Accepting Ancient Alien Shock



By Mary Magdeline

It’s written in the Bible. The same story runs through all cultures and ancient texts; the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Enoch, the Sumerian texts. As more scholars research the relatively recently unearthed apocrypha, more authors on the subject are born.

The History Channel now has an ongoing series about this shocking part of human ancient history; did ancient astronauts mate and take advantage of primitive woman? The evidence is mounting. Within time, this earth shattering information will inevitably become more widespread. Is humanity ready to begin to accept that this planet is part of a galactic community?

It means we will have to leave behind the comforting yet juvenile ideas of a ‘virgin birth’ and start to see the possibility of advanced engineering of life on earth, (much as we do in our own labs). Visits from ‘god’, flying ‘chariots of fire,’ cave paintings and UFO‘s will be seen to depict what they were actually trying to depict: the fact that advanced technology did indeed exist on earth many millennia ago.

As shocking as that may seem to some, to others it will begin to fill in the missing links of unexplained UFO sightings, the true architectural engineering of the pyramids; the explanation of who and what we are.

This information doesn’t try to present evidence or convert those who need the comfort and safety of denial. It offers solutions to deal with the stress of awakening to a world that recognizes current and ancient aliens existence. The information begins to address man’s violence towards man and where ‘evil’ comes from. It shows the actual history behind the mythology of the ‘original sin.’ It lets mankind off the hook and puts ancient astronauts on trial.


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