped would help them win the war. There is also a warning from the space people to get our tail off the moon and never return – OR ELSE! And if you think David Icke was the first to write about reptilians roaming the earth, guess again, for Michael X told about the existence of a race of serpents running around inside Rainbow City, located in Antarctica, as part of an inner earth contingent.”

Along with the idea of aliens on the moon jealously guarding their territory and the underground race of terrifying, hostile serpents, a great deal has also been written and talked about regarding the belief that Nazi German scientists may have developed working flying saucer technology close to the end of World War II that was later suppressed by the victorious Allies. But one may never have heard the following story, taken from the middle section of “Trilogy Of The Unknown” by Michael X.

            Michael X relates the rise and fall of a German named Karl Michalek, who in 1958, while living in Santiago, Chile, began to write some very unusual articles. He sent his articles to a publication called “Neues Europa,” or in English, “New Europe,” which was published by Louis Emrich. Emrich printed everything Michalek sent him, and within a short time, Michalek had garnered a large following of readers. The small newspaper had at first printed articles of general interest, but as time passed, Michalek’s messages began to dominate the publication. [Michael X is quick to acknowledge the similarity of his own name to Karl Michalek’s, which he feels is an unfortunate coincidence that hopefully won’t confuse people reading this account.]

            “The German readers were fascinated,” Michael X writes, “intensely so.”

            Just what was stirring up so much excitement? Michalek was calmly announcing in the “New Europe” that he was in positive contact with the governmental heads of the planet Venus. The name of the particular intelligent being from Venus who was acting as Michalek’s present contact was “Ase.”

            “Ase and Michalek are desirous,” Michael X writes, “of bringing about everlasting peace and order to our planet Earth. In his series of regularly appearing articles, Karl Michalek presented himself as a sincere, God-fearing man who believes in the almighty power of the Creator. He is against those world groups that are promoting war, which Michalek knows will destroy the planet.”

            Michalek also authored a book laying out his beliefs called “Michalek: The Prophet of the New Era. Unearthly Forces and the Human Race.”

            He was not only egocentric enough to call himself a “prophet,” he also declared himself to be “the spiritual bearer of this great idealistic world idea” and “the President of the coming majestic government of the World Republic of this Earth.” He sent stern warnings to leaders like Nikita Khrushchev and Dwight Eisenhower not to meddle in his Venusians’ plans for world conquest or Moscow and Washington would be wiped out.

            Michalek also told his followers reading the “New Europe” that the ships from Venus would land on “X-Day,” in December of 1958, in Berlin itself, causing great excitement among his loyal throng. Predictably, the day came and went and not a single UFO was seen. Michalek covered his embarrassment by saying that the President of Venus had passed away unexpectedly at the age of 193. Ase, Michalek’s contact among the Venusians, was forced to delay the landing maneuver for a short period of time.

            “Two years later, Michalek again predicted ‘Der Tag X.’ This time he stated that it was fixed and irrevocable. The date of the Venus Fleet landing was to be April 21, 1960! Note how X-Day was set for one day after Hitler’s birth month and day, April 20.

            “April 21st arrived – uneventfully. Again, for some unknown reason, the Venusian UFO fleet had seen fit to stay away. This time, the failure of the spaceships to ‘arrive’ as Michalek had promised brought forth a storm of protesting letters from readers of the ‘New Europe.’ Because the predicted Venus landing didn’t take place, the curve of Michalek’s success has sunk into the negative realm, and Michalek has sunk with it. INTERPOL in Austria takes a very dim view of his claims and is opposed to him. Even Michalek’s former staunch supporters, including the disillusioned publisher Louis Emrich, have fallen away.”

  Hollow Earth          

But there is more. In 1959, Michalek claimed, “For some time now, I have been the one designated to be President of the highest governmental authority of the coming World Republic. I have been so designated by the power of the Chief Leader of the planet Venus.”

            Michael X then backtracks to 1945, a mere fifteen years previous to the time in which he was writing. Michael X says that when Hitler was drawing up his last will and testament, he did not name a second Fuhrer to succeed him. He chose Admiral Karl Doenitz as the next President of the Reich, Joseph Goebbels as Reich Chancellor, and Martin Bormann as the Party Minister.

            From there, Michael X reasons that Hitler had secretly survived his supposed suicide in Berlin in 1945 and was in fact living in South America. This was easier to believe in 1960, when Hitler would have been in his early 70s. In any case, it was a surviving Hitler who was the true authority that Michalek served, not the disappointing Venusians.

            “It is possible,” Michael X writes, “that Karl Michalek is in actuality the illegitimate son of Adolph Hitler. Mind you, I say it is ‘possible.’ I do not claim it is the gospel truth or a proven certainty. No. It’s a simple hypothesis and nothing more. So far, Michalek has not ‘delivered the goods’ in regard to his predictions of UFO landings, and his own broken promises have dubbed him a charlatan, a hoaxer on the grand scale. Those who formerly believed in him now DO NOT.”

            The point is that Michalek, as a Nazi conspirator and a member of a surviving Hitler’s inner circle, did have knowledge of genuine UFOs, but of Nazi design as opposed to true extraterrestrial spacecraft.

            “The Michalek story may be part of the Nazis’ plans, a preliminary test phase that for some reason, perhaps a good reason, had to be discontinued. If our hypothesis is right, Hitler has the UFO secret. And if we could manage to look in on his Argentine Hideout, we’d no doubt see quite an armada of earth-built UFOs. Not only that. It is also likely we’d find the craft well-armed.”

            As an interesting side note, just as this article/review was being written, a news story appeared on the Yahoo! website with the headline “Did Hitler Have A Secret Son?” According to the article, until his death in 1985, a man named Jean-Marie Loret believed he was the only son of Adolph Hitler. The article says there is currently a renewed attention to his claim because of evidence from France and Germany that adds credibility to Loret’s story.

            “Loret claimed that his mother, Lobojoie Charlotte, met Hitler in 1914, when he was a corporal in the German army and she was 16. She described Hitler as ‘attentive and friendly.’ She and Hitler would take walks in the countryside, although conversation often was complicated by their language barrier. Yet, despite their differences, after an inebriated night in June 1917, little Jean-Marie was born in March 1918, according to Loret.”

In evidence, Loret offered the results of two studies, one that proved his blood type is similar and another that proved his handwriting is similar to Hitler’s. The evidence is inconclusive but Loret’s story continues to be investigated by a leading French newspaper called “Le Pointe.” Meanwhile, the official story is still that Hitler died childless in 1945 at age 56.    

So the work of Michael X manages to resonate even in the present time some 50-plus years later, and NOT ONLY in regard to the concept that at least some aspects of  the UFO phenomenon might have had their roots in a Nazi space program developed at the end of World War II. Remarkably, Michael X, as we have seen, is the author/researcher who actually laid the groundwork for a theory that has become increasing popular. In this book published by Beckley, there is much more to inhale and mull over. There is also Michael X’s brave discussion of reptilian humanoids that may co-exist along with homo sapiens on planet Earth without our knowledge, and a bizarre group of serpent-like creatures living within the earth, in both caverns beneath our feet and possibly inside a grand paradise to be found at the North and South Poles. Then there is the very relevant warning given our astronauts and leaders that we should NEVER   return to the Moon. And, amazingly enough, we might have heeded their demands since decades have passed and we have not ventured back to the lunar surface.  

Perhaps when you can achieve that kind of universal meaning along with what might prove to be a nearly prescient eye into the future, you have truly been in contact with some kind of genuine alien presence – whether you claim they came from Venus, which today might be called laughable, or from some dimension where spirit and alien forms commingle and occasionally reach out to one of our fellow mortals for the sake of all of us.

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