He was next rendered unable to move and was told, “We will not harm you. Calm down.” He remembers feeling like he was suspended four feet off the ground and then abruptly dropped back down on the pavement. Feeling confused and wondering if he was suffering some kind of hallucination, he saw his Polaroid photos scattered on the ground where they fell as he took them. 

If you missed Part I of this series click here: https://www.ufodigest.com/article/ufo-repeaters-0416

“There it was, on the film,” Ed would later write in his book “The Gulf Breeze Sightings.” “It hadn’t been my imagination or some sort of hallucination. What I had seen was real. It wasn’t a comforting thought.” 

For Ed, it was the beginning of a long ordeal for him and his family. He submitted the photos anonymously to the local newspaper, “The Gulf Breeze Sentinel,” hoping to find out if others had also seen the UFO. As his true identity began to emerge, the publicity the photos received would result in interest from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), who would conduct an official investigation and supply Ed with a special “tamper proof” camera in the hope of proving any future photos to be genuine. Well-known optical physicist Bruce Maccabee suggested that Ed also use a “stereo camera” setup to capture better quality photos that would prove the distances and sizes of the craft and thus silence the naysayers. 

An accusation surfaced that Ed had faked the photos using a model that was found in a home he and his family had vacated months before in an attempt to shield themselves from constant public scrutiny. MUFON again stepped in to investigate the charges and found that the alleged model did not correspond exactly to the ships in Ed’s photos. 

Meanwhile, the UFOs continued to make themselves apparent to Ed, putting Ed in the category of UFO Repeaters who have an ongoing photographic “relationship” with the ships. Several of Ed’s photos are included in “UFO Repeaters.” 

“I can’t believe that Ed Walters was a phony,” Tim Beckley comments in the new book. “I don’t for one second think that he stuck a model into the walls of his attic so that someone would find it later and he would have the last laugh. He just wasn’t that sort of guy. And, besides, others did see the UFOs in close proximity to where Ed lived. He caused quite a hubbub for a number of years.” 


Woonsocket, Rhode Island’s Joe Ferriere is another case of a UFO Repeater who reports positive encounters with the UFO occupants that began in childhood.  

The late WOON Radio talk show host, Joe Ferriere, holds a strip of film showing some pretty weird heavenly strangers in the sky. He had the uncanny ability to show up where UFOs were being seen. This cigar-shaped object hovered over a wooded area just outside of Cumberland, Rhode Island.“I am approximately four years old,” Joe recalled. “This memory is so clear, even though most people cannot remember that far back. It’s precise, but it’s short. It’s just a brief glimpse. I am sitting in the backyard and I am playing in a sandbox with my little pail and my little shovel when all of a sudden I am aware of the presence of a huge silver colored – I want to call it a rocket ship. It looked like something out of a Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon movie. It had no wings. It was enormous and very, very low to the ground. I was a little bit afraid of it, but then I noticed that there were a lot of windows on this thing and that there were people smiling and waving and apparently having a great old time. I called to my grandmother to come out and see it, but by that time it was gone.” 


Joe has a second childhood memory from a few years later, this time of a group of UFOs that overflew his schoolyard and were seen by his schoolmates as well. He recalls even the teachers pointing at the UFOs as they passed through the sky. When Joe told his grandfather what had happened, the old man replied that there was life on other planets and someday Joe would meet them. His grandfather seemed to be speaking from personal knowledge, which demonstrates the familiar pattern of UFO and other sorts of paranormal experiences running along family lines. 

In 1962, when Joe was an adult and working at a dye factory, he observed, along with three coworkers, a fleet of silent UFOs flying in a V-formation. This sighting triggered a compulsive urge in Joe to study the subject of UFOs, and he began to search for people who could give him answers, including UFOlogist Tim Beckley. 

A few years later, Joe sighted a tube- or cigar-shaped ship at a moment when he had his camera handy; he began to take his first of what would come to be many UFO photos. After he had taken a couple of shots, a door fell open in the craft, expelling a spherical object from within. He was undecided about which object he should follow when the small sphere moved away swiftly. He then took two more photos of the larger object. 

“No one can doubt that these are wonderful pictures of an unknown craft,” writes Beckley about his old friend Joe. “And Joe has taken others in the Woonsocket area, including spherical blasts of light in the sky as well as a top-shaped UFO. He has also had his share of strange experiences that would seem to indicate even more that he was ‘hand-selected’ to get the word out. I know there are many other photos that Joe took that I hope will surface eventually.”

Some of Joe’s remarkable photos are – you guessed it! – reprinted in “UFO Repeaters.”  


Mexico and South America are not without their fair share of repeat UFO witnesses. The flying saucer occupants seem to be just as interested in our neighbors to the south, and a multitude of still and camera images from the region bear that out. 

Perhaps the most heralded Mexican contactee of the 1950s was taxi driver Salvador Villanueva. In late August 1953, Salvador was trying to repair his broken down cab out in the country near Ciudad Valles. He was joined unexpectedly by two pleasant looking men, 4.5 feet tall, wearing one-piece gray corduroy garments that covered even their feet and wide shiny belts. They had metal collars and small, black, shiny boxes on the back of their necks. They carried football-type helmets under their arms. As it was raining, Salvador invited them to take shelter in his cab. The two visitors accepted his offer, and a strange conversation ensued that lasted all night.

The visitors told Salvador they were from another planet, which Salvador scarcely believed. But he agreed to accompany them to their craft. He noticed that the mud puddles did not wet their feet and that their belts glowed whenever the mud was repelled. The UFO looked like two soup plates joined at the rim, with a shallow dome with portholes, and rested on three spheres. Salvador was invited in, but he refused. Glowing white, the vessel zigzagged upwards and then shot off vertically with only a faint whistling sound. A 40-foot circle of broken bushes was later found at the site. 

Because of the novelty of the incident, Salvador was propelled into the media spotlight in a country only just becoming aware of OVNIs, the Mexican acronym for UFOs. 

Hispanic UFO researcher Scott Corrales contributes a chapter to “UFO Repeaters” in which he discusses the UFO phenomenon as it impacts the lives of everyday people in the Latin regions of the Western Hemisphere. Those people often do “repeat business” with the aliens, who cross all borders as they “contact their own.” 


Tim Beckley writes warmly of visiting his old friend Arthur Shuttlewood, who ran a newspaper in the small British hamlet of Warminster, England, located not far from Stonehenge. Beckley was in the UK to deliver a lecture on UFOs at the House of Lords and had taken a detour to what was long heralded as a flying saucer and paranormal hotspot. 

Literally thousands of witnesses from all over the world besieged Cradle Hill in the sleepy little community of Warminster, England, to bear witness to someunusual celestial sights that defied explanation. Artistic impression of a gigantic crossed-shaped mothership by Carol Ann Rodriguez. The Warminster “Thing” started it all when a woman on the way to church was pressed to the ground by a high-pitched whining sound as a UFO stood motionless in the sky.

While on a sky-watch in Warminster one night, Beckley and Shuttlewood blinked a flashlight on and off at what they took to be a UFO in the sky. Every time they blinked at it, the ship would appear to swing back and forth like a pendulum. To this day, Beckley wonders if he had made genuine contact with a UFO that night.

But the UFO Repeater that Beckley chooses to emphasize in the new book is the late Bryce Bond, a radio deejay who ended up having several encounters in Warminster over a period of days. Bryce had come to interview Shuttlewood for broadcast back in the U.S. and was surprised to see how “blasé” Shuttlewood was about the frequent sightings. Bryce would later tell the story in a book called “UFOs: Keys To Inner Perfection,” which is also available from Global Communications.  

Bryce writes that: “Arthur then said quietly, ‘I’m very glad you’re here tonight, Bryce. There in front of us is a UFO. Notice the triangle shape and colored lights going around? That is a very good sign.’ It then started to lift off in a weird pattern – then just disappeared. I was flabbergasted! It was so close. While describing that one on tape for American listeners, another one popped up about 25 degrees along the horizon. This one was a very brilliant white, while the other was a blaze of colored lights. This was the highlight of my British trip: a close sighting; yet I honestly felt spiritually close to the lights in the field.” 

That same night, Bryce telepathically “reached out” and asked the higher intelligence to make contact again. There followed a missing time experience, after which he heard the sound of a crop circle being made in a nearby wheat field. Bryce would have many more experiences of direct contact with the Space Brothers and came to feel he had been charged with the mission of explaining their good intentions for mankind. He even quit his radio job to devote himself to spreading the word fulltime. 


Continuing in this international vein, we come to Italian cases where people have had repeated contact with the UFO phenomenon. 

The name Antonio Urzi has become quite well known among UFOlogists for his ongoing ability to capture video images of UFOs from his home in Cinisello Balsamo. The craft he has photographed run the gamut from singular balls of light to swarms of spherical, luminous objects that resemble “flotillas” or small fleets. Antonio has also recorded images of structured metallic discs pivoting and standing still in the air and dome-shaped craft silently hovering, rotating and shining until they disappear to the naked eye. 

A journalist named Maurizio Baiata has written extensively about Antonio and says he can vouch for Antonio’s sincerity. The debunkers of Antonio’s videos generally harp on the fact that he has simply produced too many of them to be credible and that they are “too good to be true.” But Baiata points out that in several instances the sighting and Antonio’s ability to film the event took place in the presence of other witnesses, to include professional camera operators from the most important Italian TV networks. 

There is also the famous Friendship case of 1956 that took place in Pescara, Italy. It is claimed that human-looking aliens engineered a mass contact event involving more than 100 people who were eager to learn their highly advanced extraterrestrial ways. The aliens spoke perfect Italian and said they were a confederation of different people from throughout the known universe. As is often the case with Space Brother-type aliens, they said they came in peace to attempt to prevent Earth from succumbing to its own increasingly evil tendencies. 

The aliens said they kept themselves hidden from the world’s general population because the masses were not ready for this kind of direct contact. They had been on Earth for many years but had lived on secret bases around the world and in some cases had established human identities, living among us unnoticed. 

Another Italian who believes in kindly, blessed aliens is Giorgio Bongiovanni, a stigmatic who is continually suffering the wounds of Christ as they spontaneously erupt on his body. Giorgio’s first stigmata happened in 1989, when a luminous being appeared and told him the universe is abundant with intelligent life and that men are visiting Earth in highly advanced disc-shaped spacecraft. His stigmata are intended for the faithful to have a sign they can believe in during the traumatic Earth changes to come. 


Another contactee that Tim Beckley counts among his friends is fellow New Yorker Marc Brinkerhoff. 

Marc, for his part, counts the aliens among his friends as well. As is frequently the case among UFO Repeaters, the UFO occupants established a bond with Marc that began in his childhood. At age five, Marc saw a large, silvery sphere, “like the metal ball in a pinball machine,” that was utterly silent. He remembers “receiving a feeling of great love from it.” 

Marc began regularly photographing UFOs in the 1970s and has been doing so ever since. He adamantly believes the Space Brothers have kindly intentions for the human race and will never stage a mass landing in an effort to conquer the planet. 

“UFO Repeaters” includes many of Marc’s photos as well as a detailed chronology of his many loving encounters with the Space Brothers, from childhood to the present. He can seemingly summon the ships at will sometimes and frequently photographs them from his apartment window. 


The UFO hotspot known as Sedona, Arizona, is another scene of Tim Beckley’s intrepid adventuring. He visited a local resident there named Tom Dongo, a veteran of the paranormal who conducts jeep tours of the area and has had a long history of UFO encounters with many photos to show for it, some of which are included in the new book.

But why Tom Dongo, you ask?

“A hundred times I have said – why me?” Tom said in an interview with Beckley. “This stuff has been going on for over 25 years now, and I have written six popular books regarding many of these inexplicable occurrences. Why is it that I have such strange paranormal happenings around me, sometimes on a continuous basis? I don’t understand it. I don’t have a clue. I have had many borderline-psychotic explanations from, usually, well-meaning people as to the reason behind this activity. Maybe I will never know why.” 

If you’re someone who has worked past “borderline-psychotic explanations,” you will no doubt be fascinated by reading more of Tom’s story and seeing some of his photos. 


Another international case that has attracted much attention recently are the photos taken by a night watchman in the town of Kumburgaz, located on the coast of Turkey. The late UFOlogist Dr. Roger Leir was a prominent advocate of the case before his death, having been on the scene of one of the Turkey sightings. 

But it is the aforementioned Turkish security guard, Yalcin Yalman who has provided the most direct evidence. On several occasions between 2007 and 2009, Yalman scanned the heavens – apparently knowing when the objects were going to appear – and videotaped UFOs in flight over the sea on the coast of Marmara. Yalman was able to film many such video segments, some during the day while accompanied by witnesses with whom he spoke while he was filming. 

An expert video analyst named Mario Valdez of Santiago, Chile, was brought in by Turkey’s National Council for the Study of Science and Technology to study the footage. Valdez concluded that, “The objects in the footage have the structure of a specific material that is definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation, balloon, prop, model or special effects used for simulation in a studio.” 


Aussie Rob Hartland says he has taken more than 20,000 digital photographs of the daytime sky in his Perth home, and a small percentage of them reveal possible extraterrestrial spacecraft when enlarged. His photos received media coverage in both his hometown newspaper, “Perth Now,” on April 27, 2013, and on the “Open Minds” website here in the U.S. two days later. 

“It began when he was taking photos of clouds to test out a new camera,” the Perth newspaper reported. “He noticed a ‘smudge’ that, when enlarged and enhanced, ‘had some structure to it, suggesting it could be some sort of craft in the sky.’ He says since then he has identified a dozen different UFOs, including round, square and saucer-shaped craft, posting the photos on his website – wispyclouds.net – for extraterrestrial buffs and skeptics to ponder.”

Hartland explained some of his methodology, saying that he usually focuses the camera on the edges of mid- to high-altitude clouds. 

“I take about 30 shots at a time,” he told the Aussie paper. “In ten to fifteen minutes, I’ll take 300 to 400 images. Then I connect the camera to the computer. I zoom in and enhance any little thing I note on the images and you get these craft in anywhere from two percent to twenty percent of the shots. 

“Some of them appear to have transparent canopies,” Hartland continued, “and in some shots it looks like there could be occupants inside. I always say ‘could’ rather than ‘is.’ There is always doubt. But UFO stands for ‘unidentified flying object,’ and, as far as I’m concerned, these aren’t identified. It’s possible some are manmade, but I don’t think they all are. There’s no way it is a bird or insect or plane. They look totally different and these craft move much faster.”

Hartland began taking his photos in November 2012 using a new Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 camera. According to Jackson Flindell, the picture editor of another Aussie paper, “The Sunday Times,” Hartland’s images “did not appear to have been tampered with, but dust on a digital camera’s image sensor could cause anomalies in digital photographs, while powerful magnification could also distort images in some cases.”

Hartland holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and said he had no history of mental illness or drug abuse. He insists that he never alters his photos, though he acknowledged many people would find his claims hard to believe. As is frequently the case with individuals who are able to repeatedly photograph UFOs, Hartland’s initial photos were captured quite accidentally. But a routine eventually developed in which the ships seem to “obligingly” show up as he photographs the clouds around his home. 


At the risk of “repeating” myself, I heartily recommend the newly released “UFO Repeaters: Seeing Is Believing! The Camera Doesn’t Lie!” if only for the sheer fascination the reader will inevitably find in looking at the book’s more than a hundred photos. If one can put aside the essentially irresolvable issues of “authenticity” and still manage to take the photos at face value in the absence of complete endorsement by the so-called scientifically debunking “experts,” the book offers a treasure trove of exciting shots of UFOs that are beautifully reproduced.  

All a photo debunker can say, at best, is that a given photo hasn’t been tampered with and must therefore be labeled as an “unknown.” But the reader may more likely happily make the leap of faith that the various “chosen” photographers have captured genuine images of alien hardware in flight – ships that are playfully posing for their “own” and whose reality is taken for granted as being quite definitely “known.”

And reading the many case histories in the book that involve the aliens befriending some few mortals among us may offer the kind of reassurance that any UFO believer would want: the aliens are not only here, they seem to really like some of us!







The Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts: From The Secret Alien Files of UFO Researcher Timothy Green Beckley 








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