2012 – Planet X – UFOs

by Michael Knight

Planet X?

What is Planet X. And what does it have to do with 2012? And UFOs?

The mainstream (owned and controlled) media seldom mentions these subjects in any meaningful way. In fact, they are often treated in a very derogatory manner by debunkers and skeptics.

Fortunately freedom of speech, and the freedom to speculate, is still possible on the Internet, and when it comes to Planet X, 2012 and UFOs, there is plenty of both around.

So let’s try some speculation and see what comes up.

Starting first with Planet X, which also goes by the names of Nibiru and Marduk and is supposedly inhabited by a race of advanced being called the Annunaki we find that Planet X is, according to some sources, already well within our solar system, and images of it have apparently been captured by NASA satellite cameras – although NASA would never admit such a thing.

Down here on Earth, we plod along each day filling our minds with the “news” about climate change, rising sea levels, footballers earning $12m a year and celebrities getting divorced, and occasionally we’ll come across a story about UFOs having been seen in various parts of the world.

But what if the real cause of climate change, and the real source of UFOs (or one of the sources) is actually Planet X?

In his series of books, including one entitled “The 12th Planet” author Zechariah Sitchin made the case that the Annunaki came here on a fly-by of Planet X many thousands of years ago. Planet X, he said, has an unusual orbit, in that it swoops way out of the solar system for thousands of years and yet it is in an orbit that brings it back near us from time to time.

And this is one of those times.

That too is the premise (some say) of the Mayan Calendar, which has been interpreted as warning us about great earth changes and the end of an age in 2012.

Now let’s tie all this together with a bit of imagination and see what we come up with.

For starters, we know there are some very serious earth changes occurring. The Haiti earthquake that killed at least 200,000 people is one of the most recent – and yet high-intensity earthquakes are on the increase around the world.

What’s causing them? And what’s causing the increase in devastating storms in some places and droughts and starvation in others. Is it possibly Planet X having an influence on the entire solar system as it passes through? Quite conceivably, yes, because planets and stars all have electro-magnetic properties, which means they act like magnets and attract or repel each other.

Put a big magnet and a small magnet on a table, and you’ll see how the big one can push the little one around. That’s quite likely what’s happening to us right now.

As for UFOs – well, they come in all shapes and sizes these days – and perhaps some of them also come from Planet X?

That possibility comes to mind because Sitchin made the point that the Annunaki civilization included geneticists who did a cross-breeding thing with various life forms they found on this planet. It’s possible they came up with some pretty strange results at times, but eventually they managed to create a work force (home sapiens) which was somewhat intelligent (because of its Annunaki DNA) but also less than complete because of the way its brain was engineered to operate at less than optimal capacity.

Sitchin says they called the result by the name of “Adam.” But there was more than one, and there were both male and female, and when they grew up, some of the Annunaki found them attractive, and took them to bed. (Another well-known book says they “knew” them).

Clearly, that all sounds like something out of a science fiction novel or a plot for a Farscape episode – but let’s go even further.

The Annunaki were space travelers, so they were able to travel from their planet to Earth while Planet X was far away from the sun. They were explorers on a mission, and their reason for being here was to mine gold. The gold would then be transported back to their planet, turned to powder and used to seed their atmosphere. Gold being the best thing around for reflecting light, it enhanced the weak rays of the sun in such a way that they had light even when many millions of miles from the center of our solar system.

That may be one reason why gold has always been seen as the most precious of metals, though its purpose and use in that regard has long been lost to our knowledge. At some point though, they would have realized that their planet’s orbit would bring it close enough to Terra (the ancient name for Earth) to create some truly catastrophic earth changes – such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and so forth (sound familiar).

Therefore, they took off in their space craft and went home and far far away.

At least, most of them did.

And that’s just another piece of speculation, but what if some of their most intelligent “offspring” were left behind, and they chose to become the “leaders” of this world?

If so, they would probably have started off as being the priests of the time, and we would be their congregation and followers. We might still have had some memory of “the gods” (aka the Elohim) and so we would be ripe for being told “the truth” by our leaders who would claim to be in contact with them.

That mindset of accepting authority would make us perfect although unwitting slaves, which in turn would give rise to the feudal system of lords and landowners and serfs and peasants – with the lords and elite harvesting the fruits of our labor (call it taxes these days) in order to pursue their goals of conquest and the good life for themselves, at our expense.

History as we have been taught it can be likened to a vast jigsaw puzzle – and if we see it in that light, it would be reasonable to say that probably 99 per cent of the pieces are missing. Even so, we imagine we have a clear idea of what history was (though this will vary considerably from person to person) but not one of us really has the whole picture in view.

Add to that the fact that science tells us we only use about 10 per cent of our brain capacity, and we must face the unwelcome thought that we are really a bunch of morons who believe that one per cent of history is all the history there is – and we’ll fight and kill each other to defend our own limited perspective…to the death.

In those ancient days, according to the bits and pieces of information that have been handed down through various tribes and cultures around the world, there were indeed “gods” who fought each other. There were cataclysms aplenty. And there were civilizations that took themselves over the brink of destruction.

If indeed they were space dwellers and had their own versions of high-tech weapons, maybe they were the ones who turned Mars into a lifeless rock (on the surface at least), and possibly they even destroyed one or more of the planets in our solar system – leaving us with what we now know as the Asteroid Belt. (Seems like as reasonable an assumption as the theory that the asteroid belt is just a bunch of rocks that somehow floated into position from deep space or somewhere, don’t you think?).

Perhaps we, our planet and our so-called civilization (which is beating the drums of atomic war right now) are again at such a crossroads. Perhaps too there are both friendly and unfriendly beings from other planets, possibly even other dimensions, and perhaps also inner earth itself, who know what’s coming.

Could some of them be from Planet X, and could that be why we are seeing so many different reports of UFOs around the world these days?

About the author: Michael Knight has been a journalist, writer and documentary director since 1960. He is Editor of the international newsletter Earth Change Report and Director of the DVD “Contact Has Begun.” http://www.buycontacthasbegun.com

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