Abduction and UFO’s in Missouri

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RECENT abduction 1/23/2012


At 9:15 pm I took my dog out to pee. I was wide awake feeling a vibration, ringing and kind of nervous feeling…I stepped outside and IMMEDIATELY noticed a bright light in the sky flash quite bright was white pulsating bluish and  purple colors emanating.

I stared at it as it was almost…an instant “trance” feeling…felt vibrations increase heard a clicking sound in my head and immediately was on my twins’ trampoline some 63 ft away (NO recollection of going there) 

I was standing and there were three orbs surrounding my head, and I was aware they were each pulling on me so I was like a piece of iron being pulled by magnets…also I was seeing crackling lights that were entering my head and could feel strongly as a very pleasant energy that was very “tingly” and electric in nature. I remember I would say…”balance me again”…and I would immediately…be balanced…but I wasn’t saying this. I was observing myself saying this! 

It was quite pleasant and it seemed like 30 minutes. and I had a feeling of familiarity and that it was of benefit to me. The very next second I was upstairs in my office with my jeans unzipped and unbuckled and my belt was on backwards and I was not groggy as if I had just awakened…but I was very shaky, alert and energetic. I looked for my computer. It was 3:34 AM. 

I was unable to sleep…and today have been VERY NERVOUS~SHAKING VERY INTENSELY and seem very sensitive to a constant sound or vibration I hear, as SO DO THE DOGS!

My dog has also been very strange today and anxious in behavior. Also a lot of crackling noises & pressure in my head. I also whenever I start thinking or listening to this vibration and fight going outside…I KEEP GETTING A HORRIBLE BURNING SENSATION on my right upper front thigh.(groin area) (feels like being burnt by a cigarette) with no noticeable mark.

Tonight I see the same light and many more…

The sky is even more alive than it was before. I feel as it was and I am just more aware now. And feel so compelled to go look at them…BUT HAVEN’T! WILL SWEAR UNDER OATH or take any polygraph that these accounts are to my best knowledge of what happened to me. AS FOR THE LOST TIME~ That has been an on-going issue most of my life>BUT NEVER EXPERIENCED PARTS of an abduction IN A COMPLETE AWAKE COHERENT STATE SUCH AS THIS! I feel as if we are changing, and or are preparing for a shift in consciousness, and I Googled what I feel and A LOT OF PEOPLE feel the same thing and call it “Ascension”.


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