2012: The Truth

By manishksony 

Publisher’s Note: UFO Digest member ‘manishksony’ submitted the following for your consideration.

The year 2012 has many concepts. There are a lot written by many on this topic and most of the people making money by giving their own theory on this topic.

I also have mine 🙂 but its something which I got from my mind’s prediction and thought process. This theory came from my meditation sessions. I have read several books and topics on net about 2012 event. Like me most of us has one question: what is going to happen in the year 2012. Even if we agree with the concept provided by the writer, after some time we started to think again and feel that it OK but something is wrong with this theory and every theory or sometimes we feel that everything is correct.

This is what I think and most probably others are also and almost every person who is thinking deeply and interested in knowing what the future is. So what’s the conclusion? Who is right? What is going to happen in year 2012 ? This question is again raising in any body’s mind, because until we see the real event we cant be sure. It means that the theory provided by every one is incorrect ? My answer is no.
People are writing the same thing in different words and some theories have no meaning at all.
Any way instead of thinking of others lets explore what I think and this is same as what you think. Why because me is you and you is everybody means I am every body which means every soul is one. I mean we are one. More about this oneness later but first see my perception on 2012.

If you have read the concept of Maya then you know that 26000 years cycle is going to end and so the calendar. If 26 K year cycle which is basically the approximate time in years for revolution time of our solar system around center of Galaxy. This cycle is also depicted in Vedas somewhere. This gives me thought that if the cycle is going to complete then what will happen? The true answer is the calendar will start from 1 lol. If a calendar ends at particular year then it doesn’t mean that the earth is going to destroy. Then the question arises why not this can happen because several things coming together then why not this catastrophe or ruin of earth will happen? The planet Nibiru is also coming in year 2012.
This may also damage the earth. There can be volcano eruption or a asteroid will hit the earth. Do you think like that ? Do you think that something is going to happen ? Why I am asking this question ?

Basically my theory is completely based on thought process of Humans. Its also related to Human Aura and Earth’s Aura. Earth’s Aura ? Yeah .. This may be new things for most of you. As per my thinking the earth is living being and not only earth the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and all planets. All … I mean all and this makes complete difference. The things we see are all live .. the table, chair, rocks everything. The planet like earth having the complete chakra system like we humans have. I can feel that ….and most of you can also when you feel and meditate about earth.

If everything has life and everyone is connected then everyone have certain impact and role. This role is affecting the environment.

Lets talk about humans. We all know that humans having free will. They have their own choice. They can do what they want either good or bad. In other words good and evil.
Now connect this good and evil to the planet earth. If all are connected and affecting each other then the result of every doing, every action in mass will be the resultant of everyone’s work.

Now I want to tell you about possibilities. Because every action in present will have some result in future. The future will depend upon the choices and action we perform today. I will put some details about possibilities, resultants and possibility domains in another section but here, in the 2012 concept the future will depend on what we are doing today as mass.

The aura or in other words the environment system of earth greatly affected by our actions. If humans wont stop carbon emission and pollution then anyone can imagine what will happen. The Aura System or environment of earth will greatly imbalanced. That imbalance is like imbalance of human body. Yes because we are considering all the things same, made by same material, working with each other, aligned with each other so what we do as mass [More no of humans] will be our future.

The amazing thing here is all possibilities are open. Anything can happen. God has given all the choices. We have to decide what path we want. If we ruin the system, the system will be damaged and will damage us. That’s it. Its simple.

So in conclusion if we take right steps from today the future or 2012 will not kill us all. All depends on actions we perform. If we make this earth a better place then the Aura of Earth and Solar System will support the life on this planet and solar system. Some people are working towards making earth a better place. More and more people should join them.

It requires two types of work: Spiritually and physically. Lets Go…and work hard, make the earth Green, save water, emit less carbon, stop the harmful pollutions. We should find out the alternative energy sources. All people are talking about environment and global warming but in reality no body is working in proper manner. We all need to do some hard work and start to make the earth green from Today. If we don’t understand this fact the time machine is clicking. It may convert into time bomb any time in near future …2012 or beyond. Its not a fix date it can be any time in near future. 

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