UFO/ET Disclosure On Who’s Terms?

UFO/ET Disclosure on whose terms, our choice is clear. Will it be a Bilderberg orchestrated disclosure false flag alien invasion, using the secret space fleet to simulate an invasion with alien bodies displayed before the press as proof of alien contact? Will we allow the Bilderberg global mafia to do such a dangerous dishonest disclosure with the intent to scare people in order to get them to approve a one world government and dictatorship to fight the aliens? Or will our choice be an honest straight forward balanced approach on our terms, where it is shown that the universe is highly populated with many different types of extraterrestrials with many motives and agendas? Will we allow a truthful presentation that seeks to avoid interactions with less evolved extraterrestrials like the Greys, so as to interact and emulate more ethical evolved human extraterrestrial civilizations?
If we make the second choice, then we have to fight for the right to have it our way because Bilderberg is going to try to do whatever it takes to maintain their power, just as the regime in Syria is doing now to maintain its power over its people. Control over money and extraterrestrial contact is at the heart of Bilderberg global covert power. I fear that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. I expect global civil war to slowly erupt into overt conflict as more and more people wake up as to who will determine humanities evolution on earth.

Bilderberg started this global civil war covertly over 60 years ago against the people of this planet. They did this when they suppressed ET knowledge and technology out of selfish self-interest that would have moved human evolution forward to a bright future as portrayed in the Star Trek series. I think the present covert war is soon to become an overt war, as people wake up to defend themselves against the Bilderberg globalist mafia and it’s probable Grey extraterrestrial allies that seem to have been infiltrating our society from within as described by Dr. David Jacobs.
The whole point of my new book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder available on Amazon, is to raise the public discussion and debate up to the point where we and the public have the knowledge and the awareness to choose our own destiny in regards to extraterrestrial contact. This is why I am so passionate in promoting my book to the public. We have got to get this right; our human evolution on earth depends on it!
The following are some recent links to interviews relating to issues and implications relating to ongoing extraterrestrial contact. We need to get beyond wondering what happened at Roswell, what was that light in the sky, or did Eisenhower meet with aliens in 1954, to the issues and implications of extraterrestrial contact in both the past and present!
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