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On July 6, 1996, a cruise ship sailing from San Francisco to Vancouver, B.C. was in grave danger because of a ticking A-bomb in the engine room of the Golden Princess. The bomb was set to explode at the dock in Vancouver so it was not only the cruise ship that would have been destroyed along with all the passengers but also the city itself would become another Hiroshima.

The 1,200 passengers and crew aboard the Golden Princess had no idea that Moslem terrorists were among them acting as tourists. They had shaved their beards so they could blend in with passengers because they had a mission to perform. The Moslems brought a disassembled atomic bomb with them, which they intended to assemble on board and hide in the cruise ship’s engine room.

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This is information that the public has not been privy to since the event. Unfortunately, it was all a massive cover-up designed so that the general public would not know the truth – that Moslem terrorists were involved in this event.

The story that hit the news wires said nothing about a terrorist attack and instead said the ship was crippled by an “electrical problem,” off the “northwest tip of the Olympic Peninsula at the entrance to Juan de Fuca Strait” due to a fire in the engine room.

According to an article entitled Engine fire cripples ocean liner from S.F., the 685-foot Golden Princess was “dead in the water and had to be towed about 60 miles to Esquimalt Harbor in Victoria, B.C. The Golden Princess was operated by Princess Cruise Lines and carried a total of 839 passengers and 412 crewmembers.

Despite the cover story being that of a fire, Julie Benson of Princess Cruises in Los Angeles said, “There was no smoke at all in the passenger areas” and all of the passengers were “very calm.” Dave Featherby, the Victoria port manager said, “There were no injuries in the blaze.” Featherby went on to state that “the fire knocked out all power on the ship initially” but it was later restored.

Mark Proulx, a marine controller with the Victoria Rescue Coordination Center noted that when the fire broke out at 8 a.m., “The crew sealed off the engine room and flooded it with carbon dioxide gas, which quenched the blaze.” He also stated that attempts to repair the ship’s electrical system “proved unsuccessful.”

Basically, Featherby said the power was later restored and Proulx said the electrical system could not be repaired.

The article also notes, “The fire brought an international emergency response.” Not only was a U.S. Coast Guard ship sent and a helicopter dispatched from Port Angeles, Washington, a Canadian Coast Guard vessel was sent from Vancouver Island and a search-and-rescue aircraft was flown from Buffalo, New York.

Why the huge response if it was simply a matter of a fire that was quickly contained? Most interesting is the aircraft sent from Buffalo. If a “search-and-rescue” plane was sent, whom were they searching for if no one on board was even lost?

Another interesting item in the article is that Proulx said, “the ship would be inspected prior to being allowed to dock” at Esquimalt Harbor in Victoria and that “passengers would likely be taken off the ship.”  Why would the ship be inspected beforehand if there were no potential threats? And why would the passengers not be allowed to leave immediately? It seems clear that something happened that posed a potential danger.

What you have read above is the official line spouted by those in positions of power to state what occurred that day. Unfortunately, it was all a massive cover-up designed so no one would know the truth – that terrorists were involved in this event. The story above makes little sense if it was just a ship fire – proof that telling lies never works because people get their wires crossed.

So what really happened that day back on July 6, 1996 on board the Golden Princess? Those who have followed any of my stories about Oscar Magocsi on the Examiner.com will know that Magocsi, a resident of Toronto until his death in 2002, was in regular contact with representative of the Psychean Federation Worlds, human-like aliens that exist in a different dimension.

In fact, he even traveled into space in one of their ships, the story of which he related in his book entitled My Space Odyssey In UFOs, which is now available along with Magocsi’s three other books in one compilation volume called My Contacts With The Real Space Federationavailable at Lulu.com.

According to an unnamed source who knew Magocsi over 30 years ago, the benevolent Psycheans have kept a close eye on earth affairs for millennia. Over countless years, they have attempted to save people not only from natural disasters but also events that put many human lives at risk.

The source said Magocsi was actually aboard the Golden Princess on that day. The Psycheans had asked him to go because they detected extremely dangerous Moslem terrorists on board of the Golden Princess and they had to be stopped because of the A-bomb in its engine room.

“The Psycheans realized what was happening on the Golden Princess,” said the source adding that Magocsi was “inserted on the top deck of the ship.”

After he was placed on board, he worked his way through the ships ventilation system, eventually getting to the engine room. Through a grate in the ceiling, he saw five terrorists burst through the door and fire a fatal shot at the crew member who opened it. They then shot several more engine room staff inside.

Through the ceiling grate Magocsi saw five dead crew members. He also noticed that four or five Moslem terrorists were congregating around a chest in the middle of the engine room – the chest that contained the A-bomb. They planned to hide the bomb there, which was set to detonate when the cruise ship reached Vancouver. Before they could do that, however, Magocsi cocked his pistol with the intent of stopping them dead in their tracks. But he never had a chance to fire his weapon.

“At that very moment, in barged the U.S. Marines,” said the source adding that they killed the terrorists in less than ten seconds. He said it was likely that the Pentagon detected the bomb on board either due to information relayed from an overhead satellite or by information that the Psycheans relayed to the Pentagon.

“Sometimes the Psycheans give relevant information on important things like that,” the source noted.

Once the terrorists were killed, the marines wondered how in the world they could deactivate and/or dispose of that A-bomb. “Then suddenly there was a distinct buzzing sound and the bomb just disappeared,” said the source.

One of the marines made mention of Captain Kirk who could beam things up as was done in Star Wars, he said adding that it was the Psycheans who had again stepped in to ensure that no lives were lost. According to another source, “The nuclear bomb was beamed up into an orbiting spaceship from the Imperial Alliance which is an evil ET organization, where it exploded.”/div>

During Magocsi’s contact with the Psycheans, he learned that the” Imperial Alliance of Righteous Worlds” is composed of “evil” and “ruthless aliens.” They have “deadly powers” and are determined to enslave or destroy earth’s inhabitants.

He was also told that the Psycheans’  earth mission’ is aligned with a group of Guardians who are entities of light that live in a non-physical universe. The Psycheans and the Guardians have chosen to “guard us against destruction by the dark forces, to guide us on our evolutionary growth” and “alleviate unnecessary suffering due to ignorance.”

Back to the story: The marines were then left with a huge problem – what could they do to cover up what had happened? They decided on the advice of American authorities to start a fire in the laundry room, the source said.

“Oscar told me that the fire was started by the U.S. marines as a cover. It was purposely started by the U.S. authorities.”

The fire diverted attention away from the fact that Moslem terrorists had been on board and were taken down by the marines. It was done to capture the attention of the passengers to a fire emergency so no one would ask questions.

According to the source, there really was a huge response with planes from Canada and the U.S. Aside from the above-mentioned aircraft he said there were between “15 and 20 ships” including Coast Guard vessels and “a swarm of small ships” that converged on and surrounded the Golden Princes.

He added that Canadian and U.S. authorities, including members of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) arrived to question all of the people on board before they were allowed to leave the ship. This explains why the passengers could not leave immediately. The intelligence agencies wanted to make sure that no one saw or heard anything about what really occurred.

“Magocsi told me that some of the members of the commando team from the Psychean federation never got back,” said the source adding that they had “no return tickets.” They were “secretly held” and possibly imprisoned, he added.

It seems that information “got out” about what really happened so they had to be silenced. Due to the leak, the Golden Princess (1993-1996) underwent a name change shortly thereafter to the MS Boudicca under Fred Olsen Cruise Lines.

Magocsi told the source that he got off the Golden Princess by leaping from the ship onto a much smaller RCMP craft that was close to the liner.

“Oscar jumped on top of the RCMP officer who was piloting the launch.” Using a rope he found on board, Magocsi left the man “tied to a ladder going up to the Golden Princess and he left him there.”

Oscar took over the boat and drove it to Galiano Island off the coast of British Columbia. From there, he called his Psychean contact and was taken to a Vancouver hotel for the night. He was then given an airline ticket from Vancouver to Toronto.

There appears to be a strong connection between the Imperial Alliance and Moslem terrorists. As the source put it, “Like attracts like.” In the Quran, Chapter 65 and Verse 12 it states: “God it is who has created seven heavens, and a similar number of earths.” The Prophet Mohammad told the Moslems, “When you sit down in prayer for the Attahiyat and say, ‘Peace be upon us and the righteous servants of Allah,’ you actually send peace on all the righteous people living on the Earth and in the heavens.”

There is also reference to ETs in a book called Majmua Rasail by Shaykh Imam Muhammad Ghazali. According to Ghazali, who lived in the 11th century, “People in some of these planetary worlds have learnt to travel and communicate with each other.” Most Moslems are not even aware that the Quran explicitly mentions the existence of extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe.

Second attempted bombing:

The source who knew Magocsi noted that there was a second attempt by Moslem terrorists to place an A-bomb in the engine room of another cruise ship, the Universe Explorer, on July 27, 1996, just weeks after the first one. According to official reports, a fire broke out in the laundry room of the Universe Explorer, part of the World Explorer Cruise ship line located in San Francisco. At the time of the fire, the ship was approximately two hours away from Juneau, Alaska near Admiralty Island.

“Oscar told me the same thing happened on the Universe Explorer,” said the source adding that again there was “a swarm of boats” around the ship.

A report from the Los Angeles Times stated, “Five crewmen died of smoke and chemical fumes in a fire off the coast of Alaska… About 70 of the 732 people aboard were injured.” In the article entitled Fire Kills 5, Injures 76 on Alaska Cruise, it stated that the fire occurred at 3:11 a.m. and caused massive amounts of smoke throughout the ship. The passengers scrambled to grab their life jackets and in this case, all of them were “moved from the ship and taken by bus to a temporary shelter until flights home could be arranged.”

“The ship (which had left Vancouver, B.C. for a one-week cruise) arrived at Auke Bay, a harbor about 10 miles north of Juneau shortly after 9 a.m. The injured, 63 crew members and 13 passengers, were taken to a hospital. Most suffered from smoke inhalation and anxiety, and two reported heart attack symptoms, authorities said.”

After the event, Fire Chief Charles Lundfelt said that the five crew members that died “had berths near the laundry room,” but no names were released. Were these actually the Moslem terrorists that were intent on killing everyone on board?

In the article, Lt. Dennis O’Mara with the Marine Safety Office in Juneau stated that the Universe Explorer had “passed its quarterly fire inspection” just the week before. Really? And if this was a fire in the laundry room, how were 63 crew members injured? It seems that much more happened that day that the public was never told.

But most interesting the article stated, “There were no visible signs of a fire from outside the ship” even though it caused massive amounts of smoke throughout the ship. There were only some “singed life buoys.” How, pray tell, did life buoys get singed when they were nowhere near the laundry room?

According to Magocsi’s friend, there was likely a shootout between the terrorists and U.S. Marines that took place above ship where the buoys would have been. They might have used laser guns to take the Moslems down, he said, which would account for the “singed life buoys.”

According to the Marine Corps Times, a “$49 million, five-year Ocular Interruption System warning laser contract was awarded to Alfalight Inc. and B.E. Meyer & Co., Inc.” by the U.S. Marine Corp in 2014. This device can be attached to a rifle or other weapon’s system or as a “stand-alone hand held configuration.” It is quite likely that the Marines had this capability for some time before the corps decided to have it mass produced.

The source said it also might have been the Psycheans themselves who used phasers to stop the Moslem terrorists from escaping from the ship. The Psycheans look just like us so even if passengers saw them, they would not have known they were ETs. In this case, the Marines might have also tried to capture some of the Psycheans from their commando team, he said.

“The American government would love to capture alive one of the Psycheans.”

As one can expect in a fictitious story, the article stated that the cause of the fire was not known. Dennis Myrick, vice president of World Explorer Cruises Inc. said the ship was still “fully operational” but “for the safety and comfort of the passengers, we just decided to terminate the cruise and fly everybody home.”

The faster they got everyone off that ship, the better it would have been for the authorities, who again had to cover up what really happened.

One cannot help wondering what other attempted terrorist attacks are being kept secret by the Canadian and American governments. There have been many ship fires with one of the most recent occurring in June 2014. According to an American Press (AP) report, a fire broke out in the boiler room of Holland America’s Westerdam while it was in Puget Sound near Kingston along the Pacific coast of Washington State.

“The Westerdam was beginning a 7-day Alaska cruise with 2,086 passengers and 798 crewmembers on board when the blaze occurred,” AP noted. This ship was again taking a route along the west coast of the U.S. up past Vancouver, B.C. to Alaska. Of course, we will never know what really happened aboard the Westerdam but at least one person has begun to ask questions.

In an article entitled, Why did the Westerdam catch fire? Does anyone care? the writer wonders why no one has asked any in depth questions about this incident.

“Cruise line press statements like this rarely tell the whole story. We know that this fire was not immediately extinguished by the automatic suppression system on the ship and had to be fought by crew members with fire hoses but the fire still re-ignited. The cruise line did not bother to explain how the fire started in the first place.”

Would it help us if we knew about any or all possible terrorist attempts on cruise lines? Alternatively, how would it help us if we did not know? It couldn’t!span> span>For the sake of truth, it would certainly let people know the potential dangers of cruise ship travel, which in turn would be devastating to cruise line businesses – a good reason to keep everything under strict secrecy even if it put the public at risk.

Is it also a matter of covering up the details of these events because they involve aliens and UFOs, even if the Psycheans are benevolent beings? This appears just as likely since that has been the focus of North American governments since the formation of Majestic 12 (MJ-12) under former U.S. president Harry S. Truman. In 1947, Truman is said to have formed by executive order a secret committee composed of government officials, military leaders and scientists to facilitate investigations and recoveries of alien spacecrafts. Many UFO researchers have come to the conclusion that MJ-12 did exist due to the release of government documents that refer to the group.

In 1954, Dwight D. Eisenhower, also by secret order – Memorandum NCS 510 – established a “permanent committee” called Majority Twelve (Maji) to “oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question.” This it was hoped, would keep all such matters out of both Congress and the media, thus from the public in general. This program of overall secrecy continues to this day.

If you would like more information or to purchase this book through AMAZON.COM please click on the books title: My contacts with the real Space Federation






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